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left hanging out to dry They screwed me royally......My kid tranferred to a new college in florida.. I needed to send the kids car and dorm stuff in time for the start of school. I contacted Tom and signed an agreement on dec 12th for a car pick up my home on January 4th. Tom assured me that he has trucks and drivers going back and forth from nj to florida and it is absolutly no problem for the pick up on that day..... He would even hold the car for me in florida until we arrived by plane.. Never heard from them until i called on jan 2nd to confirm pickup on jan 4th..... They said that they are trying to locate a driver...... Then they called back my wife and asked if we could drive the car to a driver about an hour away.... We said yes.... We called again on the 3rd ... They were still were trying to find a driver.... Called the owner (tom)on the the morning of the the pick up day on the 4th... Tom said that they are working on it and they will make it happen..... I called at noon and the dispatcher said monday would be the best that they could do... but , we would have to drive the car to meet the driver who would be an hour away.... I told him that we had flights booked on monday morning , so we had no way to drive the car to meet the driver an hour away. He said. He would continue to work on it. At 3:30 on the day of agreed upon scheduled pick up , the dispatcher told me that Monday is the best that they can do.... I reminded him of the flights thatvwe have booked..... He had nothing in the way of a solution. We frantically called around but was unable to find another car transport service on such short notice.... We are now driving down to florida early tomorrow and eating the cost of the airline tickets. Tom knew that i had several cars to be transported from nj to florida every year... Despite that , they never followed up to make sure that they could deliver , they never gave me a coutesy call just to say they may have a problem , they never called me with updates... I had to call them...... They just suckered me in , took me off the market and did not deliver...... Tom absolutly , 100% assured me that they would pick up on the forth...... He over promised and under delivered. So here i am , i lost money with the airline tickets , my kid is freaked out as it is transferring to a new school and i Now got to drive 1,100 miles to florida..... I am so sorry i ever made contact with Tom..... He sounds so convincing and friendly on the phone....... I had never trashed a company before , but these guys have my blood pressure to an all time high...... What they did was just wrong. I had a whole conversation with tom when we booked the transport about our kids , his living formally in Nj and my kid transferring to a school in florida..... If he could not deliver on what he promised , he should not have done so. Tom has good reviews prior to mine..... Must be me. {LESS}

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