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The New World Auto Transport is an auto transport brokerage company in Katy, Texas. It is a family owned and operated business with almost 40 years of experience in the auto shipping industry. They are fully insured, bonded and licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to facilitate car-shipping services across the United States. The New World Company did not stop with auto transport services. They also provide specialized vehicle storage services in Texas. Therefore, they provide you with the expert knowledge for all your transportation needs. The family owned business develops the strong relationship with the customers to trust their vehicle with them and high customer ratings. Whatever the vehicle may be, the New World Auto Transport Company provides the best service for easy and safe shipping.

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The type of vehicle that are shipped:

Cars, trucks, exotic cars, antique or classic cars, motorcycles, off road vehicles, golf carts, motor home, RVs, ATVs, and boats.




  • International car transport service is not available
  • No terminal-to-terminal delivery

services provided:

Auto transport open carrier:

Like all other auto transport companies, the availability of open carriers seems to be high other than the enclosed auto carriers. They allow you to work only with the best open carriers available in the market to offer the best customer service. The wide range of options available in the New World Auto Transport is single carrier, three-wedge carrier or ten-car transporter. These are given to ensure the safety of the vehicle by choosing the right fit. Although it is prone to external elements like rain, snow, hail and more, people prefer this over others as it is cheap when compared to others.

Auto transport enclosed carriers:

They provide the best service when it comes to shipping. The additional care is taken when you are shipping through the enclosed auto carriers. You can choose this service when you need to ship your classic and exotic cars in the enclosed truck by the professional auto carriers. The extreme protection is given by two different options: soft side and hard side carriers. In case of the soft side, your vehicle is protected with canvas and is more economical than the hard side. In the hard side carriers, complete protection is given to secure from all external factors. Thus, this service comes with the additional cost. You can choose any one of these to ship your vehicle with ultimate protection.

Interstate auto shipping:

The New World Auto Transport is one of the top companies to provide the best auto transport service for almost 40 years. Interstate auto shipping is the main service that serves thousands of customers every year. Whether it is a heavy vehicle, motorcycle or a car, if it has wheels, then the New World will provide their best service to ship it to the destination. They provide car-shipping services across all 48 states. They also provide specialized service to ship vehicles to Hawaii and Alaska. The dealership service, auction, leases, snowbird services are some of the common services offered by the New World.

Boat transport:

If you are looking for boat carriers that have specialized equipment, insurance and ability to ship your oversized boats, you can choose the New World auto transport that abides by the rules and regulation of the United States Department. They provide the top-notch service all over the nation to move your vehicles and boats to its destination. As you are in this site to find the best car transport services, this is surely the one you can trust your high possessions. The cost of shipping reduces when you are using the New World for bringing back the boat after vacation.

Dealer to dealer transport:

Being in the industry for almost 35 years, they have built a good relationship with people and dealership companies. Whether it is a new car, used or even electric cars, they provide the excellent service in the industry. As they know the importance of efficient and safe shipping, they even come with budget friendly services due to their friendly bonding with the customers, the enclosed carriers are generally preferred to ship the new car for the safe delivery. To make the shipping process easier, the mobile number of the auto carrier will be given for ensuring the safety and status of the vehicle.

Snowbird transport services:

They are extremely active during winter and summer to provide the best transport services for the snowbirds. For the people who are migrating to warm weather states during winter and return to cooler environments when it is hot, you can count on the New World Auto Transport for trustworthy auto shipment services. The special discounts are given for the senior citizens, military members and even for the college students to enhance their lives. You can prefer them for the stress free and high quality transport service.

Storage service:

The New World Auto Transport Company has enhanced their business by providing storage services after building a solid reputation of excellence in the auto transport industry for almost 40 years. Thus, you can trust your vehicles with us for safe storage when you are out of space and out of Town. The New World Auto Storage services are available for bikes, four wheelers, boats and other haul items. The service includes: Month-to-month storage or long term storage will allow you to keep your vehicle safe for the time you require. The climate controlled storage facilities with almost 6000 square feet will assure the security of the car and protect from the natural factors. You do not need to worry when you are leaving your vehicle for a long time. The company makes sure to maintain the battery and tire in your place for proper function of the vehicle. The area is maintained with camera surveillance and fire detection facilities for security reasons. As they provide service for the entire year, feel free to access your vehicle any time.

Insurance coverage:

As you cannot leave your car with just anybody, the family owned company would give assurance for the safe delivery. The important thing to check out while choosing the auto carrier is the insurance. Therefore, it is best to choose companies like New World Auto Transport that offer the fully insured carrier to deliver your vehicle. If you are shipping the Luxury cars, then the compliance department of the New World Company will ensure that the auto carriers possess the cargo insurance in excess of the car's worth. In an exception, if the auto carriers did not cover for the insurance, the company will help you in providing the full insurance.

How does the New World Auto Transport Company work?

The New World Auto Transport works only with the professional and insured auto carriers with higher ratings. The separate team works with the Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, an organization that works exclusively for finding the best auto carriers by filtering more than thousands of haulers. As they take pride in providing the high quality services to the customer, they choose the best auto carriers for your shipping needs. You can check with other auto shipping services for the whole package of services and the shipping cost. If you are willing to choose the New World Auto Transport Company to ship your vehicle, get the instant online shipping quotes with easy steps. The instant online quote will give the approximate shipping cost for delivering your vehicle to the destination. The instant online quotes should be filled with accurate specifications for knowing the approximate rate. After confirming the order, schedule a specific date and the time for pick-up and delivery. The reliable auto carriers will come at your doorstep to load the vehicle. The New World Auto transport offers the toll free number, agent's phone number as well as the auto carrier's phone number for knowing the status of the vehicle. This enables hassle free experience for the customers. You can track your vehicle by directly contacting the auto carrier to know the accurate location. The final step will be receiving your car at the destination. The shipping process will be completed safe and smooth when you are done with the payment.

How much does the New World Auto Transport charge for shipping?

The New World Auto Transport provides you high-class services at affordable prices. They seem to collect shipping charges lesser than the market and offer discounts to many people. According to the car transport reviews, they guarantee that no extra shipping charges are collected for shipping your car safely to its destination. Since there is no detail of exact or sample cost to ship the vehicle per mile, you can contact the company's representative for knowing the exact shipping charges. However, they charge additional charges for the following factors like the type of carriers you are choosing, distance, duration, vehicle type and modifications. Though it seems unfair, it is common in every auto transport company.

Type of transportation:

When you want to choose the cost effective method to ship your car, choose the open auto carriers. Their demand increases mainly due to the cost effective way of shipping and it is chosen as they provide door-to-door services even in the remote areas. You can save more than $50 if you are choosing open auto carriers. The expensive way of shipping is chosen when you have invested a fortune in the car. As the car cost is high, it is better to ship your classic, exotic and luxury cars through the enclosed auto carriers. The high class services costs higher than the common type of transport to ensure the safety of your car. The cost of shipping boats and heavy vehicles increases, as they need more space for accommodating into the truck. The cost also increases as they employ well-trained or experienced auto carriers to load and unload the vehicle.


The cost is estimated mostly based on the distance. As the New World Company provides both short and long distance services, the cost is determined based on the distance. Like all other auto transport companies, the cost per mile decreases when the distance increases. Whatever the distance maybe, the professionals from this company will help you to ship your car at the affordable price.

Vehicle type and condition:

The shipping charge varies for the vehicles with different sizes and models. When you are shipping SUVs or heavy vehicles, they need extra space for accommodation and are not easy to import like the regular Sedan, thus the additional charges are imposed for vehicles. Another factor that determines the cost is the condition of the vehicle. For cost effective shipping, make sure the vehicle is in an operative state. When your vehicle is in non-operable condition that is with no control over steering, brake and if the vehicle does not move, then surely the additional charges should be paid for extra labor and specialized equipment for loading and unloading the vehicle.

Customer ratings:

It is surely a good choice when you are looking for the top rated shipping company to move your car. Many happy customers have given high ratings for the premium and professional service. Despite having good car transport reviews, many complaints have raised due to the delayed delivery and for worst customer services. They have 3.7/5 auto transport customer reviews, yet it was favored by Better Business Bureau with A+ rating. It also has high ratings from for providing satisfactory services. Since it is in the auto transport industry for more than four decades, they built much trust with the customer.

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It may not be a bad option to ship your vehicle, yet the mixed auto transport reviews from various sites is not satisfactory. Thus, ship your vehicle with the trusted company for experiencing safe shipping.