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  • Review Title :   Very responsible movers
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Great service. Really responsible movers who take the time and energy to make sure nothing gets broken or damaged. They are able to move in an entire 4 bedroom + full set of outdoor furniture in one gigantic truck load. They disassemble and reassemble your furniture to make sure it all fits and then they make sure to put the furniture in the correct room/spot. And even dealt with my indecisiveness and moved furniture again to another room after I decided it would not fit. They were tremendously upbeat, helpful, positive folks who made an otherwise no-fun day go very smoothly and quickly. One note: the original booker had recommended two trucks 5 movers based on what I told her I had. But they ended up being able to do the move in 6 hrs with 1 truck 4 people. Overall a seamless, hassle-free great experience and prices were comparable to all other movers.

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