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  • Review Title :   Very Disappointing
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  • Origin :   New Hampshire
  • Pickup :   Late
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Review Description

As the title says, I was very disappointed with the service I received from AmeriFreight. I, like many who may read this review, looked at scores of websites and reviews, and found that AmeriFreight seemed to have the most reviews and they generally seemed positive so why waste time scrolling through them all. I called up Graham and we talked price and timing. The first thing that caught me a little off guard was that AmeriFreight has given customers a $20 incentive to write a review online after their car is dropped off which explains why so many people have taken the time to review them. I was leaving on 12/30, with first available pickup 12/19. We started at the low rate, raised it to the expedited rate (guaranteeing 2-5 business days for pick-up), but my car still wasn't picked up until 1/12. Graham so graciously took off $135 from his end and put it towards the carriers fee to entice them to pick up my car. Ultimately this was appreciated, though some may say waiting a month for pick deserves more than $150 in compensation. The biggest problem I had with this company was the communication. In a sense, there was none unless I initiated. I was the one that called to change the dates, to check in daily to see what the status was, to find out if my car would ever be picked up. To me it seemed unfair because here I am shelling out $1118 for this service, $250 of which is initially going to Graham as commission, and I'm the one that has to push for work to get done for me. I suppose ultimately I felt that my car didn't matter and that Graham could've cared less about whether it was ever picked up or not. All I can say is take that extra caution here and don't use a broker. Use a company with their own carriers that don't make you wait a month for your car to be picked up. Having talked with other people who've shipped cars, they too tell me they'd rather avoid using a broker because it's very inefficient. The carrier that actually brought my car across the country (Top Auto Trans Inc.) was very good and I would certainly recommend them. It's disappointing that I can't say the same about AmeriFreight.

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