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  • International car transportation service is not available
  • Terminal-to-terminal transportation is not provided.
  • Up-front deposit is required.

Direct Express Auto Transport is a car shipping company that offers a wide range of car transport services all over the nation and to Alaska and Hawaii. It was started in 2003 at Western USA and the main headquarters is in San Anselmo. This Auto Transport Brokerage Company deals with many auto carriers to ensure transport services around the world. Direct Express chooses only the trusted carrier to do their business with. It is considered best among the leading auto transport companies in the USA. They have shipped more than 24,000 vehicles in these years with high customer ratings. During these two decades, they have gained the reputation for quality, consistency and accessibility. As we like to experience this service while shipping the vehicle, it stood apart from other companies. Let us go through the pros, cons, services provided and customer ratings. Everything could go wrong, if you ship your vehicle without prior knowledge of the company. Thus, we provide the complete guide about Direct Express Auto Shipping to let you know about the company and the reviews given by customers.

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Direct Express Auto Transport
has a total of 10 reviews and overall rating of 3 out of 5 till date. If you are a customer of this company and want to share your experience click here to write a review. Writing a review about your experience with Direct Express Auto Transport will help future customers make the right choice in using this company.

Direct Express Auto Transport provides the following car shipping services:

Direct Express is one of the best auto transport companies that truly understand the needs of the customer to provide their premium service at affordable prices. Though it does not provide terminal-to-terminal shipping and International car transportation facilities, it provides other exceptional services.

Door-to-door shipping:

The network of auto carriers will help you to reduce the complexity of the shipping by providing door-to-door services. From thousands of auto carriers, an auto carrier will be selected to provide the best car shipping services. The designated auto carrier will make prior arrangements to ship the vehicle and will pick your vehicle at your doorstep for hassle free shipping. Your car will be delivered at the destination with the same condition. The company does not recommend terminal-to-terminal shipping as they are slow, inefficient and additional damages may happen due to the loading and unloading the vehicle multiple times.

Interstate shipping;

Direct Express Auto Transport Company will assign the dedicated staff to handle the transport of vehicles throughout the nation. They provide specialized services when they are not in an operable state or in remote locations. They provide open and enclosed auto transport services to reach the vehicle to the destination.

Open auto transport:

Most of the people prefer open auto transport, as they are available in budget friendly options and are affordable to all the people. Whether it is your regular sedan or heavy trucks, this company will make sure to provide the open auto transport services at your doorstep for the hassle free experience. The only drawback in the open carrier is that your car will be subjected to external elements.

Enclosed auto transport:

Enclosed auto transport services are as the premium service provided to the car. The car is secured in the enclosed trucks to avoid damages while shipping it to the different parts of the world. We recommend you to use this service only when you need to ship classic or exotic cars as it costs double the shipping charges. The staff will make sure that the cars are shipped in an enclosed trailer to avoid rain, snow, hail and the stones. Whatever the mode of transportation you are using; make sure the company is fully insured to cover up insurance when your vehicle is damaged.

Expedited shipping:

The company has a well renowned name for shipping 90% of the vehicle within a week or less. However, you can prefer this service when you need to shift during the peak season without waiting for your turn or in a long queue. This service makes sure that your vehicle reaches the destination in a fast and efficient way. The expedited shipping comes with additional cost, as they are employing well-trained and experienced auto carriers to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Insurance coverage:

Direct Express Auto Transport works only with the road carriers who are fully insured with a minimum amount of three quarters of a million in addition to the cargo insurance. Your vehicle is insured with the $150,000 for the unexpected physical damages.

How does the Direct Express Auto Transport work?

Your vehicle will be delivered at your doorstep with just these steps.

Car shipping quotes:

The process begins with getting the instant online quote. When you like to inquire about the shipping charges, you should enter the pickup and delivery location, specifications of the car, including the year, model and condition of the vehicle to estimate the average shipping rate. Choose the type of transportation to ship your vehicle, whether you are choosing open or enclosed auto carriers. Then you are ready to get the instant online quotes. Once the quote is reviewed, you can choose this company to move your vehicle to its desired place.

Booking vehicle transportation:

Now that you have your car-shipping quote, order your vehicle transportation online. Contact your designated auto carriers to confirm the pickup time and the location. As you have confirmed the order, your vehicle will be insured up to $150,000 for damage coverage. Since this company does not ask for the personal information, the details of the vehicle and credit card should be given accurately.

Pick-up services:

The car transport service will pick your car at the doorstep of the mentioned address after prior notification. Make sure to take high-resolution photos of the vehicle for future purposes. Once your vehicle has been picked, you can contact the representative of the company to know the whereabouts of the vehicle.

Delivery service at its destination:

The vehicle transporter will inform about the delivery service in prior to alert the contact. Once the vehicle has been shipped, inspect the vehicle for any damages that rarely happen. Upon delivery, simply pay the auto carriers with money or credit card.

Cancellation policy:

Direct Express Auto Transport Company provides cancellation service when you need to cancel the order. The money will be refunded fully on canceling the order.

Shipping charges in Direct Express Auto Transport Company:

Shipping charges will be collected based on the factors that influence it. Whether it is the type of transportation, distance, condition of the vehicle, seasonal fluctuations, size and weight of the vehicle. Direct Express Auto Transport finds you the auto carriers who offer competitive prices to move your vehicle to a different part of the nation. They provide three levels of car transport pricing: they are standard rate, expedited rate and the rush rate. Standard rates are given to vehicles in normal condition in the standard market rate. You can expect the service to be provided within ten days of the quotes. At An expedited rate, you can experience the high quality services by providing first class preference to you. It will be double the rate of the standard shipping price but less than the rush rate services. The rush rate is probably too much than others, which makes the vehicle to get a lot of attention from the auto carriers.

Cost determining factors:


Distance between the pickup point and the destination is the mains factor to determine the shipping charges. The shipping charge increases due to the fuel cost, wear and tear on the truck. Although the price per mile decreases down with distance, the overall car-shipping quote is high.

   Frequent routes

average shipping charges

   Florida to California


   California to Texas


   Illinois to California


   Within California


Type of transportation:

We recommend you to choose the open auto carriers to ship your vehicle as they allow you to ship your car with the minimum amount. Open auto carriers are the standard auto carriers that people prefer to ship their cars and heavy vehicles. Unless you have to worry about the external elements, they guarantee you the hassle free experience. As this is preferred by 97% of the people, you can surely choose this option to ship your car in the most effective way. On the contrary, enclosed auto transport is a luxury way to ship your car. Your vehicles are highly secured in the closed containers to ship it to their destination. This luxury comes with 30 to 45% more than the regular shipping charges. They may charge even higher for the type of enclosed carrier you are choosing. So pick the best one to ship your car.

Size and weight of the car:

If you are thinking why the size and the weight of the vehicle affect the shipping charges, then this is for you. As you know, the length of the regular sedan is only 189 inches, any car less or equal than it will be easily fitted in the transporting truck. However, big cars and trucks will not fit in the trailer and needs to pay additional cost for the presumed loss in the auto transportation company. If your vehicle is over 4500 pounds, then the auto shipping company will surely make you pay for the equipment and labor required for loading and unloading the vehicle.

Condition of the vehicle:

You do not need to worry when your car is well enough to drive it on and off the shipping truck. In that case, you are saving additional charges that are imposed in shipping. However, if your car is inoperable, then you need to pay extra charges for handling the car. Whether it is a failure of break, accelerator or steering control, the professionals will take ultimate care to ship your vehicle into the truck with additional charges.

Seasonal fluctuations:

The snowbirds from the northern states will move to the south and back forth during the seasonal changes, which increases the demand of the auto carrier. Since it will be hard to drive it on your own, leave it with the professionals. Since the demand increases, the shipping charges also increase.

Booking in advance:

Additional discounts and lower costs are given to the people who are booking in advance. After confirmation, you can get the discounted price for shipping the vehicle.

Customer reviews:

Auto transport reviews and the car transport reviews will help you to find the best auto transport carriers to trust your vehicle with them. As you are looking for honest reviews, we will discuss both positive and the negative reviews for better understanding about the company.

Positive reviews about the company:

According to the car shipping review given by Google, they have a high rating of 4.6/5. Many customers had a good experience and efficient services. Customers praised them for the quick and good services provided at affordable prices. In the, there were more than 1000 reviews in the favor of this company. Many customers personally recommended this company for the fast and expedited car shipping, professional customer services and for the trustworthy auto carriers. They also have spectacular ratings from BBB as they provide the best car transport service and for being courteous to the clients.

Negative reviews:

Many people experienced delayed service for both pickup and delivery. Customers also claimed that the company did not respond correctly for any of the complaints. Some believe that the company was misleading with many positive reviews;instead, it was all a fraud.

Direct Express auto transport review

Google:                                  4.6/5
Transport reviews:              4.8/5
Consumer affairs:              2.8/5
Yelp:                                       2.75/5
BBB:                                        4.61/5

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Do we recommend Direct Express Auto Transport?

As the car transport review and the service will always have the perplexed rating, we will give you the overall rating. Overall, it is a good option for you if you are looking for the expedited shipping with professional car transportation services. Since they have good auto shipping reviews from the renowned sites and after verifying the reviews of the customer, feel free to use Direct Express auto Transport Company for the hassle free experience. Though you prefer this company, make sure to compare other auto transport companies to weigh your options.