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  • Review Title :   Captian Mark is a Captian Crook
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Review Description

Captain Mark is a crook. I paid him to coordinate shipping for my 1958 Oldsmobile from Lakeland, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. A very popular route, and a very easy load, as the car is not a show car and it drives fine. The only time that car was available for pick-up was on the weekend and he assured me that he could do it and make it happen within two weeks. I had to wait nearly two months for my car to get shipped. Every time I called Mark he would assure me that he is taking care of it and that it would be delivered that following Monday. That Monday would come, and I would call the gentleman that I purchased the car from and he would inform me that the car is still sitting in his driveway. I even called Mark to confirm that the car would be picked-up every weekend and while he would pick up the phone on the weekend, like I said earlier he would say that everything is planned and that he has even confirmed with both the transport driver and the gentleman I purchased the car from. But when I called them, both the transport driver and the gentleman I purchased the car from did not have any notice from Mark. I actually called several transport drivers that Mark had told me were specifically scheduled to pick up my car on specific weekends and they all didn’t have a clue who I was, what car they were picking up and where to pick it up at. Mark does not care about his customers, he thinks that if he makes one phone call or two he has completed his job even though the car has not been shipped. I eventually had to threaten him to give me the name and number of a reliable transport driver that drives that route. I had to coordinated everything myself with the transport driver and who I purchased my car from, basically I had to do what I had paid Mark to do. Trying to get my money back from Mark has been a living hell. He claims he has done his job since the car has been delivered, even though he didn’t do anything and it was I that did all of the work. Oh, when the car finally got delivered, apparently Mark had called the transport driver and told him a different shipping price that was $50 higher than I had originally expected. I couldn’t blame the driver because that was what he was expecting when he decided to take to job and Mark had just flat out lied. If you are reading this review, I would highly recommend that you do not do any business with Captain Mark and Honest Auto movers, because Mark is anything but honest. And he will more than likely get on here and post a response that lies about me and I will not be able to defend myself since I will never get back on this reviewing website, There are thousands of other auto transport brokers that are truley honest, so dont take a chance on Captian Mark and Honest Auto Movers.

Rebuttal for this comment
Title    :     Mistaken
Rebuttal    :     All of this happened August of 2010. Within 2 days of placing his order August 4, 2010, I fulfilled the order for pickup August 13, 2010 as directed by Tim and Matthew. Apparently this carrier simply FORGOT about their signed contract with my company for the load and I had to re dispatch this to another carrier. At this point Matthew had a tight schedule and could not meet that driver so I had to re dispatch it a third time and we did finally get the car picked up on the weekend it was originally supposed to get picked.
Posted By     :      Capt Mark
Date               :     27-12-2012
Title    :     Farthest from the Truth
Rebuttal    :     Like we do for all customers we do not simply find a driver going along a route that best suites the customers schedule we find EVERY driver going along the route over a several day window. We negotiation the pricing down to the contract price agreed upon. This customer knew that the pricing for which he was asking was a Full 100 dollars LOWER than anyone has ever shipped a vehicle in the last 30 days. Not only did we break NEW ground, we had several drivers assigned to this load and his pick up coordinator could not meet the drivers even on the weekends when they said they would arrive. Nor did the pickup coordinator answer the phones. I never charged a re ispatch fee 50 dollars as per our agreement and I never do and this customer ONLY paid a 100 dollars fee even though I did the job 4 times due to issues on the pick up end of the move. You simply cannot please all of the people all of the time. At least there is no voice mail in our company and you always get a live person.
Posted By     :      Capt Mark
Date               :     15-02-2013
Title    :     You have to read this
Rebuttal    :      Even three years later I still stand by my negative review of captain mark. Read his responses to my review. He states, apparently this carrier simply FORGOT. Hes still blaming everyone else and not taking responsibility. He claims that we did finally get the car picked up on the weekend it was originally supposed to get picked up. I dont think he could tell you the pickup date if he tried because he missed it so many times. It still makes me sick to think of the way he talked to me on the phone and how he hung up several times. He even e-mailed me earlier this year accusing me of lying and demanding that I remove my review and I have not because I do not want others to have to experience what I went through to simply get an automobile shipped.
Posted By     :      Tim Phillips
Date               :     26-11-2013

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