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  • Review Title :   Nickel and dime
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  • Origin :   Georgia
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  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

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I called and got the regular sales pitch that all the car movers use (we're not just broker, we have our own trucks, etc.). That should have been the first red flag. I asked Adam to give me a quote for the shipment ('97 Avalon from Georgia to Indiana) and he fired back with: "Do you want me to give you a quote or do you want me to give you a price?" Semantics. That should have been the second red flag. I got quoted $575 which beats out another offer I had of $600 so I decided to go with Shipyourcarnow. I called back a few days before the quoted ship date because they still haven't gotten me driver. I called three times throughout the day and got the answering machine each time. I called twice more on the day before my car needed to ship out. I still got the machine. Came the day of shipping, I finally got a call back from Adam about 10 minutes after speaking to the dispatch about my situation. Adam said he was going to get my car move out today. Then the next call I got was from a different agent, Arianna, who said that I got misquoted and that it would $700 to move my car (if you're keeping track, that $125 more). I told her that I'm willing to ship out another day if she could just find something closer to $600. The next call from her said that $650 was the absolute lowest. I politely told her that I'll just find another way to move the car. After I hung up, Adam immediately called me back and said that he can ship for $625. After this point, I realize that Shipyourcarnow was just nickel-and-diming me. Honestly, the price was good enough for me but out of principle and due to the terrible experience I've had, I politely declined. That decision was solidified by these words Adam said: "So you're not going to take the offer even though it's just $50 more than the quote?" No, Adam, why would I support a business that tried to lie and cheat me out of my money?

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