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Freight 4 All is one of the auto transport companies to provide all the freight services. As the name suggests, they provide services to all the vehicles and particularly specializes in the heavy vehicle. It is located in Statesville, NC, United States and generates $66,885 in sales. They are the best freight brokers to find you the reliable auto carriers in the industry. Freight 4 All manage, plan and provide service to all your transportation needs. Whether it is a boat, car, RV, trailers or heavy vehicle, they will offer you the dedicated auto carriers in all 50 States, Canada, Mexico and Internationally. The personal vehicle transportation services will be there for 24 hours to keep you in loop during the entire process of shipping. Though it is known for providing shipping services, go through the service provided, pros, cons and customer ratings, before considering it for your transportation needs.

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Freight 4 All Auto transport
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Freight 4 All provides shipping services to the following vehicles:

They employ the well-trained auto carriers and the sources to ship vehicles of all types of vehicles. No matter the size, length, height and width of the vehicle, Freight 4 All provides a solution to ship all kinds of vehicle. They specialize in shipping cars, boats, RVs, SUVs, travel trailers, overweight loads, partial loads, smaller and heavy equipment, machine, LTL, cargo, agricultural equipment and many more.

Services by Freight 4 All:

Freight 4 All Company Provides almost all thetransportation services to move your vehicle all over the nation and even to the foreign countries. They provide unique services for all the types of vehicle for secure auto shipping. For every service, the company's representative will guide you for the hassle free process.

Boat transport:

Those who want to ship your boat or Yacht may use this service to move it overseas and within the nation. Freight 4 All provides you safe service at affordable prices in the market. They also guide through the entire process and give you tips to reduce the shipping rate and for preparing your boat. Whether it is powerboat, sailboat, pontoon boats and fishing boats, the experienced auto carriers will make sure to deliver the boat to its destination quickly and securely.

Open auto transport:

In open auto transport, your vehicles will be shipped in the open trucks with much security. The truck can withhold more than 10 vehicles. Therefore, it is the most economical option to ship your vehicle in an open auto carrier. The door-to-door services will be provided for almost all the car transportation services to make your work easy. The only drawback of the bakers is that the vehicles are prone to the external elements.

Enclosed auto transport:

Those with classy, exotic or higher-end cars can prefer enclosed shipping to guarantee the safety of the car. In enclosed shipping, they employ knowledgeable auto carriers to handle enclosed auto carriers for extra safety of the vehicle. This luxury or premium shipping comes with premium cost.

Door to door services:

Door-to-door became the essential service in every auto transport industry. Likewise, this company, the designated auto carrier will provide service at your doorstep for your convenience. In areas where the trucks cannot pass through, you can contact the driver earlier for the change of the address.

Expedited shipping:

Those who like to ship their vehicle immediately; they can choose this service for the expedited shipping. This service allows you to get first preference among all other customers for faster delivery. They offer this supreme service for an additional cost. Therefore, many people place the order two or three weeks earlier to omit the extra charges.

Heavy equipment shipment:

They are best in the auto transport industry when it comes to the heavy equipment shipping. Whether it is a Bulldozer, backhoes, excavators, freightliner trucks or loader, Freight 4 All will get your vehicle to your destination in no time. The specially trained auto carriers are employed for handling the heavy vehicles to ensure that no damages are done in the transportation process. Some of the heavy equipment brands are Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, Terex, John Deere, New Holland and many more. For the detailed list of heavy vehicles that are shifted, you can see the company's website.

Agricultural equipment:

As they are the experts to ship the heavy vehicles, you can trust your agricultural vehicles like tractors, bucket trucks, small and large dump trucks to this company. They offer professional services at great rates to satisfy the customer.

RV shipment:

The recreational vehicles should be taken care of by the professionals or the well-trained people to meet your needs. They offer both tow away and drive away services for your special vehicles.

  • Tow away services:
  • The company provides the tow away services to your RV, bumper pull or fifth wheel trailer to your destined place. They will get your recreational vehicle safely to its destination in a short time. In this service, your vehicle will be towed to your destination rather than loading in the trailer or the truck like the disabled vehicle. They have given certain rules to prepare your vehicle for hassle free shipping.

  • Drive away services:
  • In this service, the designated driver from the Freight 4 All company will pick your vehicle at the doorstep and drive it to the destination. They employ professional drivers to ensure the safety of the vehicle. This is the most economical way of shipping your vehicle rather than shipping in a trailer to haul by the truck.

Industry knowledge:

Over years of experience, they enhanced their knowledge in all transport services from supply chain management, airfreight, construction, cold calling, shipping, truck loading, rail transport and many more. The main skills and endorsement of this company is Freight brokerage, FTL and Freight Transportation.

Shipment process of Freight 4 All company:

If you are keeping this company in this list for providing transport services, then the first step is to get the instant online shipping quote. They provide free car shipping quotes to know the estimated amount of shipping your vehicle. When you are satisfied by the quote, you can place the order by contacting the company's representative or through an email. The initial deposit amount is charged after the confirmation. Since they provide door to services for all the car shipping methods including drive away and tow away options, you can surely trust the company to leave it in the good hands. The personal auto carriers designated to you will be at your doorstep at the confirmed time and date. Once the driver arrives, be sure to check the exterior and interior of the car for any damages and get the signed receipt after listing the damages. After the completion of the documentation process, your vehicle will be shipped, towed or driven away by the dedicated auto carriers to reach it to the destination. The experienced auto carriers who are fully insured and bonded are employed to ensure safety of the vehicle. Therefore, your vehicle will reach the destination without any damages. In any unexpected scenario, if your vehicle has been damaged, then you can contact the company for the insurance. There are certain rules that you should follow for every car shipping method for hassle free shipping. You can go through the rules provided in the company's website for clear and brief information.

How does Freight 4 all company charge?

Freight 4 All charges are based on the supply and demand of the auto shipping company. Although the car shipping charges depend on various factors, the average transport rates vary from $400 to $1800 for short and long run. Based on Freight 4 All reviews, many customers stated the company provides best services at a reasonable price. The overall cost of shipping depends on various factors including the specifications of the vehicle, your choice of transportation, seasonal factors, distance, transport route and the location of the destination.


It is the basic factor that is considered in estimating the shipping charges. In addition to this, other charges are imposed based on the various factors. Distance is directly proportional to the transportation charge, thus the cost increases when the distance increases. Generally, all the auto companies charge higher cost for the long runs while the cost per mile decreases.

Type of transportation:

They provide open and enclosed auto carriers for shipping your vehicle. You can choose the best one according to your needs and preference. Whether it is the open or enclosed transport, the company provides its best to ship your vehicle without damage.

Open auto transport:

Open auto transport is the most preferable choice as it is an economic way of shipping your vehicle to their destination. In this service, they ship all the vehicles in an open carrier to reach it to its destination. you need not worry about the safety when loading and unloading the vehicle. Despite the fact that the vehicles are exposed to the external elements, it is safe in the reliable hands.

Enclosed auto transport:

For those who like to ship their high priced possessions in a sophisticated way, then this is the good option for you. The enclosed auto carriers will ensure the additional safety of the vehicle. Choose this auto shipping service when you have invested more in the car like the luxury or the sophisticated car or when you highly value the vehicle. Since they give the additional protection to your vehicles, additional charges are imposed.

Size and weight of the vehicle:

Everyone has different model vehicles that are in varied shape and size. The basic type or the regular sedan will not influence the shipping charges, if you are shipping in the open trailers. The large and full sized sedans will accommodate more space than the regular car and thus the cost increases. The heavy vehicles are difficult to load and unload from the auto shipping trailers, which in turn require unique tools and additional labor for shipping purposes. Therefore, according to the size and weight of the car, the shipping charges vary.

Seasonal factors:

What is the right season to ship your car? When compared to other seasons, the price will go to the peak in colder climates. Snowbirds move their vehicles from colder northern states to the warmer southern states for every winter. Therefore, the demand of the auto transport industry increases and thus the shipping charges increases.


Freight 4 All company provides special discounts for the active military members, return customers and many more.

Customer reviews:

It has a mixed auto transport review and the car shipping review for providing services. With 14 car transport reviews from Google, the majority of the customer reviews favored the company. Many happy customers praised the company for the friendly and dedicated service provided by the company. The quick and polite response gave them an extra point in addition to the expedited services. People appreciated this company for offering professional and dedicated services at reasonable prices. Other websites like Yellow pages also gave positive reviews for this company. As we have seen the positive reviews, let us go through the negative reviews. Some of the reviews were about the bad experiences from the company. They criticized this company for not providing services after confirmation and due to the miscommunication. They claimed that the initial deposit was never returned even after cancelling the service. In, the company has six reviews that seemed to be lower than the regular shipping company was.

Ratings from various websites:

Google:                       4.1
Transport reviews:    3.5
Yellow pages:            5

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Do we recommend this company?

No, this is not one of the best auto transport companies that you should prefer for transporting your vehicle. There are many other top auto transport shipping companies for hassle transportation. You can choose companies like Montway, easy auto ship or Amerifreight for better transportation services.