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The National Express Auto Transport is a shipping brokerage company started in 2015 at Miami, Florida. Within a short time, they enhanced to provide the bestauto transport services. From offering long distance towing, international car transportation, expedited services, their carriers cover the entire Nation including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Alaska. It is a licensed and insured company that is bonded by the United States Department of Transportation through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The National Express has a wide range of professional options to relocate your vehicle. Whether it is a boat, car or the heavy vehicle, they provide unique solutions to transport each vehicle with utmost care. As per the various car transport reviews, it is one of the best companies to build a good relationship with the customers. The wide range of car transport servicesand professional way to provide the service makes many customers to approach this company. Let us go through the services provided, ratings, reviews, their advantages and disadvantages before choosing this company.

National Express Auto Transport
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  • No terminal to terminal delivery
  • Upfront charge should be paid

Services provided by National Express Company:

High Quality service:

In the National Express Auto transport company each customer is treated with utmost care more than just an order. From the beginning they assure smooth and positive experience by providing the professional auto carrier all over the nation. Whether you are moving the car to another place or buying a new car, they are expertized in all transportation services. You can trust your car with them to have the VIP service, as they are BBB accredited with an A+.

Types of transportation:
Open carriers:

According to the auto transport reviews, almost all the cars are shipped through this way, even the vans, trucks and SUVs. It is most commonly preferred as they are the fastest and cheapest way to ship your car. The shipping charges of this service are comparatively low as the vehicles are exposed to elements such as rain, snow, hail and sunlight. Though it is common, they are also prone to unexpected damages. Despite all these factors, most of the people choose this service, as they are readily available even for remote locations.

Enclosed/ closed auto transport

Luckily the National express company also caters the best service for your classic cars, so you do not need to search for the big company or the auto carriers. As the name suggests, your cars will be shipped in the enclosed auto carriers to keep your vehicle away from sunlight, rain, snow, hail and others. This is the best option when you need a premium or VIP service to ship your classic, exotic and luxury cars. Therefore, you can use this service when you need extra care and protection to your car. The professional drivers are assigned to ship the car. The higher motor cargo insurance will be given by them to assure the additional safety of the vehicle. They also offer different types of enclosed carrier for different purposes at varied costs. You can select any of them based on your needs.

Non running vehicle:

The National Express provides the best services for the inoperable vehicles. Unlike salvage cars, the inoperable vehicles do not have heavy damages. The cost depends on the condition of the vehicle. For a vehicle that does not start, steer or in case the brake cannot be applied, the cost varies depending on the severity of the vehicle. The average cost may vary from $25 to $50 for short distance and could be more or less than $150 for long distance.

International shipping services:

International car transport service will help you to ship your vehicle overseas without any hassle. The experienced and professional auto carriers are employed to ship the vehicle to different countries when they relocate. You can choose the type of transportation to move across the states.

Long Distance Towing:

Despite being in the shorter time, they provide some of the specialized services including long distance towing. This service can be used when you like to ship your vehicle for more than 100 miles. As the demand for long distance auto shipping service rises all over the country, they offer both open and enclosed auto carriers to move your car. This service helps you when you are struck with the broken car. Other than that it works the same as the regular auto carriers. The door to service is also available with additional fee, taxes and insurance. They will offer you with the competitive prices available in the market.

Multi Car Shipping:

This is the best way to get the discounted price. When you like to ship two or more cars, the National Express Company will provide a discounted price as all the vehicles on the board will divide the cost of time and fuel. Whether you are moving within a state or crossing the country, you can get the best service with a competitive price in the market by choosing this service. You can definitely go for this service for corporate relocations, dealership business and when shifting your home. This benefits the customers and the company as the work reduces on both the sides. Thus, you can choose this company to have quality services at affordable prices.

Salvage cars

Each car has different specifications and values, each one of them should be handled in a unique way. Unlike normal cars, the salvage cars should be shipped with specialized equipment like forklifts to avoid further damages when loading and unloading. Therefore, when it comes to the Salvage or the wrecked car, the experts are employed to load the vehicles that do not steer, brake, and operate due to heavy damages. This company also offers the salvage cars transporting services for dealers who buy and sell the vehicle. This may cost additional charges, as they need additional labor and equipment to ship the car.

Discounts available:

The National Express provides the different discounts to Military members, students, return customers and for the people who ship multiple cars. They are proud to offer discounted prices to the people who serve our nation. Students and the military members can get their discounted price as they deserve. It is not compulsory to be on duty when applying for these discounts. You can contact the representative of the company to know about the discounts. For multiple car shipping, the discount generally depends on the number of cars you are shipping.

How does the National Auto Transport Work:

The National Express Auto Transport has a link with the largest auto carrier network to provide the car transport services all over the nation. More than 18,000 auto carriers are selected after filtering based on the strict insurance requirements and bonding. Based on your requirements and the specifications of the vehicle, they will filter out the best haulers to match your needs. As you are searching for the right company to ship your vehicle, collect instant shipping quotes from more than three companies to pick the best one. You have to give the exact car specifications and type of transportation you are picking for knowing the accurate shipping cost. Once you have entered the details for obtaining instant online quotes, the National Express Company will come up with the best shipping solutions and details of the auto carriers. You can select the haulers based on your likings. As there is no upfront deposit, confirm your order through phone or message to schedule a time for pickup and delivery. All your work has been done after ordering. The professional auto carriers from the National Express will be at your door time at the specific time to load your vehicle to the shipping truck. The carriers will ensure the safety of the vehicle and deliver it to the final destination. The final thing you have to do is to receive your vehicle that is delivered at your doorstep and to pay for the shipping services. You can pay through cash to get an additional discount. The payment can also be done via credit card in full amount.

How much does it cost to ship the vehicle on the National Express?

Many people seem to drive the car to save money. Though it sounds to be a good idea, it is troublesome as it costs for fuel and accommodation. Thus trust your car with the National Express to have the hassle free experience. There may be different purposes to ship a car. Whatever the reason maybe, the National Auto transport system provides the best shipping solutions at affordable prices. The shipping charges of the regular car per mile on the open auto transport are between 40 to 70 cents. The additional cost rises when the car is shipped to rural areas or remote locations. However, the cost of enclosed shipping is 30 to 60% higher than the open auto transport. Some of the sample rates for different locations are given below for better understanding

Average cost of shipping regular sedan in open auto transport:

   Distance in miles


average shipping rate





$0.75 each





The cost per mile decreases when the distance increases

The following table shows the cost for shipping through frequent routes.


Approximate price/mile


   Los Angeles/ CA - Dallas



   Decatur, IN - Gulf Breeze, Florida



   Miami Beach, FL - Beverly Hills, CA



The National Express Company offers you the best price when you are shipping your car for the long distance. Since they do not charge any hidden fees, they will provide you the accurate cost to ship the car and additional charges of $100 may be charged depending on several factors including weather, time of the year, distance, location and the fuel costs. The cost of the transport decreases when the distance increases. Sample cost to ship your Sedan to /from the frequent routes are given below, the cost changes if you are choosing a different model car and type of transportation.

   Type of car


Additional shipping charges


Focus, Fiat, Kia forte

No charges are applied

   Mid-size sedan

Altima, Accord, Yaris

$50 to $60

   Large Sedan

Crown Victoria, Toyota Camry


   Extra-large Sedan

Audi A8, BMW 7 series


Examples of shipping charges that are varied during different seasons are given below: When you are shipping your car from/to New York to Florida the cost seems to be $800 for September to March, while the cost decreases to $450 in April to October. As you know the cost varies when you are choosing open or enclosed auto carriers.

Customer review:

As per the car transport reviews, it is one of the companies to provide high quality car transport services. They also have great reviews on sites including Google, transport reviews, A1 transport, Angie list and more. The company seems to have many constant reviews that they provide the premium service and utmost satisfaction. Many return customers regularly ship their car for discounts and for their trust towards the company. Yet they have horrible reviews in yelp that the company cancelled their order. Some customers raised complaints that the company has charged deposit money, though it is not in the contract and never showed up or shipped the vehicle.

The National Express Auto Transport reviews based on different websites:
Google:                                    4.4/5
BBB:                                          4.31/5
Yelp:                                         2.5/5
Transport review:                 4.1/5
A1-AUTO TRANSPORT:           5/5
SHOPPER Approved:             4.6/5

national express auto transport

Do we recommend this company?

Though it is not in the top 10 best auto-shipping companies, it is one of the companies to gain more positive reviews from the people and auto shipping reviewers within a short period. We recommend this company as it provides the best customer service and professional shipping services. As there are many leading to companies to provide the best auto shipping service, you can surely keep it as an option.