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I called Luxury Van Lines. They do not even answer the phone with the company name. "Moving Company" is how they answer and in the background you just hear kids and dogs running around. The main person that answers the phones will answer on speaker phone so you can barely hear her and sounds extremely annoyed that she has to talk to you. I was told that if the mattress was not on the inventory sheet that there is nothing they can do about it. I made 7 separate calls and sent multiple emails trying to get this resolved. FINALLY I was able to speak to a manager who claims that his hands are tied and there is nothing they can do. MY MATTRESS DIDNOT GROW LEGS AND WALK AWAY!!! I then ask the manger if I can speak to his boss. He informs me that his boss is the owner and that he cannot guarantee that the owner will even call me back with this issue. I comment on how much of a scam this is to which I am told in no way is it a scam. I proceed to ask how he would feel is he was charged a surprise extra $1,000 on the day of the move due to being "over the allotted space" and then to have one of the largest items, which sells for $2,000, not even arrive? I was told 3 weeks ago that I would I would receive a call from him within a week. Not surprised I never heard a peep.

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