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  • International car transport services are not available

Angels Moving Autowas started in the year 2003 with the purpose of providing exceptional vehicle shipping service to the people. Being a woman owned and operated business; they provide superior transport service by focusing on three values such as: Innovation, integrity and reliability.

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angels moving auto transport
has a total of 11 reviews and overall rating of 4 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with Angels Moving Autos will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

your car from one place to another by providing the best auto transport carriers. They provide transparent shipping services to ensure the honest shipping process at affordable rates. Angel Moving Auto Companyassures to provide the upright and excellent experience to every individual citizen and make sure that there is no room for compromises and questionable transactions. The experienced auto carriers will help you to choose the better shipping options when you need to transport a vehicle. Apart from the car transport services, they financially support the missionaries in the US and donate to orphanages in Belize and Mozambique, Africa. Continue reading for knowing the services provided, pros, cons, shipping charges and customer reviews of this company

Types of vehicle shipped in Angel Moving Autos:

Trucks, vans, regular sedan, SUVs, classic cars, exotic cars, heavy vehicles and more

Angel's services:

Angel Moving Autos are best in the auto transporting business by earning the number 1 ranking from the transport reviews. They help to ship your personally owned vehicle in all the 50 states by providing experienced auto carriers. Being in the auto transport industry for 11 years, they focused on giving the best and transparent shipping facilities at an affordable price. Despite hiring the professional auto carriers, they also had built the best relationship with them to make sure that your vehicles reach safely to its destination. Angel's transport services provide their premium drive to the regular sedans to the sport cars. They also target to provide services for both individuals and for the business purposes.

Door to door deliveries

All the auto transport companies to make the shipping process easier provide the door-to-door facility to make the shipping process easier. All you have to do is to go through small steps to book for confirmation. Then the company sends its reliable auto carriers at your doorstep to pick the vehicle. They provide the packaged service to assure a safe and secure transport until it reaches your doorstep for delivery. Since this is more convenient than terminal-to-terminal shipping, people prefer this service.

Open and enclosed auto carrier shipping:

Open auto carriers are the common choice for the people, as they provide door-to-door services at cost efficient prices. The better visibility in the open truck allows the auto carrier to inspect the vehicle even when they are in transit. Enclosed auto shipping is a great option for you when you are shipping the luxury or classic cars to ensure the additional protection. The premium services provided to your car to reach the destination as it is. Since it is more costly than open auto carriers are, special vehicles are only shipped through the enclosed carriers.

Domestic and overseas shipping:

If you are looking for the fast, reliable and premium company to ship your car, then you can choose this company without any doubts. They provide both domestic and intrastate services to ship your vehicle safely across the states. Overseas shipping provides international car transport services. Compared to airfreight, the overseas shipping seems to be affordable for all the people.

Vehicle tracking facilities

Angels Moving Autos enhanced to create their software H.A.L.O that helps in real time tracking and updating it to the customer through SMS, phone and email. As they value every customer, the excellent services are provided at your doorstep. The vehicle tracking facilities are provided to ensure the hassle free shipping experience.

Business shipping services:

The specialized services are provided for business purposes. It includes corporate relocation, fleet transport, dealership and auction transport. Angel Moving Auto services are available all over the nation for shipping multiple vehicles at a time. In case of corporate relocation, they effectively provide the experienced auto carriers for accommodating more vehicles and machineries in a truck and for the expedited delivery. They also provide well-trained auto carriers to ship dealership cars at discounted price as they ship multiple vehicles.

Assured carriers:

They have a more casual website that helps you know their preferred auto carriers. As they have great bonding and partnerships with the carriers, they give us a choice to pick the hauler with whom you are going to ship the vehicle. They also filter out the carriers with full insurance for providing better services. They stand apart from other auto transporting companies, as they treat every customer in the way we want to be treated.

Cost determining factors and ways to reduce it:

Type of transportation:

The online shipping quote helps you to find the estimated amount of shipping your vehicle to the specified distance. The additional charges are applied for the following factors. It mainly depends on the type of auto carrier you are choosing. If you are choosing the regular one, that is open auto carriers for shipping your vehicle, you are choosing the cost effective method for shipping your vehicle. In case of open auto carriers, your car will be shipped in the open trucks with ultimate care to reach thedestination. As you know, the cars in open trucks are prone to rain, snow, hail and dust. If you are the one to think that car can withstand this you can surely go for the open carriers. You may not need to worry when you are dealing with the fully insured auto carriers for the unexpected damages. If you do not like the idea of entrusting your car in the open auto carriers, you can choose enclosed auto carriers. In enclosed auto carriers, the auto carriers make sure that they are not prone to external elements by shipping them in the closed truck to stay away from rain, hail, snow and dents. Of Course, this comes with the additional cost, as they need unique tools for loading and unloading the vehicle. In case of open carriers, the company can ship up to 10 cars at a time while only six cars can be shipped in enclosed carriers. Thus, the cost doubles in case of the enclosed auto carriers.


The main factors that are considered in the Angels Moving Company's quotation are weight of the car and the distance from pick-up to delivery. Distance between the pickup and delivery is the essential factor as it determines the fuel cost, mileage and other charges. Thus, double check while specifying the address for the pickup and delivery. Like all the auto-shipping companies, the average cost per mile decreases when the distance increases.

size and weight of the car:

The size of the car should be mentioned accurately as the company should allocate the space for loading the vehicle. If the size and weight increases, the additional shipping charges are charged. Why does the weight of the vehicle affect the shipping charges? In case you are shifting the heavy vehicle or heavy weight cars, they require additional labor and equipment to ship the vehicle. Hence, the prices increase.

Seasonal factor:

As the company offers the best price for snowbirds, they help you to shift during the extreme conditions, as people like to move to the north during winter and return south during summer, this company provide discounted prices for the returning customers.

The condition and modifications of the vehicle:

As it may sound absurd, the condition of your vehicle will influence the shipping charges. The reason is due to the inoperable steering, brake and rolling capacity. The inoperable vehicle also comes in many categories thatare salvage and regular cars. Shipping the salvage car required additional care to reach it without causing further damage to the vehicle. Only the professionals will confirm the cost for a modified vehicle.

Ways to reduce the shipping cost:

  • Don't stick with specific dates for pick-up and delivery

  • Choose open auto carriers

  • Avoid shipping during peak seasons and holidays

  • Ship the operable vehicle

  • Compare the best price in the market.

  • Avoid expedited shipping

Shipping charges of Angels Moving Autos:

The Angels moving autos provide the auto transporting service at an affordable price. Since they have not mentioned approximate shipping charges, the only way to know the cost is by getting the instant online quotes. As it is free to use, you can know the estimated price by providing the specifications of the car. According to the auto transport reviews, many people

How do they work?

When you are choosing the auto transport company to ship your vehicle, it is necessary to know the working process of the company. In Angels Moving Autos, the customers should mainly focus on giving accurate details in the online shipping quotes to know the approximate shipping rate. Since they are providing transparent services, you can also confirm your order through call or email. You can directly contact the auto carriers for the scheduling the pickup time. After confirming, the company will provide its best auto carriers at your doorstep for convenient shipping. The vehicle tracking system will ensure the status of the vehicle and update you at frequent times. For secure and safe shipping facilities, they will stay in touch with you until your vehicle reaches the destination. Once the vehicle is delivered, check for the damages with the designated driver. After checking, you can pay the entire shipping charges through cash or credit card. For detailed and better understanding, you can go through the company website before shipping your vehicle.

Duration of shipping:

In case of domestic shipping, the company usually takes one to two weeks from the day of pickup while it takes up to a month for overseas shipping. Since it seems delayed, you can experience the fast delivery by the expedited shipping.


Discounts are available for senior citizens, veterans, military members, college students and return customers. The military families are more favored by them as they serve for our nation and for using the auto transport frequently. Therefore,a wide range of discounts is given for varied people accordingly.

Customer ratings and feedback:

Angel Moving Auto reviews suggest that the company provides excellent service when it comes to the military moving. Many customers praised them for providing the high quality car transport services and for being friendly with the customers. They also provide satisfaction to many customers by giving them ideas to save money. Thus, the company got the highest rating from the of 5/5. More than 300 auto-shipping reviews were given by the customers describing that this is the most trusted auto shipping company to provide the transparent services. Therefore, people believe that they give the honest prices with no hidden charges. Angels customer services are worth mentioning, since they stand apart from other companies for providing such friendly services. Although it has many positive reviews from other sites, it failed to berecognized from BBB, the standard site for auto transport reviews. Some customers criticize this company for providing horrible auto carriers. As there are many unlucky customers inthe auto transport industry to have such experience, complaints were raised in BBB (Better Business Bureau). Since the company has been in the auto transport industry for almost 17 years with lots of good car shipping reviews, they have gained A+ accreditation from BBB.

Auto transport Ratings:

BBB:                                         2.33
A-1 AUTO TRANSPORT:         5/5
Transport reviews:              4.9/5
Transport rankings:             4/5
Angies list:                             5/5
Yelp:                                        3.5/5

Angel Moving Auto transport Ratings

Do we recommend Angel Moving Autos?

Yes, we do recommend this company when you are choosing the military moving service. While we recommend you to ship your car with the best auto shipping company with top rating. If you are choosing this company, be sure to pick the best auto carriers.