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  • International car transport services are not provided
  • Up front deposit should be paid
  • Real time vehicle tracking service is not available

M&M Freight and Logistics LLC DBA M&M Vehicle Transport provide a wide range of transportation services to all the vehicles. They ship all over the US including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam. This auto transport Brokerage Company that helps you to find the best carrier to ship your vehicle. This fully insured and bonded company offers shipping services for vehicles, boats, RVs, Trucks, car and heavy vehicles. This company has registered with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to provide transport service to all over the nation. With a network of more than 10,000 auto carriers, they specialize in shipping dealership vehicles, cars and auction houses. While providing good transport services, they are known to provide the best competitive rates in the industry. In addition to the car transport services, they also provide you parcel shipping services to ship your goods all over the nation.

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M&M vehicle transportation's services:

Less than truckload shipments:

The M&M Freight and Logistics Inc. provideless than Truckload (LTL) services for relatively small loads or quantities of freight. It is introduced to benefit the small-scale industry to minimize the shipping cost of the individual. It divides the space to accommodate the goods of the customer and hence the cost is minimized.

Truck load shipping:

The truckload freight shipping will help the customer who wants to rent the entire space for shipping. If you do not like to ship your belongings with others, you can surely choose this option for safe shipping. As they provide competitive prices for shipping, you may prefer this shipping for high prized possessions.

Open car transport carriers:

People prefer open auto carriers than the enclosed ones to ship their cars, heavy vehicles and even their boats. They provide you with best facilities like door-to-door shipping, expedited shipping in open trailers at most affordable prices. As the open carriers have the room to fit 8 to 20 vehicles at a time, almost all the auto transport company provides this service at a budget friendly price. .

Enclosed shipping:

When compared to the open carriers, the cost of the enclosed carriers is 30 to 35% higher. Most people prefer this shipping when they need to assure the extra protection to their vehicle. Therefore, it serves as a great option when you need to ship your classic, exotic and sophisticated cars. As the name suggests, the vehicles are shipped in closed trucks to ensure the additional protection of the vehicle.

Expedited shipping:

The M&M Freight and Logistics services are provided to make sure that your vehicle reaches much faster and safer. The professional carriers are designated for expedited shipping to provide additional protection. Thus, it is a premium service, they will be charged as such for the additional procedures.

Door-to-door shipping services:

They make your shipping process much simpler by providing the door-to-door service. All you have to do is give your exact location for the pick-up. The company will provide their trusted auto carriers at your doorstep to head for the delivery and will reach your doorstep for the best and hassle free shipping experience. Besides providing best car transport services, they also specialized in offering parcel services. When you need to ship your things in a packaged container and with ultimate care, you can use this service to ship all over the nation.

Insurance coverage:

They provide the full insurance coverage of $100,000 per vehicle with zero deductible charges. The insurance coverage is provided by them to ensure the safety of the vehicle. It is necessary to know about the insurance coverage provided by your shipping company for safe transporting.

Cancellation policy:

The company has provided the option to cancel your order anytime with no cancellation charges as long as the order has not yet been dispatched to the transporter. Refunds will be processed within 48 hours to your linked bank account. If you still want to cancel the shipping order after the intimation of the dispatched notice, $150 will be applied and the remaining amount will be refunded in full.

How does M & M vehicle transportation work?

Like most of the auto national auto transport carriers, the M&M Freight and Logistics acts as the broker that helps you to find the best auto carriers. They make the shipping process easy and accessible by providing a wide range of car shipping services. You can pick a service according to your need and request for the instant online quotes. You need to fill in basic details like pickup and delivery location, car model, modifications, type of location you prefer and the condition of the vehicle. After knowing the cost of shipping, you can place an order instantly. They will assign you the best auto carriers to fulfill the process of shipping. The door-to-door service offered by them will surely make your shipping easier. The designated auto carrier will verify the exterior and interior of the car at the time of pickup service for identifying the pre-existing dents, scratches and chips, the report will be given based on the condition of the vehicle. Once your vehicle is shipped, you can contact the driver to know the status of the vehicle. The shipped vehicle will be unloaded at your delivery destination without any damage. The professional and dedicated auto carriers will make sure that your vehicle reaches the destination at guaranteed time. The last step will be completed after inspection and the payment process.

Requirement for the safe shipping:

The M&M vehicle transportation company provides the guide for efficient shipping:

Gas level:

Make sure your vehicle has only quarter or less than quarter tank fuel. The lighter the vehicle, it will be easier for the auto carrier to load and unload the vehicle. Instant

Mechanical issues:

You need to give the details of the mechanical issues for more precise handling. If your vehicle is not in operable condition, then you have to mention it in the instant online quotes. Otherwise, the driving tips can be given while loading and unloading the vehicle.

Car should be clean both inside and outside the car:

Make sure there are no valuable items, personal things and other things that like GPS, Charger inside the car as it may be lost or damaged. For efficient shipping, you can create the checklist for verifying your vehicle's condition. Check Pressure, battery charge and the level of the fluids for future purposes. The exterior should be cleaned to verify the pre-existing scratches, dents, bumps or chips. They will be documented for future use. The photos are always a best option for the documentation. Before shipping, the auto carriers will make sure to provide the report for the condition of the vehicle attaching your notes and notes that are made by him. Make sure the antennas are retracted and the side view mirrors are folded to avoid damages.

Convertible and modified cars:

The convertible and the modified cars should be secured with much protection to withstand the weather. Make sure the car does not have any loose end that causes any damage. You can remove the custom accessories to decrease the weight and for fitting into a truck.


The thorough inspection can be done by referring to the photos that are taken at the time of shipping. Check for the distance as there should be no change in the kilometer.

Shipping charges:

The company website does not provide the details of the shipping charge, thus we provide from the data acquired by the customer reviews, they provide an affordable process. All prices are final with taxes and tolls included. Six factors affect the price of shipping. They are location and distance, type of car, condition of the car, and type of auto carrier, fuel price and time of the year.

Distance and location:

When you like to move your vehicle from or to remote areas, the cost will increase as per the shipping routes and for loading the vehicles for transportation. Moving in the cities is found to be less expensive than moving it to the rural areas. Thus, prefer terminal-to-terminal service for efficient shipping. Like every other industry, the transporting cost increases when the distance increases.

Size and type of the car:

The size and weight of the vehicle are the standard factors to influence the shipping charge. No additional charges are applied when you are shipping the regular sedan, as they are small and take less space in the truck. The company charges extra when it is over size, as it takes extra space for accommodation. In case of modified and heavy vehicles, additional labor will be employed to guarantee the safety of the shipping.

Condition of the car:

The auto transport surely depends on the condition of the vehicle. Check whether the vehicle is in operable or inoperable condition. If you are shipping operable vehicle, no additional charges are applied. In contrary, the additional charges are imposed for non-operable vehicle. Auto transport industry charges additional fees as they use specialized tools to load and unload the vehicle.

Car hauling season:

The auto shipping industry has its peak and down season like other major industries. Thus, prefer transporting in summer rather than winter to avoid additional charges. Winter is the snowbird season in which many retirees move to the Southern States. Therefore, there will be traffic during that season, which increases the demand of auto carriers and shipping charges.

Type of transportation:

You can choose the open or enclosed auto carriers based on your needs. Open carriers are the standard option most people prefer to ship the vehicle unless they have the costly and sophisticated vehicle. Prefer open carriers for the regular cars and enclosed carriers for the exotic and classic cars. The shipping charges double the standard cost when you are choosing the enclosed auto carriers.

Customer ratings and feedback:

M&M vehicle Transportation Company is one of the best auto transport companies in the US that ships your car conveniently at the desired time and helps to elevate your shipping process for the hassle free experience. As they understand the value of your car, it will reach its destination in its pristine condition. Almost all the customers had professional experience from the beginning until the end to make every shipping experience more memorable. It is surely a good option if you are looking for affordable transportation. The M&M Freight and Logistics will help you transfer your vehicle to the other place without compromising service and safety. According to the auto transport reviews and the car shipping reviews, they have gained the leading ratings for the customer satisfaction and professional services. Many happy customers appreciated them for making their shipping process easier. Many happy customers praised them for providing trustworthy and reliable vehicle transport services. You can prefer this company as it has BBB A+ accredited. Some customers unfortunately had the worst experience and filed a complaint that they delayed the delivery time and for treating them poorly.Auto transport company reviews are always oscillating as you are dealing with different auto carriers. Though the company tries its best to designate the best auto carriers, there may be some exceptions. Over all the M&M Freight and Logistics LLC Company is one of the best companies that are recognized by Google, BBB and transport reviews

Ratings on popular website:

Google:                                    4.8/5
BBB:                                          4.84
Transport reviews:               4.9/5
Yelp:                                        3/5
Transport rankings:             5/5


Do we recommend this company?

Although M&M Freight and Logistics LLC DBA M&M Vehicle Transport are best to provide the car transport services, all people do not know it. Yes, we do recommend this company if you are not searching for thewell-known company for shipping. Instead, they provide the satisfactory customer service. This company got its BBB accreditation only last year to enhance their business. If you are looking for a reputed company, you can choose companies like Amerifreight and Easy Auto Ship Company to move your vehicle.