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  • Boats and heavy equipments are not shipped
  • Offers limited discount
  • Additional charges are charged when the vehicle is modified or needs a specialised tool to ship the car.

Easy auto Ship company is one of the leading auto transport companies that has been in the shipping industry for almost 25 years. Like other shipping companies, Easy auto ship company is a logistics firm that specialises in shipping of heavy vehicles, privately owned vehicles and when you need to relocate firms.

Easy Auto Ship           5 out of 5.0 stars
Central Dispatch

It has over 123,000 vehicles for shipping all over the country. It also provides domestic and international service that provides premiere service to the customer for a seamless and hassle free experience. According to the Auto Shipping company review it is one of the best auto shipping companies you can rely on. They will find you the courteous and professional carriers to transport your vehicle to the destination. As we help you to find the company that has the best standards in car shipping, we highly recommend Easy Auto Ship Company. They deliver their service with comparatively low prices however they are not the one to compromise the quality of the service. When compared to other companies, they are 20% faster than other companies in delivering. As we have seen the overview of the company, we help you to brief the information about the company.

Easy Auto Ship
has a total of 2 reviews and overall rating of 5 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with Easy Auto Ship will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

Moving services:

International shipping:

Easy Auto Shipping will help you to import or export the vehicle across the sea or through the air. As they are expertise in this field, they will provide you with the best service even when the vehicles are moved to international destinations. Whenever you need to buy and ship your car from overseas or move your car internationally, they will provide you with a wide range of catalogue to find the best service you need and will give you professional service.

Open and enclosed trailers:

They offer different options when shipping the vehicle according to your needs and the budget. Open or enclosed transport options, roll on and roll off transporting options are chosen as per your desire. You can choose the open or enclosed trailers according to the season, risk factor and your budget to ship the car. Open auto shipping companies gain more customers due to the affordability. According to the car shipping reviews, open trailer shipping is used more than enclosed shipping as it is cost efficient and easily available when needed.

When your car is costly, it is better to go with the enclosed trailer method since it may expose to rain, snow and debris. The luxury and the brand new car are more safe in the enclosed auto transport services when moving it to a different location.

Door to door deliveries:

As everyone needs their things to get delivered in the door step, Easy Auto Ship company has a network of well trained carriers to provide the utmost customer satisfaction to bring your possession to your desired location. They also deliver the vehicle when you buy the vehicle online. Easy Auto shipping provides their service even when you are in a remote location. They provide you with the best auto dealers, vehicle enthusiasts, automobile dealers and rental agencies from various countries to give you the best packaged services.

Heavy equipment transport:

Easy Auto Shipping company has the set of well trained carriers who specialises in heavy vehicle transporting. They also provide you with the specialised equipment, machineries and licensed auto carriers to move over the commercial sized vehicle. The additional cost is charged as the project involves costly capital investment to ship your vehicle safely and efficiently. They also transport RVs, motorcycles, golf carts and boats.

Online instant price details:

Easy Auto ship company will help you to know the price details for shipping your car. As this is more accurate, you may not need to worry about the additional charges. The accurate pricing will help you to stay out the deals, baits or any switch tactics to reduce the money. Using the instant quoting tool for a five day pick up window will help you to find the accurate price.

Free rental and car wash:

The Easy Auto will take full responsibility when the shipping service takes more than 14 days. Whether it may be due to the mechanical issues or weather conditions, the easy auto ship will provide you the free rental service when they cannot dispatch the vehicle on time. They also provide you the complimentary car wash when the car is dispatched. They will pay additional cost when the vehicle is delivered dirty.

Discounts available:

They offer a wide range of discounts to the active-duty military members, students, veterans, senior citizens and for those who are shipping multiple vehicles.

Why should you prefer Easy auto ship companies over others?

Easy Auto Ship company provides a five star service to all the customers to provide you with professional carriers who are friendly to deal with. As you are trusting your precious vehicle with movers, it is good to choose the experienced carriers. They deal with well trained auto carriers who will guide you throughout the shipping process.

According to the department of transportation, the car shippers need to have a minimum amount of $250,000 in cargo insurance and to insure $750,000 in liability coverage. Easy Auto Shipping company is a licensed, bonded and well insured company that has additional $100,000 in case of emergencies.

Easy auto ship company have the fully covered insurance policy, as they have a contingent auto insurance policy and they will deal you only with the auto carriers who have their own active cargo insurance at all times. Thus you are worry free to have the doubly covered insurance when shipping with the Easy Auto shio company.

How does Easy Auto Ship work?

East Auto ship is a 3rd party logistics provider or broker to deal with the large network of the reliable and vetted auto carriers throughout the country. After filling the application, you can calculate the pricing details instantly. No deposits are required to schedule your shipping services. The well trained auto carriers will be assigned to you to provide the best service according to your shipping needs. Once the auto carrier is assigned they will give you the schedule for the full transportation process. The dedicated auto carriers will pick up the vehicle at the doorstep and deliver it to the desired location. It is one of the reliable auto shipping companies that helps you throughout the shipping process to update every process of shipping over the phone. Once the car is shipped from the doorstep, you will get an email with the company's name and details of the driver with a clear picture. The car is then dispatched at the destination. The Easy Auto Ship takes extra care by offering free car wash after delivery as they get dirty along the way of transporting.

Easy Auto Ship itself as the " full circle Auto Transport solutions and technologies" that provides service using high technology. They are working towards the technology to provide the exact location of their car with the used GPS tracking.

Cost of Easy Auto ship:


Many people find it difficult to find the exact price and some may have already been paid extra cash to the fixed amount. This problem is resolved by this company and given the exact amount required. Unlike other companies, they will provide you with the most accurate price details. This company may not be the cheapest one, but they give you the most affordable price with utmost customer satisfaction. The instant online pricing is the final price to ship your car with no hidden price.

Unless you are having the brand new car and the luxury car, it is better to go with the open trailer method for minimising the cost of the shipping. The cost of shifting will increase by 31% to 34% when moving through enclosed car shipping.

The cost of shipping in the easy auto ship is much lower than the shipping industry average. It is the most affordable car company with an average cost of $840 per trip. The average cost of shipping 100 miles on an East auto ship is $120. The average cost decreases when the distance increases. Although there is no big price difference between the other companies and the East Auto Ship, the company particularly stands out for short (150 miles ) and mid range(1000 miles Strip). The price may vary according to the season, shifting heavy vehicles and the route of shipping.

General pricing summary:


Average cost per mile

   < 500 miles

$1.00 each

   500 - 1000

$0.75 each

   1000 - 2000

$0.60 each

   2000 - 2500

$0.50 each

   Above 2500

$0.40 each

The Easy Auto Ship company charges comparatively lower prices than the industry average when transported in enclosed trailer method. Thus when you need to ship your luxury or exotic car, go with the Easy Auto Ship company.

Cost determining factors;

Operable or inoperable vehicle:

The cost of transporting operable vehicles is comparatively low when compared to inoperable vehicles as it may deal with many challenges. The vehicle which cannot be easily moved, not steered or positioned needs specialised tools like winch or forklift and manwork when shipping the vehicle.

Type of vehicle:

The type and size of the vehicle will affect the price to be shipped. When the weight and size of the price increases, the cost surely increases

Seasonal factors:

Additional charges are applied when you are moving vehicles during the rainy and snowy season. Yet the snowbirds who ship their cars to Florida or Northern cities during Late Fall and early winter months are more affordable.

Duration and destination:

When you need to ship your car in short notice, you may pay for expedited services. So ship your vehicle with prior notice for the discounts. If you are the one to live in remote areas, you can ride the vehicle to the nearest metropolitan city to minimise the shipping cost.

Customer reviews:

The Easy Auto Ship is one of the top companies that was rated by both MoveBuddha and Move.org as the best moving company with affordable price. As they excel in customer service, many happy customers gave Easy Auto Company review to be excellent and gave 4.5 ratings out of 5. With 25 years of experience they have 88k happy customers and shipped 123k vehicles all over the world. Among all Auto Shipping Company Reviews, it excelled in delivery and customer satisfaction. It has 4.5 / 5 rating according to Google and has 5/5 rating in Transport reviews. Easy Auto Ship company is generally praised by many customers about the prices, expedit delivery and their top-notch customer service. Although, as per some customer reviews, the Easy Auto ship delays in pickup or delivery. The complaints were responded by the representative of the company to improve their reputation. It has an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2014, which improves the standard of the company.

As shifting a vehicle is a stressful job, you can definitely trust your car with the easy auto ship company. It gives you the packaged service at an affordable price and makes the shipping process much easier. They also give you full insurance coverage, competitive prices and customer service for the entire week. As it is among the best auto shipping companies, you can definitely go for it without any doubt.