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  • International car shipping services are not available.

If you are in confusion whether shipping or driving the vehicle on your own saves money. Then this article will surely help you to choose the right one. Driving on your own costs more than it seems. Your whole day, engine and tire of the car, fuel cost, accommodation will be included if you are going to drive it all the way to the destination.

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American Auto shipping
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Instead, if you are considering choosing carriers directly, it is not easy to find the reliable auto carrier on your own who is providing services at affordable prices. Therefore, leave it in the hands of the auto transport brokerage company to find the professional and best auto carriers. American Auto shipping company is one leading brokerage company that has been in the industry for more than two decades to provide the high quality car transport service. It was started in 1999 and has headquarters at Las Vegas. They help you to ship all over the nation including Hawaii and Alaska. They provide the complete package of auto transport services to satisfy the customer needs. According to auto transport reviews, people seem to prefer this company for providing professional service at affordable prices. They are also known for providing the best auto-shipping guide for the hassle free experience. Shipping more than 127,000 vehicles, they stand apart from other companies for its customer services, pricing, services and features. You can go through the entire passage or click below for the quick view.

Services provided by American Auto Shipping:

Door-to-door delivery services:

The door-to-door service is provided to reduce work and save time for the customer. Why leave in the terminal. When they have a source to pick up and deliver at your doorstep? The designated auto carrier from the company will make sure to pick your vehicle at the guaranteed time and deliver it at the destination without any damage.

Inter and Intrastate moves:

American Auto Shipping Company provides almost all facilities except International car transport services. Therefore, if you are in need to ship your vehicle to a different state or within state, you can surely choose this company for the premium shipping experience. Being in the auto transport industry for two decades, they gained a lot of experience and trust of the people to stand ahead of all the companies.

Open auto transport:

In open auto transport, the vehicles are shipped in the open carrier. Though they provide full insurance and full protection during the transport, the vehicles are subjected to the other external elements. If you are shipping your vehicle in the open carrier, then you must inspect the vehicles for dents or damages before shipping to claim insurance in future.

Enclosed auto transport:

American transport companies provide many auto transport services for satisfying the needs of the customer. Although open auto transport is cost efficient, you may choose this service when you like to ship your car in luxury. They will ship your car in enclosed containers to protect from external damages. Of Course, the ultimate protection comes with the additional costs.

Shipment by rail:

They also provide shipping services by rail, but the drawback is that it takes more than two weeks to a month to ship a car. You need to book the shipment, a month before you want to be delivered.

Auto auction moving:

If you are going to buy a car from auction, the auto transport company will make sure to deliver your vehicle at the desired destination. You should provide the image of the vehicle you are bidding and the condition of the vehicle, to bring the auto transport carrier for the specific type of vehicle you are shipping. If you are buying inoperable vehicles, the auto carrier should bring the vehicle with winches and forklifts for loading and unloading the vehicle. So be specific while providing information about the vehicle.

Vehicle storage:

They have the vehicle storage services exclusively for the customers who are leaving their vehicle for the short time. They provide vehicle storage services only for a month or below. So if you like to deliver your vehicle when you are available, they will make sure to do better service.

Insurance coverage:

They have chosen the auto carriers who are fully insured and trustworthy. Feel free to claim when there is damage to the vehicle. If the auto carrier failed to cover the charges with his insurance, then the company will cover up $500 for the damages.

Special services:

Free rental car:

American Auto shipping is giving out the package of Car shipping service to all of its customers. This company also guarantees pickup and delivery time. Therefore, if the delivery of your vehicle is delayed for more days, the company will provide you with a free rental car for your use.

Complementary car wash:

They are providing you with complimentary car wash worth $20. Once the car is delivered, you can wash your car in the nearby service center and take the picture of the receipt to claim the money. Send your receipt through email and wait for your check, which will be sent to you within 5 days.

Damage free guarantee:

All the auto transport carriers will provide the basic insurance coverage and pay for it only when the damage is carrier's fault. What happens if your carrier will not pay to fix things like rock chips and damages caused by the external elements? In this case you have to repair on your own or pay with your insurance policy. However, American Auto Shipping will cover the damages free for up to $500 cost of repair.

Transportation concierge:

This service is given exclusively for the first time users to guide throughout the shipping process. An individual representative will be assigned to you to explain and to give updates about the transportation. They provide the same customer representative to avoid confusion. This is not guaranteed when the company is busy or during the peak season.


American Auto shipping is one of the rarest auto shipping companies to provide high-class services at low prices. On the top of that, they are giving additional discounts to the Military service members, returning customers, AAA members, senior citizens and students. You feel lucky to choose this company right. You will be excited to hear additional offers provided by them.

Shipping process:

  1. Get instant online quote
  2. Place order
  3. Pick up
  4. Delivery

Get instant online quote:

You can estimate the car-shipping rate through the online calculator. You can either call us or fill the application to get the instant online quote. All you have to do is to give out specifications of the vehicle, model, and year of the vehicle, pickup and delivery address. Since you are just enquiring the price, you do not need to give the personal details.

Place order:

If you like the car-shipping estimate, place the order online or by contacting the company's representative. As there is no upfront deposit required, you may place the order online or through call. Once you have placed the order, you can schedule the time and date for pick up.


American Auto Shipping Company sends its one of the reliable auto carriers to handle the shipping. Make sure to inspect the vehicle for damages with the auto carrier and note the details in the report. You can also note down the mileage for future use. After inspection, the auto carrier will safely ship your vehicle to the shipping truck and will move on the way to reach the destination.


The auto carrier will contact you before the date of delivery to make sure of the location and time for the delivery. Once the vehicle is unloaded, do the delivery inspection along with the company's auto carrier in case of any damages and make sure that there are no mileage differences in the odometer. You can claim the company for any damages. The delivery process will be completed once the payment is completed.

How much does it cost to ship in American Auto shipping?

American Auto Shipping provides the best services at the affordable prices. According to the Car transport reviews, they are offering the lowest shipping rate in the market. For open auto transport, they charge $83 to ship for 100 miles. However, the average charge in the industry is $106. For enclosed auto transport, every company charges 30 to 45% more than open auto transport. The industry average seems to be $169 per 100 miles, while the American Auto Shipping company charges only $121.

The shipping cost for various models is listed below:


Distance (In miles)

American Auto Shipping charges

Industry average

   2008 Dodge Charger




   2012 Chevrolet Silverado




   2011 Toyota highlander




In case of enclosed carriers, the price ranges for 1000 miles varies from $ 790 to $ 928. Comparing the price, you will know that American Auto Shipping Company is the best option if you are looking for a cost efficient and supreme service at the same time.

Factors influencing the shipping charges:

Car shipping costs fluctuate due to various factors including the type of transportation you are choosing, condition of the vehicle, seasonal factors, size, weight and distance. As we know that the price fluctuates according to the type of auto transportation, let us go through other factors. Distance is the major factor that is directly proportional to the shipping charges, when the distance increases, shipping charges will definitely increase. If you are shipping during peak season, the shipping cost increases due to high demand. Likewise the size and height of the vehicle also influence the shipping charges when it is overweight or oversized, as additional labor and equipment are required for loading and unloading the vehicle. Car transport review and guide will help you to ship the vehicle in a cost efficient way. You can visit the company's official website for clear understanding.

Customer reviews:

American Auto shipping has gained unanimously positive reviews from the customers. Many happy customers had given five star ratings in many websites. They have gained more than 400 4 to 5 star reviews in Google for their car transportation services and have the overall rating of 4.5/5. As per the American Auto shipping reviews from renowned websites, you can surely prefer this company for all the auto-shipping services. gave this company a 4.8/5 rating for its satisfactory customer services and special features provided by the company. As we have seen the positive Auto transport review, let us go through a handful of bad reviews. Some customers unfortunately had miscommunication and poor services from the company, which was later clarified by the company. People filed a complaint for delayed shipment and delivery. Overall, almost 97 percent of the people favored this company and recommended it to others. Though it is not accredited by BBB, the professional and special services offered by the company, make it stand apart from other companies.

Customer ratings from various website:

Google:                                   4.8
BBB:                                         3.67
Move org:                              4.5
Transport reviews:              4.8
Yelp:                                       2.5
Bird Eye:                                4.9

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Our recommendation:

We highly recommend this company for all your transportation needs, unless it is an international service. As it is one of the rare companies to provide high quality at reasonable process, you may not need to worry about the safety of your vehicle. They provide many additional features like free car wash, free rental service and money back guarantee to stand apart from other companies. The overwhelming positive reviews and trust of people towards that company makes it one of the leading auto transport companies. Therefore, you can surely choose this company for hassle experience.