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  • No terminal-to-terminal shipping
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  • International shipping
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Ship a Car Direct is a brokerage company that connects you with the third party drivers or auto carriers to ship a car. Like many other auto transport industries, you pay the full price for the auto shipment in which the brokerage fee and service charge should be given to them at the time of delivery. This is the way that most of the auto transport company works. Ship a Car Direct efficiently gives you wide range of services and customer satisfaction. The Ship a Car Direct is a trustworthy company to ship your car and have utmost customer satisfaction. They have the standard Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certification to guarantee the safety of the car. Here we will provide you with the pros, cons, services provided and affordability rate of the Ship a Car Direct company

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Ship a Car Direct
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Services provided by the Ship a Direct

By choosing Ship a Car Direct, you can pick the personalized service that matches your needs. The main exception in this company is that it does not offer terminal-to-terminal delivery and offers only door-to-door delivery.

Drive away service:

In drive away service the professional will pick your vehicle at the doorstep and drive it to the desired destination.

Open and enclosed auto transport:

You can prefer open and enclosed auto shipping according to your needs and affordability rate of the vehicle. Except a fact that you have the luxury or the classic cars, you can go for the open auto transport for efficient car shipping.

Military shipping:

Ship a Car Direct company hires the professional auto carriers to ship the heavy vehicle and military vehicle. As shipping the military vehicles is a challenging job as the size and weight of the vehicle increases, it costs higher than the average vehicle

Best customer service:

Whether you may have the doubt about the transportation car services or the policies, you can contact the company's representative for better understanding of the company. As many leading auto transport companies lack in customer satisfaction, the Ship a Car Direct successfully gained more ratings for the customer service.

service provide


Insurance coverage:

Ship a Car Direct uses only the professional carriers who are fully insured. They also guarantee damage free services while shipping the vehicle. Yet for an unexpected scenario, they will pay you up to $500 for the insurance that will be given when the carrier's insurance does not cover it. The additional charges of $250 per vehicle should be paid to Ship a Car Direct for damage free guaranteed services. It is like a required deposit that needs to be paid before the shipment process. For more doubt, you can clarify with the company's customer service to clarify how this applies to the coverage.

Inter and Intrastate shipping:

Interstate shipping may take four days to a week for shipping a vehicle when moving your vehicle across a few states. This is cheaper when you are shipping to the short and long distance. In case of long distance shipping, the average amount per mile decreases when the distance increases. Thus, it seems to benefit when you are shipping a car to short and long distances rather than the medium distance shipments. The company seems to charge a bit more than industry average. While the prices of short and long distance car shipping seems to be 20% lower than the industry's average.

Expedited shipping:

The Ship a Car Direct offers this service when you need to ship a car at the last minute. As they have the well-trained auto carriers to handle this situation, worry only about the additional cost. Do not wait until the last minute to find the best shipping company; instead book the shipment in advance.

Additional luggage can be added:

Although the luggage can be added, it is limited only to 10lbs. So instead of considering it has a moving container, pack the things in the suitcase or the bag. This is shipped totally free of cost. It is important to notice that no valuable items should be kept in the car while shipping.

Why should you consider Ship a Car Direct?

Ship a Car Direct is a leading auto transport company that helps to find you the reliable carriers from the network of auto carriers. You can choose auto carriers directly to ship your car, but it is better to leave it with the professionals as the Ship a Car Direct selects only fully insured and professionals from the industry. When the whole auto industry is struggling to provide the guaranteed service, the Ship a Car Direct has guaranteed a 100% delightful shipping experience. They highly concentrate on reviewing every carrier as per their standard and remove those who meet their elite needs. Therefore, you do not have to stress out about selecting the best auto carriers. The free video and email service provided by them will show you every process of shipping and will keep you in update

They also provide you with the price range instantly and have to wait to know the exact amount to be paid within few hours. The Ship a Car Direct company will give you tips to avoid every potential problem and help you in case of emergencies. Although they guarantee damage free shipping, they hire well-rated and fully insured carriers to cover the damage or the company pays through the damage free guarantee program. They use the particular or chosen carrier to pick your car right from you and drop it off at the destination rather than a "terminal to terminal process". As you just cannot trust your car to anyone, go for the trusted car company for a hassle-free experience. One of the drawbacks that the Ship a Car Direct has is International car transport.

How does the Ship a Car Direct works?

Get your car-shipping quote online by submitting your details accurately. The shipping quote will be given to you after some time to give you the competitive prices. The biggest strength and weakness of the auto transport company is to fill every detail to get the shipping quotation. For the people who do not find it convenient for instant online quotes offered by some leading auto transport companies, the friendly customer service representative will be there for you to have a smooth experience.

We recommend you to call the representative to know the shipping cost and for all the doubts instead of inaccurate online quotation. As there is no upfront deposit required for the confirmation, all you have to do is confirm the order and the shipping dates. Then leave the rest to us. The professional auto carriers will satisfy the customer with their best service and make the shipment process a lot easier. The auto carriers will help you to shift the car from the pickup place to the destination with a damage free guarantee to ensure the safety of the car. The overall payment should be done at the time of delivery to make the experience much easier.

Cost of Ship a Car Direct:

The cost of shipping varies depending on various factors. The shipping cost usually changes based on the distance, vehicle type and condition, seasonal factors and the type of auto transport trailers. They charge $400 to $700 to move across several states and anywhere from $900 to $1,300 for intrastate services. When you need to get the accurate shipping cost, call and speak to their agent rather than using the quote estimator on their online website. We personally recommend you to call because of the series of complaints about the quote estimator on the company website.

Open auto transport services:

The most common method to ship the car in the most effective way to ship the car is done by using open auto trailers. In open auto transport shipping, the car is shipped using simple tools and requires less time to move it to the open trailers, thus it is cost effective. Go for the open auto transport unless you have the sophisticated, classic or new cars. Although the cost differs when you choose the different model of the car, the average cost lies between $640 to $710.

Enclosed auto-shipping services:

You may choose this service only when you need the extra protection during the shipping process. Your highly valued possession is protected in enclosed trucks or in a container for additional protection. Though many people prefer open auto transport carriers, it is worth it to invest in enclosed auto trailers when you have the luxury and brand new cars. The charges will be definitely high as they use specialized tools and professionals to handle this service.

Vehicle condition:

You can save at least $150 when your vehicle is in good condition. As the condition of the vehicle increases the shipping cost, the additional charges are added when your vehicle is non-operational. If your vehicle is in operational condition that is enough to on and off the trailer, it cuts off the extra cost. They add extra charges because they have to wrestle with the non-operational vehicle to move it to the trailers with specialized equipment.

Seasonal fluctuations:

Some seasonal fluctuations may increase the car shipping cost. Whether you are moving in the colder weather or the rainy season, it influences the shipping cost. So ship your car before the adverse climatic conditions to reduce the transport charges.

Customer review and rating:

The Ship a Car Direct reviews are so overwhelming that many happy customers have flooded with many positive reviews. Despite having a shabby website, the Ship a Car Direct company managed to stay in the top position. As it is in business over 13 years, many people seem to choose it for the professional car transport services. It has high car shipping reviewsas it offers the damage free guarantee and other discounts. It has more than 18,000 positive reviews in and has the overall rating of 4.5/5. As per the famous car transport reviews by, it has given the most positive feedback and high rating of 4.8/5. It has been accredited by BBB since 2008 and loved by many customers to have the A+ rating. In some websites, it has the mixed positive and negative feedback, which often happens to all the auto-transporting companies.

As per the customer and the Auto transport review, the Ship a Car Direct has a low price and guaranteed service although it has the unimpressed online portal. Since we help you to pick the best car shipping company, we will surely recommend this company as it is a customer favorite choice. They have overwhelmingly positive comments in many car transport review website. As many do not like to give the personal information to find the estimated shipping rate, it provides the rough estimate of how much it costs to ship a car without requiring the contact information. However, the detailed information is needed when you need to know the exact shipping price. The damage free guarantee is one of the special features to surpass all the leading auto transport companies. When you can find everything online, you will know that the Ship a Car Direct has some of the best car shipping services.