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The AutoStar Transport Company is more than just an auto transporting company. They take care of your car as if it is their own vehicle to give the ultimate protection to your precious possession. It has been in the auto shipping field for more than 13 years to gain customer's trust and reputation. The AutoStar Transport Express Company has its headquarters in Miami, Florida employing 11 to 50 employees. They have the network of professional auto carriers who are licensed and insured to ship the vehicles in a timely fashion. As it is a brokerage company, they offer you professional transport services, quality-driven and affordable car shipping solutions. . Thus, you can trust your vehicle with them for the hassle free experience. The AutoStar transport company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and has proper license and bonding to do the auto shipping business. Although there are many top auto shipping companies, this company has some unique features and values for which they proudly stand to provide you the best vehicle transport services. Here we provide you with services provided, pros, cons and the AutoStar Transport Express reviews for better understanding

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has a total of 24 reviews and overall rating of 3 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with AutoStar Transport Express will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

AutoStar Transport Express services:

Domestic services:

AutoStar transport express provides the best service between the interstate and intrastate, as it knows all about shipping and logistics involved so you can be confident to leave your possession in their hands. When you are moving between the interstate or about 150 miles, this company offers $30 less than the other shipping companies do. So choose AutoStar transport express when you are shifting in small distances.

International car shipping:

The AutoStar Transport Express has the link with the network of auto carriers all over the world to ship your vehicle overseas. When compared to other auto transport companies, it provides faster shipping and will deliver the vehicle at the mentioned date. Although the price seems to be higher, you can experience the professional and hassle free experience. They are an expert international car transport to provide services to and from locations such as Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

Money back guarantee:

The company is confident to offer the money-back guarantee. They pick up 90% of the vehicles that are booked with AutoStar transport within one or two days and the remaining vehicles are picked up within 3 days of time. However, some vehicles are not shipped within 5 days due to unavoidable circumstances. In this case, you can keep the order open or you can ask for a full refund. It is the company to accept their mistake and to repent on it. As most of the leading auto transport companies failed to give their money back, you can definitely try this company for the hassle free transportation.

Vehicle tracking facilities:

The specialized team will help you to track your vehicle to update you throughout the process until it reaches the destination. They will contact you to schedule a time for picking up the vehicle, will give the personal customized update through message, call and email. You can also contact the auto carriers directly for the accurate updates. As there may be many intermediate stops to deliver other vehicles, weather conditions, traffic and mechanical issues, you should not expect it to reach your destination after pickup. Thus, the vehicle tracking facility is given to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Heavy vehicle transportation:

The AutoStar Transport Express has the well-trained professionals to handle the oversized vehicles, RVs, SUVs and military vehicles without any damage. As they cost higher than the regular vehicles, extra care will be taken when shipping the vehicle. Specialized equipment is used by the dedicated auto carriers when moving in and out of the shipping truck.

Competitive prices:

As money is one of the influential factors to choose the auto shipping companies, do not compromise the good service for the money. It is necessary to know the market price before shipping the vehicle. According to the car shipping reviews, this company generally charges slightly higher prices than the average auto transport industry. Yet they charge comparatively lower prices for the short distance, which is 25% lower than the industry.


Discounts are generally given to active military members, senior citizens and to the people who book the shipping service priory.

Different shipping options:

Generally, in the auto transport industry, different modes of shipping are available. They are mostly shipped through road, rail and air transports. While the international shipments are done through the air transport for faster delivery, the road shipping is done through three different options. Despite the type of shipping you choose, they will look after your vehicle with the utmost care and provide the fast delivery.

  • Open auto transport:
  • As per the auto transport review, many people prefer the open trailers to ship the vehicle due to the affordability rate and the availability. As the vehicles can withstand rain, snow and other external factors like dust, people prefer this service to ship their vehicle. When compared to the remaining two auto transports, they charge much lower for this service.

  • Enclosed transport:
  • When you want to ship your loved car with ultimate care, choose the enclosed transport to provide the maximum safety. You can use this service when you are having brand new cars, luxury or sophisticated cars or when you worry about Mother Nature. They offer you timely transport and professional service; so that you can stay assured that you are landed in the right hands.

  • Flatbed transport:
  • It is the least used shipping method, as it is more expensive and particularly used for moving heavy vehicles. As they know the value of your possession, they transport in a more secure way. All the heavy and the oversized vehicles are shipped in flatbed auto transport for ensuring the safety of the vehicle.

Insurance coverage:

The AutoStar Transport Express is selective in choosing the auto carriers to provide the utmost customer satisfaction. Thus, they prefer the auto carriers who are fully insured, bonded and trusted auto carriers. When there is unexpected damage, the auto carriers will cover with their insurance. In case if they had failed to do so, then the AutoStarcompany will cover for it.

Autostar transport services

Reasons to recommend AutoStar Transport Express:

They give you the whole package for shipping and five star transportation services. From giving the instant quotes to shipping and delivering your vehicle, it provides the transparent service to monitor the entire process. As it is in the industry for almost 13 years, they have shipped more than 30,000 cars with customer satisfaction. They not only ship cars, they provide all vehicle transport services including trucks, motorcycles and oversized vehicles including tractors and limousines. Therefore, no matter what kind of vehicle you own, you can surely use the AutoStar Transport Express for the top-notch service. They are providing their services to almost most of the world to ship their priced vehicles. When each company has its own unique features, as the name "Express" suggests, it ships your car much faster to save your day. It is one of the Express transportation companies to provide the best overall car transport services. As the main concern among many people is about the deposit money, you should choose the company with money back guarantee. When the company fails to pick the vehicle at the assigned date, you have the option to get the full refund by cancelling the order. As in the busy schedule, it is not easy for us to find the best auto transport company, so if you are finding the one, do some research about that company to ensure your loved possession. So many goes only to the top auto transport companies, eliminating all the negative reviews. Are you sure, you can only get the professional service and customer satisfaction in the top companies. Many customers have given poor ratings even to the leading companies due to the poor services. Therefore, it is important to review the services, ratings, affordability rate and compare it to other auto transport companies to find the best auto transport services. As per the auto transport reviews, the AutoStar Transport Express is one of the best auto transport companies to provide the utmost customer satisfaction. They have a lot to offer from money back guarantee and the insurance policies. Therefore, unless you have a problem with your budget, we recommend you to choose this company.

Working of AutoStar Transport Express:

The AutoStar Company has the link with the network of auto carriers from which the auto carrier that matches your needs will be selected. As they have a well professional and convenient website, they explained their process in four steps. The first thing to do is to request the shipping quote by entering the specific details accurately. After requesting, they will provide you the shipping quotation along with the shipping cost. You can accept this order when you are satisfied with it by paying the deposit money, which has the money back guarantee. They will pick up your vehicle at the scheduled time at your doorstep after the prior confirmation. All you have to do is to prepare your car for shipping. After your car is picked, you can track or call the auto carriers for the update of your vehicle until it reaches the destination. As they are experts in delivering your vehicle in a fast and efficient way, you can surely experience the high quality transportation services. Finally, they will deliver your vehicle at the final destination with utmost care.

Affordability rate:

The price of every company varies according to the carriers and other factors including vehicle size, transport type and time of the year. These additional charges will be added to the shipping charges. The main drawback of the AutoStar Transport Express is its high prices. It charges about 25% more than other auto carriers. Though it has many options to compensate, people may choose other leading auto transport companies. They charge lower prices for the short distances. When the average industry charges $360 for 150 miles, the AutoStar charges $330 per transportation. Thus, you can save $30 when you choose AutoStar for shorter distances. Like all the auto transport companies, the charge of the open transport is comparatively less than the enclosed and flatbed auto shipping. The shipping cost becomes when you are choosing the enclosed auto transport. In case of enclosed auto transport, the auto carriers should be well trained, have specialized tools and enclosed trucks to ship the vehicle. Though many people prefer open auto transport, it is worth it to invest in the enclosed transport when you are shipping the luxurious and classic vehicles. As they are not the one to sacrifice the safety and customer satisfaction, they have shipped almost 60,000 vehicles past year.

Customer reviews:

TAutoStar transport express has gained much popularity due to their transparent and hassle free service. As there are only few companies to provide the options for vehicle tracking and transparent services, many happy customers gave positive reviews. They also have gained 4.85/5 ratings by the car transport reviews. Being in the auto transport industry for 13 years, it is one among the best auto transport companies to gain positive reviews by BBB. Many customers praised this company for providing friendly and professional auto carriers to whom they can speak conveniently to find the status of the vehicle. As per the auto transport review by, it has an overall rating of 4.2/5 with high quality service and above average prices. Apart from the cost, you can choose this company for the high quality service and for options. Overall, it is a good car shipping company with above average prices, but has a lot to offer.