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  • Additional charges were imposed after delivery.
  • They do not provide terminal-terminal services
  • Real time tracking facilities is not available
  • Poor ratings
  • The client should be present in both pick up and terminal point.
  • They do not guaranteepickup and delivery time.

National Auto Shipping Company was started and incorporated in 2006 at Dania, Florida. They are the brokerage company that deals with auto carriers to provide all types of transportation services. They are licensed and bonded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and by the Department of Transportation. For years, they are providing transportation services all over the nation including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. They have 4 star ranking from Google with over 200 reviews for their services and have poor ratings from many other websites. To know more information about the company, go through the full article.

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National Auto Shipping Company
has a total of 8 reviews and overall rating of 3 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with National Auto Shipping Company will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

Transportation facilities are given to:

They safely transport all types of vehicle including sedans, vans, SUVs, RVs, trucks, motorcycle, heavy vehicles and many more.

National Auto shipping services:

The National Auto ShippingCompany highly focuses on secure auto shipping of the vehicles. They provide different car transportation services according to your needs. Whether it is a car, truck or motorcycle, they will find you the perfect solution to ship your vehicle at cost effective prices.

Open auto transport:

Open auto transport is one of the services that are provided by almost all the transport companies to meet the customer needs. They are the best transport solution when you are looking for affordable prices. National Auto transport trailers provide you with a double deck to eight deck trailers for shipping your vehicle. You can choose it as per your concerns. You must know that your vehicle will be prone to external elements when you are shipping in the open truck. Even though it is the most preferred option by many people

Enclosed auto transport:

If you like to give additional protection to your vehicle, then you can choose the enclosed auto transport. This is a luxury way of shipping your vehicle and will come with additional cost. You can save this option for auto shipping your exotic, classic and sophisticated vehicles. This is a good option when you have invested a fortune in the car. Be sure to ship your vehicle in enclosed auto trailers for double safety. The national auto transport will provide you well experienced auto carriers to handle the premium service.

Door-to-door services:

National Auto shipping Company provides the door-to-door services for all vehicles to provide the convenient and easy shipping process. In case of door-to-door services the auto carrier will come at your doorstep to pick the

Motorcycle shipping:

Unlike car transport services, there are many safety concerns while shipping the motorcycle. They are usually shipped in open or enclosed trailers to move it all over the nation. As many customers had a poor experience in shipping the motorcycle, it is difficult to find the perfect motorcycle shipper. Like other companies, they will not ask you to drain the fluids, as they do not lie down on the motorcycle. The safety of your vehicle is guaranteed in this vehicle and will provide the best service according to specification and need of the vehicle.

Dealer transport:

If you are looking for the dealer-to-dealer auto transport services or to the individual, then can prefer this option to provide services for all the shipping needs. Over years, they have a good relationship with the dealership and auction companies to ship the vehicle. Whether it is a new or reused car, the professional auto carriers will help you to shift all types of vehicle without any hassle.

Interstate and Intrastate movers:

They are one of the expert shippers to move your car all over the nation. Are you planning to move your car from coast to coast? They have the experienced auto trailers for overseas shipping and nationwide car transportation services. In addition to the states, they provide international car transport services at competitive prices. If you are in California, they are the one of the experts in the auto transport industry to provide all services. So finding car transportation services from and to California will be an easy job.

Fast delivery:

This company provides expedited delivery services for fast shipping. As you pay additional charges and prefer expedited shipping, your vehicle is given high priority for pickup and delivery services. In this service, your vehicle will be shifted from the pickup point to the destination without any unnecessary terminal transportation. They will make sure to ship your vehicle at the guaranteed time.

Snowbird services:

Avoid taking risks in the winter season by riding your vehicle on your own. If you want to shift your vehicle to the south, you can leave your vehicle with professionals from the national auto transport for up and down transportation. The discounts will be given when you are booking services with this company. The shipping services will be provided to all major destinations including Florida, California, Arizona, Hawaii and many other places.

Bill of lading:

The designated auto carrier from the company will provide you a legal document to fill out the details and acts as a receipt between the shipper and the carrier. The car specifications and the damages in the car will be noted in the receipt for the safety of both carrier and shipper.

Insurance/ Protection:

National Auto Shipping deals only with the auto carriers who are fully insured to meet all State and Federal requirements. The insurance company will not claim for the coverage unless the reports are in documentary. The auto shipping company has basic insurance to cover when the auto carrier did not pay for the damages.

How does the National Auto shipping company work?

If you are wondering, how an auto transports company work, then this is solely for you. Unlike auto carriers, they are an auto transportation company that will not ship your vehicle. Instead, they will be acting as an intermediate to find the best auto carrier for your shipping needs. The main purpose of this company is to provide the shipping service at affordable prices. The national company works in the following order:

Instant online quotes:

Choose motorcycle or auto transport quote as per your needs to get the instant online quotation. Once chosen, they will ask you the specifications of the vehicle including size, weight and model, pickup and delivery address. No need to provide personal information to know the shipping quotes.

Placing the order:

The customers can choose this company, once they are satisfied with the shipping quotes. This company aims to provide professional services and reasonable prices, so you may surely choose this company for secure auto shipping. You can call or email the company's representative to confirm your order. After confirming, schedule the pickup time and the date.

Pick up:

The company will assign a well-trained professional to handle your possessions to assure the security of the vehicle. As they provide door-to-door services, you do not need to waste your time sending it to the terminal. If you are in the remote places, where the shipping truck cannot pass, contact the driver and choose the nearby places for loading the vehicle. Make sure to inspect the vehicle for any damages before shipping the vehicle and get the receipt (Bill of Lading) from the shipper.

Intermediate process:

The auto carrier from the company will ship the vehicle to the auto carrier to reach it to the destination. It may take 7 to 14 days for coast-to-coast vehicle transport and 1 to 7 days, depending upon the distance. You do not need to worry about the vehicle, as they provide updates of the vehicle at frequent times. The company will provide you the details of the driver, so you can contact the driver for the accurate updates until it reaches the destination.


The reliable auto carriers will ship your vehicle at the guaranteed time without any hassle. Inspect the vehicle for any damages with the driver, if there are any additional damages; contact the company for the insurance coverage. The final step will be completed after paying the shipping charges.

Shipping charges:

The company is known to provide auto transportation services at reasonable prices. However, there are no standard or average shipping charges mentioned in the company's website. Therefore, the estimated amount of shipping charge will be known by getting the instant online quotation. There are few variables that influence the vehicle shipping cost.


Additional costs are imposed, when the auto carrier travels from a major city to ship your vehicles in a smaller town. This is due to the fuel cost and smaller supply of vehicles from the small town.

Vehicle size:

If your vehicle is bigger, heavier or taller than the regular vehicle, it accommodates more space or space of two to three vehicles. In addition to that, they require specialized equipment for heavy load vehicles. These are the main reasons for extra charges.

Time of the year:

Avoid shipping during peak season. There are many people who will shift to and from different places during the snowbird season. Thus, there will be high demand in getting good auto transport services. For instance, if you are shipping your vehicle in the winter season, the number of cars being shipped is increased by ten times. You can save up to $400 when you are shipping during regular days.

Type of transportation:

They provide open and enclosed auto transportation services. You can choose the open trailers for the cost effective shipping and enclosed trailers for the luxury shipping. Choosing trailers is completely your choice. In case of open carriers, you can ship almost 10 to 12 vehicles. This reduces to six in enclosed carriers. Thus, the auto carriers charge double the transportation charges. For international transportation, the numbers of storage days are limited. If you drop off your vehicle early or pick up late, additional storage fees may be charged at the rate of $25 per day.

Customer reviews:

The company has over 274 auto transport reviews with an overall rating of 4/5 from Google. Many of the clients praised them for the best customer auto shipping services provided by the company. They also posted comments about the smooth and hassle free experience they had and appreciated them for the guaranteed delivery and pickup services. On Transport reviews, they have an overall rating of 4.9/5 based on 42 car-shipping reviews from many customers. Most of the feedback was positive and had written attractive comments to praise the company. Many negative reviews were about the unexpected increase in shipping charges, as the date got closer to the pickup date. Though some customers praised the company for providing best services 24/7, many had a bad impression as they failed to call back and due to the pattern of miscommunication. They have plentiful negative reviews from Yelp with an overall rating of two. Many customers had the unfortunate experience and gave negative car transport reviews. The most common scheme is that they will give you attractive quotes, secure the deposit amount and schedule the time and date for pick up. However, after receiving the deposit, the customers will be informed that no driver is available and will suggest you to wait or terminate the order. Many other problems such as delivery and pick up issues were always the typical problem in this company.

Website ratings:

Google:                            4
Transport reviews:        4.9
BBB:                                  4.1
A1 Auto transport:         3.7
Consumer affairs:         1.8
yelp:                                  2

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Our recommendation:

No, we do not recommend the National Auto shipping company. However, they may not be the worst in the industry. Instead, you can choose the trustworthy and best transportation company to ship your vehicle. As per the car shipping review and auto transport review, this is not the reliable auto transport company. Though they have gained both positive and negative reviews from many websites, negative reviews surpassed the positive feedbacks.