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  • Review Title :   DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY
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They will take your $150 deposit, then you'll never hear from them. Phone line is unresponsive, and when you finally get a call through, they will never deliver, and you'll have nothing to show for your $150. Poor customer service. No honesty. Bad attitude. No results. Take your business elsewhere!

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Title    :     Please contact us
Rebuttal    :     I am sorry to hear your experience with us was unsatisfactory. We will always refund the deposit if we can not get the vehicle picked up. I wish I knew who you were so we could talk on the phone about your experience. We are open from 9AM to 7PM MST M to F and 11 to 4 on Sat. We always answer the phone if we are not talking to another customer or driver. Please call us at 800 909 2330.
Posted By     :      Andrew Oestreich
Date               :     20-09-2012

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