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  • Poor Google ratings
  • Many experiences low quality service while shipping
  • Car shipping reviews states that the company offers delayed delivery and pickup services
  • The business is not yet BBB accredited

Door to Door Transport is the family owned auto transport company to find you the most reliable auto carriers to ship your vehicle. This transportation company is located in Coconut Creek, Florida. With over 25 years of experience, they have given service to 117,394 customers.

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Door to Door Auto Transport
has a total of 5 reviews and overall rating of 2 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with Door To Door Transport will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

They provide 24 hours customer service to clarify their doubts regarding shipping and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. It is one of the top companies to gain 5 star ratings from and many other websites. Though having many positive reviews, this company has 2.4 ratings from Google, which is lower than the average customer rating is. If you are not sure to choose the right company, then read the full article for better selection.

Door to Door transport provides you the following services:

This company delivers simple and stress free car shipping services to their customers. For over 30 years, the company helped many customers to move vehicles to their destination. Whether it is National or international shipping, they find you the dependable auto carriers at affordable prices. As the name suggests, the experts that work for the company will make your shipping easier by providing door-to-door services for all services. Let us see some of the services provided by them.

Open auto transport:

Open auto transport is the main transportation service provided by this company. It is commonly chosen service by many people due to the affordability and ease of availability. In open auto transport, your vehicles will be shipped in the open auto trailers. The cars are exposed to external elements in the open carriers. They recommend you to shift in open carriers for a small distance or for your regular cars. With more than 25 years of experience, they understand that every car requires unique shipment. Whether it is motorcycle, boat, Jet Ski, Farm or construction equipment, you can choose open auto transport for cost effective services.

Enclosed car shipping:

Those who are shipping their exotic, luxury, Vintage or sports cars can prefer the luxury auto transport service, enclosedcar shipping. In this service, your car will be in the highest level of protection during the car transport and move. The experience and dealing method with the auto carriers will bring you the high quality services. As you have the high quality possession, you must not compromise in investing more to ship your vehicle in a secured way. They assure you that the company will deliver their vehicle in the exact condition they picked up. They provide additional White Glove services to keep your interior pristine.

Expedited shipping:

To make sure that your car reaches on time even during the peak time and hassle situation, the company provided the expedited shipping. Your vehicle will be given high preferences for both pickup and delivery to reach it on time. Whatever the reason may be, if you are paying them for the expedited shipping, the company will provide specialized services to satisfy the needs of every customer. The fast shipping service comes with additional cost, thus choosing the best company to ship your vehicle. This service is available even if you make the request in the last minute.

Boat shipping:

If you need to ship your boat with the utmost care, then you can definitely consider door to door transport as one of your options. Unlike vehicles, boats need unique loading and unloading methods in case of shipping. Therefore, ship your boat with the experienced and professional auto carriers for hassle free shipping. They have shipped different types of boats over these years throughout the US, including Hawaii, Alaska and to Canada, Mexico and beyond. You can go through the company's website for preparing your boat for safe and secure transportation.

Motorcycle shipping:

They Provide advanced technologies to move your motorcycle interstate, coast-to-coast and even around the world. Many customers have experienced professional service while shipping the motorcycle. They provide services to individuals, dealers and even for your commercial needs. They guarantee a high level of safety for the motorcycle shipping with door-door services.

Luxury auto shipping:

In addition to the enclosed auto shipping services, they also provide luxury-shipping services for your high prized possessions. The classic, antique and sports car require different services when compared to the ordinary car. This company provided premium services to your rare and exotic cars for sophisticated shipping. You can prefer this service when you are purchasing your car.

International shipping:

Door to Door transport specializes in both National and international shipping and provides excellent service more than your expectation. They help you in filling out the forms to move across the country and provide you detailed instructions for every customer. You do not need to worry even if you are a first time shipper; the company will stay with you through the entire service, as it was their own vehicle. Do no leave your cars with the nameless company; choose the top auto transport company for the best experience.

RV shipping:

Shipping your Recreational vehicle is always a challenging job. There are many difficulties like the affordability rate, shipping methods and size of the vehicle. Thus, the experts in the Door to Door Transport Company will find you the best shipping method according to your needs and specifications of the vehicle. In case of RV, the most preferred option is drive away service. The other shipping method is tow away. The company provides drive away services at affordable prices and it costs higher for the tow away services. In drive away services the designated auto carrier from the company will pick your and deliver your vehicle at cost effective prices.

Door to Door transport provides you the following services

Delivery time:

In general, it takes 5 to 7 days for the North and South routes and 8 to 11 for the East to West routes. The international delivery takes two weeks to month through air and more than a week when shipped through ship.


Discounts are given to the active military members and the regular customers. They even shift to and from any base in the nation at discounted prices. As a token of gratitude, the company provides all the car transportation services at discounted prices. You must present at both pickup and delivery for secure shipping

How does Door to Door Transport work?

Door to Door Transport company provides services to both individuals and for commercial purposes, thus choosing the type of vehicle you want to ship to get the free shipping quote. From the wide range of options, pick the desired option. You should provide the specifications of the vehicle including model, year and condition, pickup and delivery address and type of auto transportation you prefer. Once you receive the online shipping quote, you can choose whether the company provides you service as per your needs. If you are satisfied with the shipping rate, confirm the order by contacting the representative. You can apply for any discounts before the confirmation. As they provide door-door services for all the transport services, make sure to be at your pickup address at the scheduled date and time. The real time tracking facility will allow you to know the exact location of the address for better shipment process. Once your vehicle reaches the destination, inspect the vehicle completely for any damages. Payment can be done through credit card, debit and other methods. You can go through the company's website for the detailed information about shipping, preparing your vehicle before shipping and the services provided by them. To clarify doubts you can call the transport company that provides the best customer service.

How much does it cost to ship a vehicle in Door to Door Transport?

Door to Door Transport charges vary from distance to distance and due to various other factors. The company is known for providing good service with reasonable prices. Since the company did not provide much information about the shipping charges, data are collected from the Door to Door Transport reviews. The shipping charges depend on various factors including seasonal factors, type of transportation you are choosing, distance between the origin and the destination, condition and specifications of the vehicle.

Type of transportation:

Like all other companies, Door to Door Transport offers the basic services like open auto transportation and enclosed auto transportation. They provide open auto transport at an economic price that is lower than the market price. Though the price seems to be less, they will not compromise in the quality of service and the dedication. Open auto transport trailers can accommodate 10 to 12 cars, thus reduces the overall shipping cost. While only 6 to 7 cars can be shipped in enclosed auto transport. The shipping cost of enclosed carriers may be 30 to 45% more than the open auto transport and can be preferred only for the high end cars.

Seasonal factors:

They provide snowbird services for the people who move from cold to warm places every year. Since more people consider shipping their car with auto transport companies, the demand increases, in turn the cost increases. The location and the transport route to reach the pickup place and the destination are also the factors that determine the shipping cost.


They provide snowbird services for the people who move from cold to warm places every year. Since more people consider shipping their car with auto transport companies, the demand increases, in turn the cost increases. The location and the transport route to reach the pickup place and the destination are also the factors that determine the shipping cost.

Condition and specifications of the vehicle:

The company knows that every car requires a unique method of shipping to assure safety. As there are different types of sedan, they provide low cost or the standard cost for the regular sedan. However, the cost increases when the size and height of the car increases. Since big size cars or trucks need more space for the accommodation, the company imposes additional charges. The condition of the car determines the type of transportation. If your car is in non-operable condition, then it can be shipped by towing or by using specialized tools to ship the car. Thus, if the car is in non-operable condition, the price will go high.

Customer ratings:

Based on the Google reviews, this is a less than average company that has many critical issues. It was 2.4 ratings with more than 64 reviews. Many customers had an opinion that it was not a trustworthy company to handle your car. Some were charged before even pickup services, while some experienced horrible customer services. There were other issues like delayed delivery, cancellation of the order without any notice and many more. As BBB accreditation plays a key role in determining best companies, this company failed in being accredited. The Door to Door Transport reviews suggest that it was one of the best companies to provide the full packaged service. The guaranteed delivery and pickup time, courteous customer service and professional shipping are some of the features this company is praised for. Car shipping reviews based on Transport reviews were given 5 star ratings for this company. Though many auto transport reviews were not always steady, this experienced more negative reviews than the positive reviews. People state that optimistic reviews given by many companies were misleading.

Do we recommend this company?

No, absolutely not. With the experience of more than 25 years, they failed to gain the trust of the people. It is not the worst company, but there are many other alternatives available for car shipping. Although many customers have a positive impression of this company, we do not guarantee you to be one of the lucky customers to have a positive experience. Therefore, prefer the best auto transport company for the safe experience