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All information and reviews on this website are for information purpose only. Reviews, comments and opinions expressed by authors are their personal opinion and holds no responsibility for it. The Reviews provided are from customers of the respective Auto Transport companies and accepts no liability for the content of this site, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. makes every effort to make this site accurate and keep the contents and services current and complete. However makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy or up-to-date nature of the content or services provided through this portal.

The Communications Decency Act

The Communications Decency Act or the Title V of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was specially enacted by the United States of America for the purpose of regulating as well as prohibiting a few activities that involves telecommunications media and devices. The Act was initially introduced as an independent legislation in the senate which was intended for regulating and eliminating indecency in cyberspace.It can be highlighted that the Act is one among the earliest efforts that made way to protect or immune the Internet service providers against legal action for any content that is provided by a third party on the service platform.Moreover, this act is looked up on as a tool that protects the rights of the peoples’ freedom of expression.

How CDA Shields Transport Rankings?

As the reports on Transport Rankings are authored by the users of the site, we cannot be legally considered as the "publisher or speaker" of the reviews and so, we are not liable for any such reports even if they are proven to contain false or inaccurate information. Based on the protection extended by the CDA, Transport Rankings is shielded from any claims seeking to treat it as the speaker or publisher of information posted by a third party. If a user of Transport Rankings posts false information about you in the site, the CDA prohibits you from holding us legally responsible for the false Review which the third party (user) has written. You can always sue the author if you want, but you can’t take Transport Rankings to court and take any legal actions just because we provide a platform for communication.

If you wish to contact us to dispute the accuracy of something on our site we take up the responsibility. We charge a nominal fee amount of $100 in order to investigate the authentication of the case by contacting the original author of the review. If we find your claim to be honest, we will immediately add a tag to the review claiming that it is incorrect. This scenario is just like how when a lawsuit is shown to be 100% groundless the documents still remains as a part of the public record which is maintained forever for future references by the court.

Why We Don’t Remove Reviews?

We don’t remove reviews posted at any instance even if the person who requests so claims to be the original author of the review. We will not remove reports even when they are claimed to contain any derogatory or defamatory statements. Though this policy seems to be unfair the actual reason behind is rather stronger in supporting it.

  1. The first reason why we don’t remove any review after it has been posted is because we are not in a position to adjudicate the sincerity and candor of all the reports and comments posted on our site. All reviews and comments posted on Transport Ranking site are created entirely by third party users of our site and not by us.
  2. Secondly, we never remove reviews on our site is because we believe that at a certain period of time, removing the content would provide consumers with less information while evaluating a Transport Company.
  3. Thirdly, if we removed complaints on request this would give companies a spur to pressure the original authors to remove the truth and hide their flaws in exchange for money or just to avoid a costly lawsuit.
  4. You will be able give a rebuttal to the review however you won’t be able to remove any review posted about your company. If you find the review to be groundless and unsubstantiated, you have an additional option of paying an administrative review fee of $100 for us to scrutinize it. As soon as the payment is made review process is initiated, we will immediately remove the review from the website pending arbitration. We will contact the author of the review to provide additional evidence to back up his claim. If he fails to respond to us or doesn't provide proper evidence for his review we will remove the review permanently from the site. On the other hand, if we find your claim to be wrong, there won’t be any reimbursement of the fee on any grounds and the review will be back online. You still have the option to file a rebuttal. We trust our visitors and appreciate / encourage them to post honest review about their experiences with you. We stand with the customers.