National Van Lines




  • The company has poor ratings as the movers move and shifts in more hurry without proper TLC and thus results in damage.
  • Protection coverage options are not clearly explained
  • They do not have local agents in the States and Metro areas to provide immediate services.

National Van Lines, an American moving and Relocation Company founded in 1929 in Broadview, Illinois, United states by F.J.McKee. Over 90 years, it shines at delivering residential/commercial relocation, transportation and storage solutions.

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National Van Lines
has a total of 10 reviews and overall rating of 3 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with National Van Lines will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

They are the top national long distance moving company that helped over 1 million families to move to their destination. This company holds a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. The company gives out services to an average of 20,000 customers per year for both individual and commercial moves. Its trucks load logs approximately 8.5 million miles a year. The company is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC). It is also a Certified Registered International Mover (RIM). This company was also recognized in the top 10 Women-owned businesses by Crain's Chicago Business magazine. As we have seen the overview of the business, let us go through to the pros, cons, services and customer reviews of this company.


National Van Lines provides various services like local move, different moving option, Long Distance moving, door-to-door services, Cross Country moving, Corporate Move and International move. With over 90-year experience, they have a vast network of movers across the country for easy availability.

Local move:

Those who are willing to move across the street or to the short distance, the local movers from the company will provide you the best service within the destined time. The company provides the customized local services for every individual to satisfy the customer needs. You can prefer open auto transport for the most economical way to ship your things. Customers are encouraged to use expedited shipping for delivering within no time.

Long distance moving:

National Van Lines provides a solution to all your long distance shipping relocation. They provide full services from packaging, organizing, loading and transportation to satisfy the needs of every customer. The service is provided to all the 50 states and all other countries. The dedicated movers from the company will help you to stay convenient by providing services for your interstate or cross-country moving.

International moves:

National Van Lines is the licensed company to move things internationally. The company provides real time tracking service until your possession reaches your place. The goods are generally shipped through air or by sea. The company recommends their customers to choose the extended protection program to cover the insurance for lost or damaged things.

Commercial moving:

National Van Lines understands the need of every unique customer to give customized relocation services for businesses of all sizes using reliable brokers or movers. The experienced team in logistics helps to work in many projects including medical facilities, hospitality industry and more.

Packaging services:

This company knows the difficulty of moving things to different place, thus the company provides the entire package of services. The packaging service and unpacking service not only saves your time, but also allows you to stay convenient and ease. The experts from the company will ensure to pack your things in a professional way to avoid damages. Your things will be shifted and unpacked by the professionals to reduce your workload. They offer this service at cost effective prices for household moving to company relocation and many more.

Storage services:

For long distance customers, the company makes the shipping easy by providing moving and storage services. In case if you are out of town or do not want to ship your things immediately to your place, the company will keep your things safe in their place until you are ready. The clean and secure storage services will make sure that your things will be safe in their hands. They offer only temporary storage facilities and climate-controlled units according to your needs.

Specialty services:

Only certain companies provide shipping services for piano, pool table, customized crating, fine art, store fixtures, Grandfather clocks and Flat screen TV. It is an all sounder to cover everything from packaging, shipping, storing to unpacking. They also enhanced their business to be selected for the Military relocations and by the department ofdefense.

Expedited services:

They provide the expedited services to ship your assets on the particular date, after agreeing to the payment of the additional charges. They have movers in almost all states to provide fast shipping services and easy availability.


Binding and Nonbinding estimates:

National Van Lines provide the full binding estimate only after the online survey conducted by the company. The representative will ensure whether any additional resources are required when some of the remote places prohibit large trucks from passing. In case of such local laws, this company should use smaller shuttles and multiple trips to move your goods to the destination. All the things are considered before providing full estimates. In cases of Binding, the written agreement is made in advance and guarantees the total cost based on the quantities and services. In case of Non-Binding, the cost will be based on the actual weight of your shipment and is not binded to the mover.

Insurance protection:

The company is so particular in choosing fully insured and bonded haulers to make the shipping process easier. They have different options for insurance coverage to choose your desired one. They also provide full replacement cost for the insurance coverage options. Are you sure, this is the best company for moving your goods? We have reviewed the customer ratings for their transportation service, price and much more for offering you a better moving company.

How does National Van Lines estimate the shipping charges?

National Van Lines provides unique and customized services to every customer, thus the company's website does not provide accurate cost estimation in the free online quotes. The representative will help you to give the estimated price only through calls or after direct visit in case of cross-country moves. If you like to move across the country, then you have three options. Renting both vehicle and trailer, use a done-for-you customer service or use the professional's help.

The following table is given for moving a three bedroom moderately furnished home in 1500 miles.

   Renting a truck or trailer


   Container services


   Professional mover's


This is an average estimate; the weight of the item is the main factor to influence the shipping cost. They provide different shipping options that is done through credit cards, visa card,

Customer reviews:

Whether your move is big or small, the company excels at offering stress reducing relocation services for both commercial and residential needs. Thus, it is considered one of the leading movers. More than 100 reviews were given for this company in Google with 3.6/5. It has the above average rating and recommended by many customers. Some people believe that it is one of the best movers to give customized services to each of its customers. , while some were disappointed by their worst services. As each person has faced different experiences from the company, they come out with different opinions about it. This is the common instance in the shipping industry.

Positive reviews:

According to the customer review in the consumer affairs, they have an above average rating of 3.2. Though it is not appealing, they have gained many positive reviews from various customers. Many satisfied clients appreciated the company for the good and unique services. The professional and dedicated movers deal the customer in a more friendly way for comfortable shipping. Customers seemed to love the entire transport services from packaging, shipping to unpacking services provided by the company. The smooth services made many customers to have belief and gave them utmost satisfaction.

Negative reviews:

The positive reviews on Yelp attracted many customers. Since we have to see both reviews, let us go through some of the cons of the company. The common problems are delayed delivery, damaged goods and miscommunication. These are some of the unfortunate incidents to happen in the company. Overall,the above average company is well established to move your things to your destined place. The main drawback or issue that is not easily solved is that the goods arrived on state to state projects are damaged.


When you are looking for the moving company with customized options, then this is the right choice for you. With many moving options, you can choose the best one for your needs. As many customers faced inconvenience in the interstate shipping, this is the good option for the full service or long distance shipping. We recommend you to choose an upgraded insurance plan, since it has some of the negative reviews and drawbacks.