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This company will NEVER entertain your claim if you miss to document a damage at the destination/pick-up, NO matter what the circumstance or best efforts you do to notify them and their third party shippers (notified both DAS and their contracted third party shipper) in less than an hour after the delivery of the vehicle). ONCE YOU SIGN, YOUR CLAIM IS GONE!!!! My origin Bill of Lading did not show the specific damage to the car, so damage at the destination sort of just "occurred". Sign the document, and this company would care less how the damage got there. They will, of course, tell you that their "internal investigations" did not indicate any damage. Since they did not do it, then the owner, your neighbor, a bystander, or who knows who.......must have done it. So, UNLESS you have a perfect inspection at the destination or "LIKE to blame yourself or others for DAMAGE" to your own vehicle, STAY AWAY from this company.

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