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Montway Auto Transport Company is a Logistics and supply chain industry that deals with the network of haulers to shift your vehicle to your destination. Montway Auto Transport is an expertise in this field for more than 13 years and shipped over four hundred thousand cars. As it is the best auto shipping company, it is the preferred choice for some of the largest corporate companies for relocation services. It is also the exclusive transport partner for Auto Trader Classics. They offer the competitive pricing, simple booking process and first one to create the auto transport portal service to service their enterprise partner, thus, it is considered to be the top technological innovator in the vehicle relocation sector. They are the leading Auto Transport broker to have the network of professional carriers to ship your car for a hassle free experience. Montway auto Transport Company consistently has some of the lowest prices in the shipping industry. We will walk you through the pros, cons, services provided and affordability rate of the Montway auto transport company.

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Montway Auto Transport
has a total of 18 reviews and overall rating of 4 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with Montway Auto Transport will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

Services provided by Montway:

Door to door deliveries

The door-to-door car shipping method allows you to stay away from worries. All you have to do is to select the specific address for your vehicle to be picked up and dropped off. The assigned auto carriers will pick up the vehicle and will drop off at your destination.

International shipping facilities available

The Montway auto transport company will help you to find the most suitable solution for shipping your vehicle overseas. The company has the professional auto transport company advisors who work passionately for the better safety and will monitor your shipment throughout the process. The international shipping facilities will handled with more care by professional haulers, so you can have a hassle-free experience

Online instant price quotation

The online instant price quotation will provide you with the shipping charges that are required. As there is no upfront payment, all you have to do is to give the delivery charges at the time of delivery.

Open and enclosed trailers

Most of the customers go for the open auto transport to reduce the shipping charges. It is much easier to shift the car in case of open auto transport than the enclosed ones. An open carrier can carry an average of 8-10 cars at once, thus it is the most efficient than the enclosed carriers. Choose enclosed auto carriers when you need extra protection for your vehicle. It serves as a great option when you are shipping the luxury cars or the classic ones. Although the cost seems to be high, it is worth investing for the safety of the car. Only the enclosed trailers are used to ensure additional safety do international car shipping.

Insurance coverage:

The Montway Auto Transport Company employs only auto carriers that have the insurance coverage of at least $100,000. In case if the carrier's policy does not cover the charges, the company provides its customer with $250,000 of additional no-deductible coverage to ensure the safety for your possession.

Heavy equipment and military transport

They are an expert in heavy vehicle and military transport. The Montway Auto Transport Company have the equipment, knowledge and well trained professionals who can give their best in handling the job.

Expedited car shipping:

The Montway Auto Transport provides the expedited shipping with additional cost. In expedited shipping, the vehicles are shifted directly from pick up to delivery. You can choose expedited car shipping when you need to ship the car in a faster way.

Additional luggage can be added:

Although the luggage can be added, it is limited only to 10lbs. So instead of considering it has a moving container, pack the things in the suitcase or the bag. This is shipped totally free of cost. It is important to notice that no valuable items should be kept in the car while shipping.

Why do we recommend Montway Auto Transport?

Montway Auto Transport is one of the top Auto transport companies that provide you a wide range of services at a reasonable price. It is the top rated company to deliver in all 50 states with a 5-star shipping experience. Montway not only deals within the States, they also have the facilities for International car shipping and give you the best car transport services. They provide you with the professional haulers or carriers to shift your vehicle to the new place for a hassle free experience. They will stay in contact with you throughout the shipping process to ensure the safety of the vehicle. The personalized approach given by them will surely ensure the painless shipment process.

The dedicated advisors will be there for you for the 365 days to help you to choose the vehicle that suits your needs. Although there are many reasons to choose Montway, people choose them because of its competitive prices. Many seem to like Montway auto transport, as it is less expensive than most of the companies, especially for enclosed car shipments over mid-range distances.

You can choose the Montway auto transport company when you are finding the transport that guarantees your pick up date. When most of the companies failed to offer lower guaranteed prices, Montway has been doing this for more than a decade. Since it is one of the best companies in the car shipping industry, we highly recommend you to choose this company. Although they are not the one to nail the auto transport review, the company is worth considering for the efficient shipping.

How Montway Auto Transport works?

The Montway Auto Transport acts as a broker that deals with the professional carriers to ship the vehicle. All you have to do is to fill out the application and get the instant online quotation. They will help you to find the most affordable and higher quality vehicle in your place to haul your vehicle according to your desire. The customers can get instant online quotations through the car shipping rate calculator from our website and should confirm the shipping process within a week. After the customer has confirmed the order, the professional carriers will come to your doorstep to pick up the vehicle or you can choose the place where the vehicle needs to be picked up. Although you deal with the Montway Auto Transport indirectly, they will always stay with you through the entire process. The shipping charges should be paid at the time of delivery.


They offer discounts for senior citizens and active military members. You can get a discounted price when you make the prior order. As truckers love cash, 6 to 8% discount will be given when you pay cash at the time of the delivery.

Montway Auto transport cost factors:

The cost of the auto transport may vary for many reasons, thus before shipping it is important to note the following factors to reduce the shipping cost. We will go through some of the factors that affect the auto transport cost.

Transport type:

This is the main factor to increase the shipping rate. The transport type includes open and enclosed trailers. Unless you have the luxury car, the classic one and the new car, you can shift your car in a more efficient way by using open car transport. It is easier and the common type of shipping services, as it needs no specialized equipment to increase the shipping charges. The enclosed car transport services are generally chosen to add protection for the vehicles. When you are looking for the enclosed auto transport for your high priced possession, the Montway gives you competitive prices that are less than the market.


Distance between the pick-up point and the destination is the first one to determine the price. The shipping charges per mile will decrease when the distance of transporting increases. By using Montway auto transport, you can surely save $50 dollars or less than the average car shipping industries. It provides you the professional services at the cheapest options and it particularly benefits you when shipping the vehicles for 1000 miles or less. You can save $50 when shifting through open auto transport and $180 when shipping through enclosed auto transport. It is important to note that this service differs from International car shipping as might differ from ground vehicle transport.

Natural factors

When you are shipping the car, the extra charges will be applied due to the seasonal factors. Adverse weather conditions including snow and rain will increase the shipping charges. You can shift prior to this season for the cost effective shipping.

Region and Route

It is best to ship your car from the metropolitan areas to lower the car transport price. Though we offer a door-to-door delivery in the remote areas, shifting your vehicle the nearby city will surely reduce the shipping cost. This is due to the availability of the frequent auto carriers and the transport route. The routes that have the traffic congestion and population could influence the transport time and the shipping charges.

Vehicle type and condition

When you are booking an auto transport service, it is necessary to select the exact vehicle specifications. The professional advisor will help you to pick the vehicle to safely secure your automobile, ensure proper trailer height, and side clearance for the selected vehicle. It is a great option for you to choose Montway when having heavy vehicles like SUVs and trucks. They offer you fewer charges when compared to the industry average of at least $50. The cost may vary as per the condition of the vehicle. When you are shifting the vehicle that is in inoperable condition, specialized equipment and machineries will be needed to load the vehicle into the carrier trailer.

Shipping date

It is best to book your car shipment prior to your needs rather than choosing the particular date. When you are booking the car on the particular date, they will add extra charges to search for the best auto carriers for the specified date. As shipment date often plays the major role in determining the cost, you can leave it to the auto transport company to result in car transport quote savings.

Affordability rate of Montway Auto Transport:

They provide you service either with affordable prices or below average prices. The overall average cost per 100 miles to ship a car with Montway Auto Transport is $120 and has the lowest prices in the market that is 10% lower than the competition. The Montway Auto Transport charges the average price of $980 while the industrial average seems to be $1,110. Therefore, Montway is the best option when you are searching for the best auto transport services at low price. You can compare with the best auto shipping companies and you will surely find out the money that can be saved by choosing the Montway auto transport company.

Customer reviews and feedback

The Montway Auto Transport reviews may have varied feedback, but has the 4/5 customer ratings. As per the car transport review, many customers seem to appreciate the guaranteed pick up, professional services and the competitive prices while some people raised complaints on delayed delivery and about the additional charges. The company has over 600 reviews on Google with a mixed feedback and has 3.8/5 rating. Many customers had the same reviews that the unexpected shipping charges and a pattern of poor communication with customers. Another complaint is the series of unattended and return calls. These are standard practice in many auto transport industries. Some of the issues are solved while many feedbacks are unresolved. Although the Montway Auto Transport Company seems to have the less than average rating, it is still considered to be one of the top car shipping companies in the world. They have shipped five times more vehicles than the average auto transport industry. Thus, it is known to be one of the best auto shipping companies in the industry.