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  • Posted From :   Tennessee
  • Review Title :   Late, Terrible Customer Service and No Communication
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  • Quote or Order ID :   45337646
  • Origin :   Arizona
  • Pickup :   On Time
  • Destination :   Tennessee
  • Delivery :   Never
  • Honesty :   Poor
  • Knowlegeable :   Poor
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Poor
  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

Review Description

My car was supposed to arrive on Saturday Jun 1 and I never heard from them that it would not. I called them today (Jun 4) and they said it would be picked up from the originating location (Phoenix) today, had to travel through Atlanta first and then would make it up to Nashville. But they couldn't even give me an estimated date on when that might be. At best, the car will take 3.5 weeks for delivery when it was supposed to have taken 10 days. My sales rep, Bobby Jackson, apparently said whatever he needed to in order to get the order but then couldn't back anything up with action. Don't ever use this company. I've shipped several cars before and this is by far the worst experience I have ever gone through. Late, Terrible Customer Service and No Communication

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