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  • Review Title :   Severe damage without sufficient payment to have the car repaired
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My car was obviously involved in an accident during the transportation from WA to MD. The front bumper was severely damaged. Other minor damage can also be found on the passenger side front bumper and fender. The first body shop provided an estimate to have the new damage repaired by replacing the front bumper cover. While DAS applied 50% off for betterment of so called “pre-existing damage” and subtracted $250 for deductible, so finally they only want to pay ~$107 for the total damage. Then I was suggested by the DAS agent to have an estimation to have the “new damage” repaired only, without touching anywhere else or replacing any part. So I spent quite some time to find a body shop qualified for this kind of repair. While this time the price turned out to be ~$960 because of the extensive labor fee. After receiving the new estimate, the DAS agent provided another offer by waiving the $250 deductible bringing the total offer to $357.80. I didn’t agree with this offer because it is obviously not enough to have the car repaired. Then the DAS agent sent me an email and told me that their offer of $107.80 is full and final and she would like to close the file like this. What a joke! They don’t care about the feeling of their customer at all! They don’t even follow their own rules!

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