Dan Waller review for Stateway Auto Transport Inc.

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  • Posted From :   Illinois
  • Review Title :   WARNING do not use
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  • Quote or Order ID :   1201649
  • Origin :   New Hampshire
  • Pickup :   Never
  • Destination :   Illinois
  • Delivery :   Never
  • Honesty :   Poor
  • Knowlegeable :   Poor
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Poor
  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

Review Description

Worst company I have ever done business with. You cant get ahold of them. Try to call and it says due to high volume of calls? BS. same thing after hrs. Never once did I ever get through in 50 calls. You will also have to dispute the charges through the credit card company or the BBB to get your money back. The only time I talked to them is when I called! THIS IS A SCAM. If you talk to Bill rosen or Danielle it is already to late

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