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I had my vehicle shipped as part of a goverment Permanent Change of Station. Because of the nature of the PCS, shipping was done through a series of contractors. The vehicle left Los Angeles, CA and arrived in Hilo, HI. Within one week of arrival I had diagnosed a broken power-steering pump, borken harmonic balancer, broken transfer case bearing, water in the front and rear differential, and significant bearing damage in the rear axle. I had the car serice 10 days prior to shipping, including and extensive drive train check. Everything was 100% operation and in good condition prior to shipping. I have letters from two mechanics in Hawaii attesting that the damage was most likely caused during shipping, either from standing water infilitrating into the axles and then a series of cascading problems as the drivetrain failed, or anecedotally someone doing some heavy four-wheeling and not knowing how to engage/disengage the system properly. Despite these letters and documentation they denied my insurance claim and said so sad, too bad. I am now at $4K in damages and incidentals. I have shipped this car to Hawaii twice before, both times out of pocket personally and directly through Pasha Hawaii ($900). Both times I had not had an incident. Under no cricumstances would I ever use this company again, professionally or personally. I will do my most to impress on my federal employee colleagues the failure of this company in its responsibilties and suggest they ship their vehicle personally as an out of pocket expense. The best part of this is since this vehicle relocation was covered by work it is a taxable expense. Who knows how much they upcharge the goverment, so I get to pay for them to ship and break my vehicle.

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