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  • Not terminal-to-terminal shipping
  • Poor customer support and communications
  • Delayed pickup and delivery.
  • Additional luggage should not exceed 100 pounds.

Roadrunner Auto Transport Company is the brokerage expert that deals with the network of auto carriers to ship the vehicle. The logistics firm is located on Long Island in New York with over 9 years of experience. The experienced and professional auto carriers will help you to shift your vehicle from one place to another without any inconvenience. The carriers who are shortlisted after ensuring their insurance and policies will give you a piece of mind when shipping your vehicle. Although it is not the best auto-shipping company, the customer in Consumer Affairs rates it as the number one car shipping company. They have a professional website that will give you the overview and the services provided in the company. Yet some customers have more hassle when shipping with Roadrunner auto transport. They are particularly accused for not having any control over the auto carriers. The other main concern is the miscommunication. The company seems to stay out of touch after obtaining the signed contract and the deposit or initial amount. After the shipping is confirmed, the customer has to deal directly with the customer rather than providing their direct service. Are you sure that you are shipping your vehicle with the trusted company? Then go through the advantages, disadvantages, services provided by them and customer reviews to ensure your vehicle with them.

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RoadRunner Auto Transport Inc
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Services provided by Roadrunner auto transport:

They provide vehicle shipping services for both individuals and businesses to relocate their belongings. The Roadrunner also provides specialized car transport services in the auto transport industry.

In case of individuals, they provide:

Open car shipping:

Open car auto transport is the common and economic way of shipping your vehicle to the desired destination. They provide you door-to-door shipping services to make the shipment process easier. Since they ship the vehicle in a stacking method, it is the most efficient way of shipping your vehicle. You can opt for open auto transport, as it is a cost effective option for nationwide automobile transportation and due to the frequent carrier availability. The expedited service will allow your vehicle to deliver it faster than the average shipping date, which comes with additional cost.

Enclosed car shipping:

They have the skilled professionals who are well at organizing the logistics of any shipping, from international to interstate deliveries. They have the link with the auto carriers to ship the vehicle through air for the faster and safer delivery. They may charge high prices international car transportand depend on the duration, distance and the mode of transport that is used.

Cross Country car shipping:

The Roadrunners are offering door-to-door delivery even across the country to transport the vehicle. When you need to transport your vehicle to a long distance or different country, they will give you the best service you can rely on. Since they are not the best in the auto transport industry to provide international car transport, you can choose a leading auto transport company.

Seasonal vehicle relocation:

People who live in the northern locations tend to ship the southern areas and then back home due to the extreme seasonal conditions. In that case, you can prefer the Roadrunner auto transport company to make your shipping process easier. However, you are shipping at a peak time, no need to worry about the frequent auto carriers. They have more than 14,000 certified auto carriers to provide the services nationwide. You can save your money by using this transport rather than renting a vehicle.

Military car shipping:

When you need to ship your POV, the Roadrunner is one of the best options to provide The best car shipping services for the military members. As it is a veteran owned and operated company, you can surely trust your vehicle with them. Yet the main hassle is about the discounts. Unlike other companies, theydid not state about the discounts to the Military members. Therefore, you need to confirm with their personal customer service to know about the discounts.

College car shipping:

If you are attending the college in the outstation, you can choose the Roadrunners to deliver the car to your new campus without any damage. The college students should also contact the Roadrunner's customer service to ask about the eligibility for discounted rates. The door-to-door delivery service available will deliver your vehicle at your campus safe and sound.


They have professionals to deal with to provide business services:

Dealer and Auction Shipping:

The roadrunners will help you to ship the new and used vehicles from auctions to dealers and customers across the country in a more efficient way according to the business needs. The dedicated shipping coordinator will ensure the clear line of communication for the hassle free experience.

Fleet shipping:

The experienced and professional auto carriers will provide a full service solution for your fleet shipping needs. They will offer you the highest level of service to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Corporate relocation:

When you need to start a business in a new place or when you need to shift to the new company, the Roadrunner auto transport will provide you the resources and professional to benefit from their logistics experience. They will surely help you to simplify your shipping process and provide you with utmost customer satisfaction.

Specialized service includes:

  • Oversized vehicle
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Alaska Car Shipping
  • Hawaii Car shipping
  • Puerto Rico Car shipping
  • Caribbean Car shipping

From oversized vehicles to motorcycle shipping, personalized service is given to every vehicle to give the utmost care. As they know the value of your possession, they will transport it on trailer after being strapped to a pallet. Whether it is Alaska, Hawaii or Caribbean they may not provide you the least prices, but they will do a fantastic job in delivering. Thus, it became the leading vehicle shipping providers in Alaska. Though the shipping through these areas is difficult, they provide the best transportation services.

Insurance coverage:

The RoadRunner Auto Transport works with the reliable auto carriers who are fully insured and bonded. The auto carriers will only be responsible for the damages while shipping the vehicle; the comprehensive coverage option will be available only after confirming with the agent. However, the basic liability coverage applies to all the vehicles. Some customers filed a complaint that both the company and the auto carrier did not take any responsibility for the damages. Since it is the major issue, it is important to ship after the clear confirmation about the insurance policies.

How does RoadRunner Auto Transport work?

They make the shipping process more convenient by their detailed information on the website. Getting the instant online shipping quote is the first step. You can either calculate from the online calculator or contact their representative for knowing the estimated shipping amount. You can confirm the order online and schedule the convenient time for pickup via their secure online booking form or by calling the shipping agent. The assigned auto carrier will be there for you at your doorstep to pick your vehicle at the scheduled time. After loading the vehicle to the shipping truck, they will start their shipping to the destination. The online shipment tracking service available will help you to know the accurate location and the status of your vehicle. The final process of shipping ends with delivering; your vehicle will be safely offloaded at the destination without any damages. Make sure to check the vehicle along with the driver for any damages.

Average cost of shipping the vehicle in Roadrunner auto transport:

The RoadRunner shipping charges vary based on the factors including the type of the transportation, seasons, vehicle type and condition, transporting route and region and the additional insurance coverages. Like other auto shipping companies, the shipping charges vary for the type of transportation. In case of open auto transport, they charge at least $800 to ship a sedan 1000 miles in summertime. As the cost also depends on the season, the overall shipping charge increases. The cost doubles when you are choosing the enclosed auto carriers for your shipment. The professional auto carriers with specialized shipping equipment and the enclosed truck are the reason to increase the overall shipping charges. As this is not budget friendly, you can choose this option when you have the exotic cars and classic cars to have high protection. Additional charges are applied when you order expedited service for shipping a car. When the transportation time is estimated to be one week, the expedited service will deliver your car within 2-3 days. When the type and size of the vehicle increases, the cost increases. As shipping sedan and SUVs are done through, unique shipment procedures with additional resources extras are added. The heavy vehicles that are shipped through the flatbed transportation are one of the expensive methods to ship your vehicle. People use this vehicle only when they need to ship the oversized and heavy vehicle As the cost varies for the distance and the type of vehicle, the following table will help you to know the estimated price

  Origin Destination Type of Vehicle Estimated Price Add-On Options
  San Francisco, CA Denver, CO Mid-Sized Sedan $945 Top Load: $99; Enclosed: $520
  Denver, CO Phoenix, AZ Mid-Sized Sedan $685 Top Load: $99; Enclosed: $377
  Denver, CO Phoenix, AZ Full-Sized SUV $695 Top Load: $99; Enclosed: $382
  Phoenix, AZ Chicago, IL Mid-Sized Sedan $995 Top Load: $99; Enclosed: $547
  Chicago, IL Atlanta, GA Mid-Sized Sedan $695 Top Load: $99; Enclosed: $382
  Atlanta, GA Miami, FL Mid-Sized Sedan $595 Top Load: $99; Enclosed: $327

Tips to save money in shipping:

  • Do not ship your vehicle when it is in non-operable condition
  • Choose open auto transport
  • Ship during weekdays
  • Avoid shipping in summer
  • Don't book expedited shipping'
  • Flexible pick-up and delivery date

Customer reviews and feedback:

As per the BBB, the Roadrunner auto transport is not the BBB accredited and has 3.52/5 customer reviews. BBB reflects the rating about the organization after interacting with customers. They have given C-, which is an average rating in the industry. It has many positive reviews from the auto transport reviews, that they provide the best services and the professional auto carriers with the 4/5 ratings. According to the Roadrunners Auto Transport reviews, they are one of the leading companies to put forward customer satisfaction as their first priority. It has a four star rating in the with 456 positive reviews for the wide range of services and for fast auto transportation. There are many websites to give positive reviews for this company with high ratings, yet websites such as Yelp gives a least customer rating of 1.5/5. The complaints of most of the customers remain to be the same that the company's representative pressures on getting the sign in the agreement and not taking responsibility after the process got over.

Do we recommend RoadRunner Auto Transport?

RoadRunner Auto transport is not the best service you can rely on. Though it has a very good website, friendly and professional staff, it does not have many positive reviews. Since there are many best car shipping companies with high ratings, it is not necessarily a great option to choose this company. Find the right company to shift your vehicle after viewing the auto transport customer feedback for the safe delivery. You can ship your vehicle through leading companies like Montway for the utmost customer satisfaction.