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  • Review Title :   this is a big decision, choose a company like Ameri-Freight
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  • Origin :   Nevada
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  • Overall Customer Service :   Excellent

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Moving is extremely stressful and there are a couple of valuable tips and tricks that i've learned. this was my first time having a vehicle shipped and i went to a couple of different companies. once i found Ameri-Freight, the search was over. the company has been around for over 4 years, so you can completely trust them with confidence. and dealing with a broker takes a certain level of trust. Bob Turner was more than helpful and was able to accommodate my short timeline and strict budget. the best information i have for someone shipping a vehicle for the first time is that the trucker is his own boss, the broker finds the truckers, if the trucker does a bad job, it's not the fault of the broker, however, a good company such as Ameri-Freight will blacklist truckers that act poorly or do a bad job. when it comes to price, think about the major cities and major roads, if you're near a major city and going to another major city, the chances are high that you can bid a lower price because the trucker might be already going that way and just wants to fill up his trailer. however, i was going from fernley, nevada (nowhere) to mary esther, florida (over an hour drive to an interstate). if you're on a time constraint, know this! you will have to bid higher to get your car out of a nowhere town to another nowhere town. i learned most of this by talking to other companies that seemed dishonest and had a sneaky used car salesmen feel about them. Ameri-Freight however, was awesome and i couldn't be happier with the level of service and honesty i received. p.s. don't even think about using "Car Shipping Carriers" a guy there named Nick is a stalker status broker that will call you just to tell you you're an idiot for not using his company. Using Ameri-Freight was the best choice for me.

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