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  • Posted From :   Arizona
  • Review Title :   You want to get riped off go here
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  • Origin :   Arizona
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  • Destination :   Florida
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  • Honesty :   Poor
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  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

Review Description

If you want to get riped off use This company, sucks they stole $700.00 from me Review:For 1 they are just a broker they send a guy with the name jim birchfield out of colorado he called me and told me he was sending a tuck to come pick my car up then he did. I gave the truck driver a money order $500.00 (Different Company) the tow yard called me 8 days later and said they mailed jim the check but he never picked my truck and there we going to file a abandon tittle on it so then i picked it up from the town yard had to pay $200.00 to them after i lost the $500.00 i almost had my $20,000 truck stolen because this company sucks. i called both companys over and over and they won't give me my money back. For all those poeple out there that want a good deal get a good company and tell them what fast auto transport charges they will match it.

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