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  • Review Title :   DON't USE DAS
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  • Origin :   North Carolina
  • Pickup :   On Time
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  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Poor
  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

Review Description

at least some of you got your car..I haven't yet Review: After one month my car still sits outside in some dirt field in Georgia. I bet Cletus and Bubba are having a good time at the local dirt tracks with my car as it is very powerful! No commitment to anything from these people. I offered to change it to open shipping NO DIFFERENCE. I got the bill from AMX and I am disputing it at this time and may have to file a stolen car report soon. NEVER use them ESPECIALLY if you are shipping an expensive rare car. PAY MORE MONEY to a reputable delivery vendor. My friend Wayne at F40 motorsports recommends Intercity or VIP trucking and he ships cars ALL the time (why didn't I use that info!!!) I think my car MAY eventually arrive but most likely will be a total write off and my Insurance company will pay for it to be scrapped, which is sad as there are only 3 documented examples of this model car built with the option package. I bet Bubba, Darrel and Cletus are having a good time dirt tracking it. I am sure my Insurance company will make out well in parting it out, and I insured it for full value before it was touched but these people. I have called repeatedly and gotten shunted off to the side and hung up on (maybe I was a bit rude but then I think I have the right). I am sure its not the person on the phones fault, it comes from way up the food chain and I hope they pay her really well to field all the complaints that should be going higher up. I always wondered why so many cars get stolen in this country by window smashers when all you need to do is set up a vehicle shipping company and steal them legally I guess I should just ship them the title and be out 23K. GOOD LUCK if you chose DAS as a shipper....you will need all the luck you can get. Of course I expect retaliation from posting this but then I am already out the $23k so what else do I have to worry about....maybe they will send someone over to my house to pick up my truck and ship it somewhere to someone to further amuse themselves, I guess I should just put the title to it in the glove box to save them some time. I will update this as the months go by to let all 4 of you who read it know how it goes, I am sure you are dying to find out! LOL The very fabric of integrity is being shredded by business like this who DO NOT live up to any agreements they made. No wonder more and more people are arming themselves for the coming meltdown, I was taught to live up to any agreement I had made regardless of the consequences to me as I MADE THE AGREEMENT....what a quaint old fashioned concept!

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