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  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

Review Description

On 2-28-13 I contracted with Dependable Auto Shippers to ship my classic vehicle. They billed my credit card $296.00 immediately. My move was only 397 miles. I chose them because I knew they had their own transport trucks. They said I would be notified when my vehicle would picked up. I called about every other day to check on the status of my move. They told me they had 10 days to get my vehicle moved and it would only take one day to get to me. Then on about 2-10-13 the sales girl called and said they could not move my vehicle for the amount they had charged me. I spoke with a manager and told him I paid them to move my vehicle and they should have one of their transport trucks pick up my vehicle and bring it to me. He told if I wanted them to use one of their trucks to move my vehicle I would have to pay them $800.00. The manager told me they were canceling my transport order and would refund my money in a few days. I told them I did not want a refund, that what I wanted was for them to move my vehicle as contracted. The next thing that happened was I got an email saying they had canceled my order. It appears that nobody at Dependable Auto Shippers understands the meaning of honesty, in that when you take and hold a customers money for more than 12 days you should make good on what you contracted and promised to do. Dependable Auto Shippers is very unreliable and dishonest.

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