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  • They do not provide International Car Transport services.
  • No terminal-terminal services

Do you find it difficult to ship your vehicle due to covid 19? Then you are in the right place. As most of the companies across the country shut down their business in this pandemic, it is not easy for you to move to another place. For this reason, Number 1 Auto Transport Company has taken many safety measures to open their business and to provide all the auto transportation services during this pandemic. They are taking ultimate precautions to stay away from viruses. You can check out their blog to know about the safety measures taken during the transportation. As safety is their first concern, the auto carriers are taking all the precautions to avoid the spread of the virus for safe and smooth transportation. Two friends started Number 1 Auto Transport Inc. 10 years ago in New York with the purpose of providing the best auto transport servicesto the people. It is one of the best car transport company that specializes in shipping vehicles and boats to its destination. As one of the top auto transport brokerage companies, they have gained the trust of the customers for providing most efficient services at affordable prices. They have a good ranking and license from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Department of Transportation to transport all over the nation. It is one of the outstanding companies to get five star ratings from almost all the top websites including Google, yelp, transport reviews, BBB and many others. Let us go through the services, advantages, disadvantages and customer ratings of the company.

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Number 1 Auto Transport
has a total of 3 reviews and overall rating of 5 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with Number 1 Auto Transport will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

Services provided by Number 1 Auto Transport Company:

Over the 10 years of experience, they have learned the safest and cost effective way to ship the vehicle. Therefore, they have the lowest damage record in the auto transport industry. Here we provide you with a wide range of auto transport services provided by the company.

Door-to-door service:

People prefer this service instead of terminal-terminal service, as it is the most convenient and an easy way to ship your car. All you have to do is to give the specific address for pickup and delivery. The designated auto carriers will be there at your doorstep to collect your vehicle to its destination. This service is a definite way to stay out of the worries and to save your precious time.

Open auto transport:

Number 1 Auto transport Inc. company is one of the leading companies to provide this service at the affordable price. Almost 97% of the people prefer this service as they are cost efficient, secured and for providing reliable services at affordable prices. In open auto transport, your vehicle will be shipped in an open truck with all safety precautions to reach it to the destination. They provide safe, secured and expedited door-door shipping services to ensure customer satisfaction. The open auto transport is available at low cost as they can manage to ship up to 10 vehicles at a time. Though it may sound scary, most of the people, choose this option in this company as they have the lowest damage records.

Enclosed auto transport:

Enclosed auto transport is the best way to ship your exotic and classic cars. Though they may charge extra for additional safety, your car will be delivered as it is. They make sure your car will be shipped in luxury, the enclosed auto trailers are preferred to protect the vehicle from rain, wind, sleet, ice and debris. Therefore, you may not need to worry about the vehicle. The company hires the professional auto carriers who handle the loading and unloading with supreme care to your highly valued possession. The soft and hard-enclosed trailers give extreme protections. The cost varies according to your preference.

Corporate relocation:

You can surely choose this company when you want to move your business to a new location. The well-trained professionals will take care of your things separately with the required sources and tools for better relocation services. Whether you are an employee or employee, they provide all transportation services at affordable prices.

Military transfer:

Active military members have to shift their location frequently according to the station order. In that case, you can trust your possessions with us for the hassle free experience. They provide relocation services to the active members of the Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coast guard whether it is for the cross country or even when it is 500 miles away. Your privately owned vehicles and things will be shipped with ultimate care to move it all over the nation.

Heavy equipment transport services:

Number 1 auto transport is a trusted, bonded and licensed shipping company to move heavy vehicles and machinery. You may not need to worry about the size and weight of the truck for transporting, as they offer unique solutions for every kind of vehicle. They provide lowboy trailers for moving large and heavy vehicles. They offer an auto transport carrier for the small vehicle and oversized vehicles that weigh over 8000 pounds; they use a step deck trailer. You can surely consider this transportation company for the most professional services.

Auction transport:

It is a smart option for you to buy or sell the vehicles in an auction unless you are shipping them on your own. Since many auto transport companies provide the best services at competitive prices, it is wise to choose the best company. Number 1 auto transport had gained the trust of many auction dealers to do business with them. Some of them are Manheim, Copart, IAA and ADESA. The car shipping charges may purely depend on the mileage and difficulty of transporting.

Motorcycle transport:

The motorcycle transport called Varoom, Varoom service in Number 1 auto transport takes special care of your loveable vehicles. You can choose open or enclosed auto trailers according to your safety concerns. With over five star transportation for past three decades, they make sure your vehicle will be safe in their hands. As most of you prefer riding your bike for a long distance, you can choose this when riding is not good choice.

Boat transport:

They are one of the companies to provide boat transport all over the nation. Since the company knows the difficulty in transporting the boat, they provide the best services to make your shipping easier. There is no need to worry when your boat is tall or odd-shaped, as they provide solutions for all your transportation needs.

Inter and intra state auto transport:

If you are having trouble moving your vehicle to the interstate or the intrastate, Number 1 auto transport will help you for all business and individual needs. They provide service for all the 50 states and to Alaska and Hawaii. They complete all the paperwork when you need to move to different states, so you do not need to stress out and save your valuable time. You can check out their blog for more videos and their method of shipping.

Insurance coverage:

Number 1 auto transport company highly focuses on dealing with fully insured and trustworthy auto carriers for the hassle free experience. If the auto carrier failed to provide the insurance, the company will make sure to provide it accordingly.

How does Number 1 auto transport company work?

If you are curious about how this company works, they have a unique way of dealing to satisfy every customer. It is followed by a series of steps.

Instant online quote:

Like other companies, the first step is to get the instant online quote. Fill the specifications of your car, its condition, delivery and pickup address. Choose the type of transportation you prefer to ship your car. You do not need to give personal details for getting the quote.

Placing the order:

After reviewing the instant online quote, make a decision whether you are going to choose this company or not. If you prefer this company, you can contact the company's representative or mail for confirming the order. The pickup date and time should be confirmed after placing the order.


Once your pickup date has been confirmed, make sure to take the pictures of every side of the car to know about the damages. This will be useful when you are claiming for the damages. They will assign you the well-trained auto carrier according to your need and will send you at your doorstep to pick your vehicle. You have to pay the deposit once it is loaded onto the shipping truck. Once the vehicle has been shipped, the company gives the updates frequently.


As your vehicle reaches your doorstep, make sure to inspect for any damages. Once verified you have to pay full shipping charges. If your vehicle was damaged, you have to contact the company to claim the insurance.

Shipping charges in Number 1 Auto Transport:

When you are finding the difficulty in finding the right company that provides affordable prices, then Number 1 Auto transport is there for you. They provide the competitive price and professional car transport services to satisfy the customer. Their shipping charges are estimated to be lower than the industry average. Since the shipping cost not only depends on the fuel and distance, you need to estimate the price using an instant online calculator. By getting the instant online quotes, you can find the accurate rate to ship your car.

Rough estimates of shipping charges for open auto transport are given below:


distance in miles

shipping charges

   New York to Miami



   Chicago to Phoenix



   New York to Los Angeles



   Miami to San Francisco, CA



As you can see, the cost varies for location, type of route and many others, since it is not a final cost, you can contact the company's representative for the clear information.

Tips for reducing the shipping cost:

  • Choose open auto transport unless you are shipping luxury, exotic and classic cars or during extreme weather conditions. The external factors are the regular hindrance for the entire vehicle, which it can manage.
  • Avoid shipping during peak seasons, as it may save you a fortune. Many people will move their vehicle on this season, which causes an increase in demand for the auto transport company. Therefore, the shipping charge increases. You can ship before the seasonal changes for the cost effective shipping.
  • Do not be specific about the pickup and delivery date. Be flexible.
  • Avoid expedited shipping unless it is necessary
  • If you are going to repair the vehicle after delivery, better do it beforehand for minimizing the shipping charges.

Customer ratings:

This company has exceptionally positive reviews from all the websites.Number 1 Auto Transport Inc. reviews from Google, transport reviews, BBB, Yelp and many more have sensational reviews and feedback from the satisfied customer. All the happy customers praised them for the top-notch services and for the hassle free experience. Unlike other companies, they have overwhelmingly good Auto transport review and car shipping review for its customer services. The top car transport services and the courteous customer services at affordable prices are said to be the reason for succession. The negative reviews about the companies are so hard to find. Since the negative comments should also be taken into consideration, some customers unexpectedly had the poor customer service from the company. Another issue is continuous advertising calls from the representative. Overall, it is one of the best auto transport companies all over the nation to provide the best transport services.

Ratings from top websites:

Google:                                  4.9
Transport reviews:              5
BBB:                                        4.93 (A+)
Yelp:                                       5

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Our recommendation:

We highly recommend this company for all your auto transport services. The immense auto transport reviews and the incredible service will surely surprise you. Trust your possessions with Number 1 Auto transport for a hassle free experience.