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  • Review Title :   Avoid Amerifreight If you need to be on time
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This was the worst decision I have made so far. I would just like to warn you all that this is not the company that you want to be dealing with if you have to be on schedule. I made my "reservation" in January of 2011 and was promised up and down that my car would be picked up in June for 885. Now six months later I am offering 1160 for anyone to pick it up today. Graham does not make an effort to call you and explain the situation that if no one bites in 5-7 days at 885 you have to up your bid. I'm on day 5 and don't have time to play games. What is the point of offering 885 if no one picks up the car and I end up spending 600 to rent a car for a month while I wait for my car to arrive? In hind site I would highly suggest contacting a carrier and not a broker at least they guarantee your car will leave that day from their storage facility to another storage facility even if it cost 1500. You get what you pay for.

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