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  • Review Title :   Stay away from this company
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I contacted Richard from Arlenes Auto Transport to transport my Ford Explorer from Massachusetts to Florida and in then return my Ford F-150 back to Massachusetts upon delivery of Explorer. The process for the trip down was slightly delayed, but having many vehicles brought back and forth, this is expected and not the reason for negative review. After picking up my F-150, he had a mishap with his trailer and dropped my truck from the second level. It damaged 2 wheels (rims), the front quarter panel on the drivers side and left the care covered in hydraulic fluid. The interior was filthy as well, assuming that they were jumping in and out of it after the upper trailer level collapsed. You would think this would also be enough a reason for my negative review. And I wish it was. Richard informed me of the mishap and offered to pay for all cleaning and auto body work out of pocket, as he was trying to keep his insurance rates down. I reluctantly agreed, but as a business owner, I could understand his plight. I have many long time relationships with local body shops and an auto detailer, so I was able to repair my truck relatively inexpensively, compare to if I went through the insurance e process . Since then, I have made dozens of phone calls, emails, registered mail and faxes trying to get repaid for my out of pocket expenses after getting my truck repaired and cleaned. I have paid out all the repairs, as I wanted to keep my good relationships just that, good. I have received no response from Arlenes other than to be told I would receive a check. Weeks and weeks later, no check ever arrived. I judge a company on how they handle things when they go wrong. This was poorly handled and you are better off going elsewhere for auto transport!

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