Amerifreight Car Transport

Type of Industry:

  • Transportation
  • Trucking
  • Railroad


  • Peachtree City
  • Georgia
  • It also has its leading branch in Anaheim

Services provided by Amerifreight:

  • Door to door deliveries
  • Open and enclosed car shippings
  • Government and military moves
  • Speciality vehicle and boat transport
  • ATVs, RVs and golf carts are also shipped.
  • Short and long term vehicle storage
  • Shipping all over the world
  • Insurance is covered by Amerifreight
  • Hawaii/ Alaska shipping




  •  Deposit required
  •  Must contact to receive the formal quote
  •  No GPS tracking for Auto shipments
  •  No instant online quotes
  •  Pricing can be higher

Overall Opinion of Amerifreight Car Transport:

Amerifreight is a leading auto shipping broker company all over the United States of America for the past decade. It is one of the top car shipping companies that has international car transport facilities . Amerifreight car transport company is a privately held company that was founded in 2007. It specialises in Auto Transport, Auto Transport Gap Coverage, Car shipping and vehicle moving. It provides a full menu of car shipping services at the best price ranges. They work with a network of well trained, licensed, insured and verified reliable carriers to help consumers transport their cars and other vehicles across the country on their behalf. It is one among the top 3 companies that provides you best quality, price and safety. Choosing the best car transport company will help you to move the car to the new home or to the required destination without any worries.

Amerifreight Car Transport           5 out of 5.0 stars
Central Dispatch
CD score :99.6%
CD ratings:1082

has a total of 783 reviews and overall rating of 5 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with AmeriFreight will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

Why should you choose Amerifreight?

Amerifreight is a nationwide auto transporter which provides several discounts and offers, AFta gap insurance plan and a guaranteed price with utmost quality and customer satisfaction. Amerifreight is one of the highly rated companies to fulfill the customer satisfaction. As per the latest auto shipping reviews, it offers the best solution to ship your highly possessed car at affordable prices.

Amerifreight is user friendly as moving is simpler than it sounds. By choosing Amerifreight, you are moving your car with high quality and will have serene moving experience with a top rated shipping company. Your job is done when you give the details of the destination, whether it may be door to door service, moving to the other side of the company or just crossing state lines. We take off your car with all efforts to give you hassle free, quick and affordable shipping. It provides a leading car transport service even when you are shifting it to your next door.

Amerifreight works with the number of trustworthy auto carriers to ship your most prized possessions across the country. We provide you with different menus and policies before proceeding the shipping to offer the most affordable price for your moving. Our goal is to provide your satisfaction with success. We will brief you with what you get with us:

  • The delivery will be done with more precision at the mentioned time and place as per our word.
  • Amerifreights provides many offers or discounted prizes if you are the students, military service, senior citizen and others.
  • Amerifreight helps you to find the best auto carrier for hassle free transportation.
  • Damage cover plans provided by us will definitely ensure your safety of the car.
  • Amerifreight's optional Total Assurance will have additional benefits when compared to other insurance.
  • Although we act as an intermediary, we quickly help you to resolve all the problems to satisfy you.
  • As awards speak more than words, the high BBB ranking and the series of awards will surely keep you in peace of mind.
  • Some people may find that the prices are more than reasonable, however Amerifreight does not sacrifice the quality of the carriers we partner with.
Working of Amerifreight Car Transport:

Unlike other shipping or Transport companies, it is an auto shipping broker that will set you up with reliable actual auto carriers to ship your car on your behalf. As it does not haul your vehicle, but guides you throughout the process to provide you the best service.

When you are in trouble to find the best shipping companies or having pitfalls when shipping with a broker, Amerifreight have experience to avoid the common issues in brokering. It has a number of policies to stay from the fraudulent or scamming companies.

Amerifreight offers you standard insurance with every shipment for better delivery services. If you are worrying about the damages that may occur by the carriers, we stay with you throughout the process. Amerifreight also provides you with the optional insurance that can be added if you need a full insurance with extra cost.

The deposit is usually done before shipment, which is common in all auto transport companies. It is a standard auto transport company that you will ever find. There are many risk factors you may face when you are transporting your car. Some may cause accidental dents, dings, scrapes and may cause damage in extreme conditions. Thus Amerifreight works with well versed and properly insured companies to cover the damages caused during shipments. Since we stated the worst scenarios, you can trust shipping your most prized possessions with Amerifreight. The additional gap coverage provided by the customers covers the damage of the vehicle, when the carriers won't.

Common Shipping Routes:

Amerifrieght has been in auto transport for a long time, so that we help you to choose some of the common routes frequently used by our customers. Here we give you some state to state routes with to and from options.

  • California- Georgia
  • California- Texas
  • California- Virginia
  • Georgia- Texas
  • New York- California
  • New York- Florida
  • NewYork- Georgia
  • New York- Texas
  • New York- Virgina
  • Texas- Virginia

As we have seen the working and the overview of the AmeriFreight, let us go through the transportation cost.

Cost of transporting:

Amerifreight is a standard company that provides you an excellent option for the budget friendly shipping's. Like any other company the transportation or the shipping cost of the Amerifreight varies according to the type of vehicle, time of the year, distance and the insurance coverage plan. After submitting the auto shipping details on their website, you will receive an email with a quoted price within a few hours. After going through your application, Amerifreight will give you the least possible rate for shipping your vehicle. Even after the rate, they will still try to negotiate from your place to minimize the shipping rate. Ensuring the final price may be a little annoying, but it is usually lower or pretty accurate to the quoted price. According to the size of the vehicle, the cost of shipping may vary. The additional cost would be added for bigger vehicles such as SUV, Large SUV, Full Size truck and Dually from $75 to $250 accordingly. The condition of the vehicle also determines the cost. When the vehicle needs to be fork lifted or winched onto the truck, it increases the uploading cost. Avoiding shipping in the holiday seasons and during the bad weather conditions may increase the shipping rate.

When some of you find that the price of the Amerifreight tends to be higher than other companies, we offer special discounts that limit your transportation charges. Many discounts are given to the people who serve the nation and to the elderly citizens. The estimated car transport cost may vary from $495 to $1300 depending on the distance, time and the type of vehicle. The cost may highly vary when you are shipping in the open or the closed trailer. The average cost of the open trailer may vary from $704 to $1000 while the enclosed car shipping costs around $1267 to $1400 approximately.

Discounts available:

Discounts are given to people of different categories to minimize their shipping cost. The following table is the discounted price given to varied customers.

   Members eligible for discount

Amount that can be saved

   Elderly Citizens/ Seniors


   Military members


   First responders


   Early bird


   Regular / return customers


   Customers shipping multiple vehicles

$50(per vehicle)

Amerifreight gives the immense discount that is not given by any other car shippers. The early bird discount is for the customers who book within 48 hours of getting a quote. This is a little less common discount that anyone can be benefitted. To get this discount, all you have to do is to book your service within 48 hours of getting your quote. When you are moving to a different house, the transportation cost of the vehicle is always your big concern. However, Amerifreight gives you the discount for the multiple vehicles to lower your transportation cost.

Insurance protection:

Amerifrieght gives you a wide range of plans to give you best possible protection. When shipping a vehicle, you may pick the coverage plans accordingly. Amerifreight offers generally three types of plans: Basic, standard and comprehensive strategic plans.

The cost of the basic plan ranges from $48 which covers minor damage like rock chips, small scrapes. The standard starts from $78 that has two options for major, damages, minor damages and stolen keys. The comprehensive plan covers both standard and cancellation coverage for about $98.

Amerifreight maintains the insurance coverage per incident which may cost around $25,000 and a $1,000,000 combined limit. As you should clear your belongings before shipping, the insurance doesn't cover for the personal belongings inside the vehicle. You may use The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) when you are having concerns about the licensing.

The Amerifreight Transportation protection coverage will protect you up to 2000 dollars if the auto carrier fails to pay for the insurance. Even Though it costs additional charges from $48 to $98, it is worth investing in this plan. This will protect you even after 48 hours of shipping.

Shipping Process:

When shipping your vehicle from one place to another, be sure to clear all your belongings from the car. Then you need to follow some of the basic steps when shipping the vehicle.

  1. Get a formal quote from Amerifreight
  2. Confirm the order that you have placed
  3. Get price details of shipping
  4. Make your initial deposit
  5. Check and prepare condition of the car
  6. Pick up the car from the predetermined location
  7. Check for damages when delivered.

You may calculate the average cost in the Auto Transport Instant Quote Calculator to estimate the cost from one state to another. After getting the car's shipping quote rate from the calculator, confirm your order by calling the registered number to confirm your quote.

If the car is delivered in the option station to station, the delivered car should be taken only by yourself or someone authorized by you.

Customer reviews and feedbacks:

Amerifreight is the brokerage company that deals with more than 10,000 cars every year with 4/5 customer rating. Amerifreight Car Transport reviews have more than 600 comments. The car shipping reviews show that it has more positive comments from the customers. Many praised the staff for being friendly and professional at the same time for safe shipping. The discounts and the utmost care given to the car were impressed by many people to approach Amerifreight for their next shifting. However, some felt that the service was delayed, miscommunicated and increased price. The common complaints about Amerifreight is that the unavailability of the desired shipping vehicle, no driver available and late delivery. On the whole, the Amerifreight auto shipping review shows that it has more positive reviews than the negative comments.

After going through the series of auto transport reviews, you may choose Amerifrieht for the long catalog of services, exceptional protection plans and nationwide availability. As you are investing more on your new assets, Amerifreight Car Transport Companywill surely fulfill your satisfaction to deliver you vehicle at the doorstep at cost-effective rates with quality. Moving is one of the most stressful experiences, thus you choose Amerifreight for the hassle free experience.