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  • Review Title :   Complete pile of bs
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Took a deposit to move my car the. Raised the price the. Never showed was told they needed a few more days and would not refund the money unless car was stolen or owner dead. Moved out of state and could not wait. Continued to raise prices and threaten customer. Already reported them to the bank for potential fraud. Charged for services not rendedred and will not refund money. $$$update$$$. Received two phone calls from Dwayne who has asked me to take this down. If I do I will get a refund in two days. If Dwayne said it would take as long as need be. Talk about cohertion. Stated I would update it to state I received an refund if I got one. Dwayne stated the whole thing must come down or I am liable for deformation even though the rate was raised. Check this out @@@@ John, As per our conversation you informed me that when you are refunded you will be taking your negative posts down from all the sites you have contacted (Transport Reviews, BBB etc.) Please confirm that you will be doing this. - Regards, Dwayne Hall Ship Your Car Now@@@@' The company can state whatever they want but this email is CYOA and an attempt to silence an unhappy customer. NEVER do business with them unless you want a headache or hasten. Here is another one@@@@ We can cancel your order, but we do not issue refunds in this department. If you would like to request a refund please send a certified, notarized letter via postal mail, Fedex, or UPS. Please send the request to 2200 N. Federal Highway Suite 206, Boca Raton, FL 33431 and address it to the Accounting Department. Please include your full name, order ID, vehicle, transport route, and also include any documentation for the reason of cancelling e.g. vehicle was stolen (police report)..owner of vehicle passed away(death certificate). @@@. So they didn't provide a truck and I have to go through this haste for a refund. I mean come on a death certificate.

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