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  • Some of the customers experienced poor service and had miscommunication with the representative of the company.

Tempus logix is a renowned auto shipping company in the United States to provide transportation services all over the nation. It is an auto transport brokerage company to find you the best auto carriers in the industry. This privately held company is licensed and bonded with FMCSA and USDOT will dispatch your vehicle in a secured way.

Tempus logix
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Service provided by this company:

Whether you are an individual or the dealer, the company ensures to give the best auto transport services to everyone out there. The safe and reliable service offered by this company will definitely make sure that the customers are considering them as a first option.


They incorporate many dealer companies as well as with wholesale companies who sell motorcycles, vehicles and heavy equipment to be their shipping partner. The discounts are given to dealer companies and regular shippers to attract more customers. They also provide you with discounts for shipping more than one car, which attracts many dealer companies.

Open auto transport:

Open auto trailers are the standard type of shipping in the Tempus Logix to ship the cars. They usually transport the cars in more numbers from one city to another for effective shipping. It is considered cost effective shipping and many people all over the nation prefer it. No matter what your vehicle is, Tempus logix Company will provide you unique open auto transport trailers to ship your vehicle. The open auto trailer comes in different sizes. Common type is a single level carrier that can hold up to two cars. However, the two level carriers are capable of shifting 9 cars.

Enclosed auto transport:

The enclosed auto transportation adds a further protection by having covering on all the sides. This is the best option for the low clearance cars, exoticand classic cars, which have ramps that nearly level with the ground. Therefore, Tempus Logix highly recommends you to shift your high-end cars in the enclosed auto carriers. Since the vehicles in the open carriers are exposed to external conditions, you can prefer this premium service for your luxury and sophisticated cars. The premium services are provided by paying additional cost, which is twice more than the standard rate. The wide range of options in enclosed shipping are single vehicle enclosed trailers, single level multi vehicle trailers, enclosed Multi Level Multi-car trailers, hard sided and soft sided enclosed trailers.

Military car shipping:

They offer discounts to men and women in uniform to use the transportation services. This service is given to active members in the military to ship cars, boats, heavy machinery equipment and other utility service vehicles. They offer up to 10% military auto transport discount for all active duty members.

Online buyers and resellers:

Buying the car online is easy, unlike searching for the best auto transport company. If you are looking for a reliable and professional auto carrier, then we recommend you to choose the Tempus Logix. They do the pre-purchase car inspection to enhance the quality of the shipping. The quick and efficient shipping services provided by them will ensure that the vehicle will reach the destination at the guaranteed time. They provide flexible car shipping services to choose you from open or enclosed auto trailers to other available services. Tempus Logix also helps you to transport the car when you are reselling. The car can be sold to anyone with the help of this company. They inspect the vehicle when picking up your service to record all the results on the form Bill of Lading. This serves as an additional security for the online buyers and sellers.

Boat/Yacht shipping:

The well-experienced and professional shippers understand your difficulty in shipping the boat or yacht at more reasonable prices. They can organize your boat shipping in a secured way and at the best place in the market. They can be shipped either in a boat or through the road. They help you to move within the city, state and all over the nation. In addition, they offer special services to accommodate ships with 70 feet length. The auto carriers use specialized tools for loading and unloading services for safety precautions.

International car shipping:

In case of International car shipping, they provide terminal-terminal services. The dedicated auto carriers will safely deliver your vehicle at the airport or your terminal for your convenience. They provide licensed and TWIC cardholders to ship your vehicle internationally. The company provides its best car transport service at reasonable price, as the sole purpose of the company is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Heavy equipment transport:

Those who like to ship their construction, agricultural or just oversized vehicle can prefer Tempus Logix for the hassle free experience. Depending upon your vehicle needs, they will find you the best solution to ship your vehicle.

Transport modes for the Heavy equipment or the vehicle:

Unlike other auto transport companies, they provide a wide range of options for the heavy vehicle shippers. They are RGN Trailers, Step-Deck Trailers and Flatbed trailers for safe efficient shipping. You can surely consider step-deck trailers to be one of its options as it is easier to load and position even heavy machineries.

Express car shipping:

The people who want to save time or when you need it to be delivered as much as possible generally prefer express car shipping. The quickest door-door services provided by them will ensure not only the fast delivery, also the quality of the service. Additional charges are imposed for fast delivery and when the car needs to be delivered to their vehicle on the particular date. The high quality service and fast delivery are the main purpose of this service, thus, you can consider this for the hassle free experience.

Tempus logix provides additional services like

  • Services for college students
  • Classic car lovers
  • Car relocation services

How does it work?

  1. Get a quote:
  2. To get the instant online quotation, fill the specifications of the car, pickup and delivery address. After filling the information, the professional online calculator will estimate the value and determine the suitable price for the shipment. They will provide you with more auto carriers for you to choose from.

  3. Accepting or confirm the shipping order:
  4. If you like the shipping estimate provided by the company, you may choose the most suitable evaluation for you from the multiple choices. After confirming the order, choose the preferred payment options and you may schedule the time for pick up and delivery

  5. Pickup:
  6. Once you have confirmed your order, you do not have to do anything. You may sit back and relax when you have arranged the vehicle for the pickup. The designated auto carrier from Tempus Logix will come at your doorstep to pick your vehicle. Make sure to inspect your vehicle along with the auto carriers for any damages. Specify the details of damages in the Bill of Lading with the attestation of the carrier. This bill of Lading will help you in claiming the insurance coverage.

  7. Delivery:
  8. The safe and speed transport services provided by the company will make sure to reach your vehicle within the guaranteed time. The delivery time depends on the distance and the type of transport you prefer. Once your vehicle is delivered, check the vehicle with the auto carrier for any damages. the shipping process will be completed after payment.

How much do they charge for auto transportation?

The shipping charges will depend on different factors including seasonal factors, distance between the pickup and delivery place, condition of the vehicle and your transportation choices. Though the pricing depends on various factors, the overall average shipping cost for open auto transport is around $1.95 per mile for the short distance(1 to 500 miles) and $0.91 for medium distances(500 to 1500 miles) and the price decreases to $0.55 per mile for long distances. This is not an accurate cost of shipping your vehicle; this may vary depending on the other factors. When compared to open transport, enclosed auto transport is much costlier and it depends upon various other factors. In general, the cost may be 30 to 45% more than the open auto transport carriers may. The express or expedited shipping is generally 30% more than the standard cost, which is also influenced by many other factors. According to the car shipping reviews, it is one of the best auto transport companies to provide premium services at affodable prices. Like all other companies, high prices are charged for the heavy vehicle shipping. Though they did not provide the details of the cost, it will be higher than the regular vehicle shipping. To know the exact details of shipping charges, get the instant online quotation and confirm it with the representative of the company.

Other factors to influence the shipping charges are:

Seasonal fluctuations:

Those who are shipping their vehicle in peak season, holidays or during weekends may experience high charges. This is due to the high demand of the auto shipping company


Distance is the huge factor to influence the shipping cost. Prices will vary considering the distance between the origin and the destination that is to be reached. The shipping charges increase when the distance increases.

Type of trailers:

The common types of trailers are open, enclosed and the flatbed auto trailers. You can prefer the best way to ship your car according to the affordability rate and your preference. For the cost effective shipping, you can prefer the open auto trailers. Shipping in enclosed carriers is high as the number of cars that are accommodated in the truck is reduced from 9 to 6. Since the premium service comes with high prizes, use this service for your luxury and high-end cars. Flatbed trailers are more expensive than other two regular types, as this is highly used to ship oversized vehicles and trucks.

Condition of the vehicle:

Non-operable vehicles are charged higher as they need to be towed or loaded on the truck, which is not in the case of the operable vehicle.

Size and weight of the vehicle:

Makes and Models of the vehicle is also considered for the shipping charges. As each model has different size and weight, different charges are imposed on different types of vehicles. Additional labor and tools are needed to ship the oversized and overweight vehicle which reflects on the shipping charges.

Customer reviews:

Tempus Logix is one of the rarest companies to gain positive reviews from all the top auto transport reviewers. Many people consider this company to be their first preference for shipping their car for the professional and quick services. The auto transport reviewand car shipping review suggest that this company for all vehicles from cars, heavy vehicles to the boat at best price in the market. Google has given 4.9 ratings for the personalized and dedicated services. With almost 300 reviews, many praised this company for the friendly service and reliable auto carriers. They provide services beyond your expectation. People will experience the stress-less shipping experience when choosing this company. Other car transport reviews by the Transportreviews.com and Trust pilot were given a 5 star rating for their excellent services. Whether it is an individual or the commercial car shipping services, the company is known to provide the best services for all transportation facilities. Many regular customers prefer this company repeatedly as they find it more trustworthy and easy to ship when compared to other companies. They have BBB A+ accreditation with 4.86 ratings. They also have only one complaint registered in the BBB website for their customer service that is also resolved within a few days.

Ratings from different websites:

Google:                           4.9
Transport reviews:        5
BBB:                                 4.9
Trust pilot:                     4.9



Yes, you can prefer Tempus Logix Company for all your transportation needs from A to Z locations. The professional and courteous services will make you rely on this company repeatedly.