Evaluation Criteria (Transport Rankings)
SE Score:
YBLs: Yahoo Back-links:

The purpose of getting back-links to support your sites reach does not get fulfilled with the Number of back-links but with its quality. The extensive array of methods and techniques that we employ to attract imperative and the right choice of links are proven ways to reflect its worth in the view of Yahoo.

GBLs: Google Indexed page:

We give your site that extra value by making it seem more to Google.

SEO Score:

The internal link structure is one of the important things to establish the site at a greater height and spreading link juice. Internal anchor text, title tag, meta tag, key word distribution, formatting are the stuffs that keeps a site SEO friendly and hence a search engine finds it easy to crawl and name the site a useful one to its browsers.

U.V : Unique Visitors :

We make sure to give you the right evaluation of your site's true audience size with the improvised version of our Online Research Estimation Average.


Imagine how good it will be to find out why a web page ranks is ranked high in major search engines. We do it for you and utilize this result oriented information to optimize your web pages to acquire top Search Engine Rankings.

Site Quality:
Site Design:

This is an important factor that determines the reach of the website to its end users and hence the images, text sound and graphics in it should be interactive as well as user friendly.

  • Graphics: The importance of graphics in a website can be compared to the importance of adding gem stones to a piece of jewelry. You need allure the users and make them stay for more time in your site and a good Graphics can do that.
  • Appeal: Just like how a catalog of a store is important, the appeal of a site is as significant to make visitors believe in the business you do with its appeal.
  • Design: Design of a website should be done according to its subject matter as well as its target audience and hence, a properly designed website can do wonders to your business.
Site Usability:
  • Objective: Is the objective of your business properly reflected on your website? When you don't project your service and objectives in the right manner the value of your site will not rank high. Come to us as we give your site the reflection it needs!
  • Presentation: One of the basic qualities that is vital for the success of an online business it its presentation. Do you know that innumerable commercial sites have lost their way just because they don't have proper presentation that attracts customers?
  • Features: The way we depict and elaborate the traits and marks of your site will make visitors spend time in knowing more about your service. We bring the specialties of your business to the limelight and make it look great in front of the viewers.
  • Navigation: How do you feel when you don't know how to move about in a new place? It's the same how the browsers feel when they find a site which has Poor Navigation. Making your site easy to navigate will only give way for the visitors to search more and keep their interest level high.
  • User Friendliness: Do your site has a lot of unwanted glary designs or colors, has it got unnecessary sound tracks or any disturbance in its navigation? All these factors decide about the Use Friendliness of your website. When your site is used friendly, it naturally improves the urge of the browser to make second or consequent visits to your site. When a visitor is disturbed by any concern, it not only interrupts his search but, also your business on the other hand.
Online Presence:

Alexa Rank: Alexa Ranking is important for webmaster as it determines the value of your site and consequently boosts your business as it gives a lot of options for better business. You can find that a majority of search engine evaluators use Alexa to determine the strength of a website.

Compete Rank: Compete makes sure to estimate site traffic as well as its engagement metrics by weighing the daily browsing activity of the Internet users. This gives another clear picture of where your website stands.

Quantcast Rank: This media measurement web analytic service is as powerful as the other websites that determines the value of a site by analyzing its accurate usage statistics.

Central Dispatch:

CentralDispatch® came online in 1999 as a way for vehicle shippers to easily connect with car carriers. It has since transformed the auto transport industry, taking it from relying on paper, faxes, and phones, to utilizing an efficient central database on the Internet.

Today, thousands of transport brokers, dealers, auctions, manufacturers, and other industry professionals access CentralDispatch on a daily basis to move vehicles of all types. CentralDispatch has grown into the world's largest real-time auto transport marketplace. It enables shippers across North America to save time and money when transporting vehicles by providing access to virtually every licensed interstate car carrier in the United States, more than 5,000 carriers.

Using centraldispatch data for ranking transport brokers and carriers helps us provide the rankings more accurately. We need to make sure we utilize every possible way to rank a company and it’s important central dispatch is part of it.


Reviews of a company is part of our evaluation criteria for any company we are evaluating for our future USA top company rankings. Positive reviews play a fraction of the ranking score in the algorithm we use, but negative score can adversely impact your rankings. If you have negative score its important to try solve the issues with your customer. If you think a negative review is fake try to respond and explain the truth. Negative reviews can be a real bad experience by your customer or it can be fake. It's your duty to submit a rebuttal or reply to the reviews and claim your quality in your Business. A good company will try their best to solve customer issues. If a company has one or two un-addressed negative reviews we will consider that negligible. But if there are many unaddressed negative reviews it will be difficult to get into top transport company rankings. If we see a company taking major steps to solve customer issues we will take that positively in our Transport ranking score.

Transport Reviews: This is a place where the reviews about the movers’ site are posted and hence most read by browsers who wants to make use of a transport company’s service.

Transport Rankings: the ranking that a transport site acquires is very important for it growth and reach as it reflects the quality of its service. It is very much important to improve the ranking of your site so that your site gets extra brownie points in the eyes of the customers.

Google Reviews: Any user who is net savvy has a great tool in their hands to know if a particular transport company is good at its service. If a company is able to earn positive reviews from Google Reviews, it means they will fortunately have bright business ahead.

Other review websites that are available in the internet also gives several ways for the browsers to find out the user reviews of a particular service provider. It is very much important to earn good reputation in these review sites to get a better selling point.

Client Feedback:

Phone Feedback: This one-on-one session with your clients makes your service to reach another level and stand out from the others. Feedbacks always help in making out what goes wrong and is a step towards better understanding between you and your client.

Client Questionnaire: This is an opportunity that we give your clients to let know about your service and their experience with you. This is surely one of the powerful tools to know where the business is strong and what it lacks.

Complaint sites: this is a platform that every business or a service provider has to win over. It is very important that the website name of a company is never mentioned in a besmirched way in any of the complaint sites as it will pull down the business to a great extent. Anyone who needs a flawless business history should keep away from this segment with good quality customer service attributes.

Positive Reviews: Positive reviews about your service and your customer care is just like enrichment to your business. When you want to win over the competitors in your business it is important that you should win over the loyalty of your customers.

Business Information:

Clients per Year: The average number of client per year that you win is an important value that must be worked on. We determine the degree of Search Engine Optimization that your business needs with this information.

Revenue: This is the next information that we would look up on when we determine the degree of search engine optimization that we work out for you.

Year Found: The year in which you business was started has actually got a unique selling point in it. Older is your business is more the trust you can build from the browsers as we highlight your long-lasting expertise in the field.

Branches: The number of branches you have got will tell the browser or your potential clients about how far you have extended your business. If they find a company branch near their residence, it will furthermore kindle their interest in doing business with you.

Routes operated: This is to make sure that we direct the right kind of customers to your site and make the site extra customer friendly. We would like to emphasize on the routes that you work on so that we can draw in those potential customers and make them sense that you can do quality service. Vehicles owned.

Client Retention Rate: Every business person would know the importance of the Client Retention Rate. We cannot stop our work by just make customers stop at your business once, do business and never comeback. The stronger your Customer Retention Rate is the stronger will your business move towards a prosperous future.

Pricing: Services at a very low rate or a sky high rate will only give doubtful thoughts to the visitors and can never build a healthy customer relationship. A business with a moderate pricing and flawless service is sure to make wonders and hence pricing is something that we would like to emphasize on.

No of Employees: Number of Employees determines the speed and efficiency of your service. It is vital that we talk about the well trained employees you have got to make things work well so that, the customers feel that they have chosen the right service.

Yellow Pages:

Yellow Pages:More places your company is better you are. That is the way our ranking score sees your presence. Its very difficult to see whether you are advertising in local offline media so we take your online presence seriously. Getting into sites like superpages, yellowpages.com, yelp will improve your overall ranking score. If you have any negative reviews on yellow pages make sure you try to address the issue.

Business Standards:

FMCSA DOT Registration: Just as we speak about quality of the service to our clients, it is essential that we are marked for the same. As a company that operates commercial vehicles transporting hauling cargo in interstate commerce, it is the responsibility to let customers know that the business is properly registered with the FMCSA and has got a USDOT Number.

Government Compliance: A perfect Business must always follow all the acts and laws that are followed in order to make sure that the entrepreneur does a legally protected business by complying with the Laws of the Government. This is an essential attribute of a company when you want to pull it over to the next level.

BBB Ratings: Just like how good reviews are valuable, the ratings that your business is able to earn in the Better Business Bureau will make a special mark in it growth. As Better Business Bureau stands for customers, the value of its ratings will always stand high for a client who sees you in a good ranking.

Awards: Any Awards that you as an entrepreneur or your business as a whole has got will make an additional boost to the reputation of your business. Displaying the awards that your business managed to get will give way for a high regard and reputation from a customer’s point of view.

Company Questionnaire:

Company Questionnaire: A pre- formatted questionnaire for the company to describe their nature of Business etc. We will ask the companies to fill up our questionnaire as detailed a possible. We will be looking for information like no of employees, no of trucks owned, no of branches of a company, routes operated, no of customers per year, customer retention rate, areas served and more. When a company signs up for evaluation we will send them the questionnaire and get them filled up with their company details. Company questionnaire is an important part of the transport ranking score and it is important to be as truthful as possible. Our experts will evaluate the answers sent by the company through in-house validation process. Once it is done we will include the questionnaire as part of the ranking score.
Company questionnaire and Customer questionnaire