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  • Posted From :   Maryland
  • Review Title :   In an absolutely crazy industry I found help.
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  • Origin :   Utah
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  • Destination :   Maryland
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  • Overall Customer Service :   Good

Review Description

I consider myself a savvy consumer. So when it came time to ship my car I cinched up the belt and went to work studying companies and reading reviews trying to find the best deal out there. In a very short time I came to realize that the industry of shipping cars is a disaster. It has complicated rules, has horrific customer service as the norm, and has little or no clear protections for the consumer. I was not very happy with what I had ahead of me in finding a company that could meet my family’s needs. We were on a tight schedule and moving a very long ways. In the end I decided to choose a brokerage firm as I felt that the 200 or so extra I paid to have someone else find me a reliable carrier was well worth the money. I decided to pay a little extra and have a fixed spot on a truck instead of paying the minimum and having to wait on the good graces of some random truck driver to pass by my out of the way town and pick up my car. Bob at AmeriFreight was great. He was very clear about his role as a broker and about the difficulties inherent in getting a carrier to a small town in the car shipping industry. He was also quite clear about the tendency of most carriers to be less then exact about time frames. Within two days Bob had me a dedicated spot on a cross country carrier. He was right that the carrier was a little liberal in their commitment to show up on time. I was starting to get worried that my time frame was a bust despite my attempts to schedule the pick-up date several days early. In the end, our driver was very competent and cordial. He called beforehand (not always a given) to let us know he was coming. He stated that he would reach our small town at 2 am and asked if it was ok if picked up the car then. I just wanted the thing gone, and even though he sincerely offered to wait until morning, the more he drove that night and the faster he crossed our great nation the better. He arrived at 12:30 ish am (which was fine by me) and was very polite and efficient in loading the car. The car arrived exactly on time in Maryland and things worked out great. I think that Bob at AmeriFreight did a great job in helping me and my family with a difficult industry. In addition, the company encourages you to leave a review, and offers a rebate of $50 to anyone willing to share their experience, positive or negative.

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