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  • Posted From :   Oregon
  • Review Title :   Awesome company
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  • Rating:   5 Out of 5
  • Quote or Order ID :   kk198
  • Origin :   Oregon
  • Pickup :   Early
  • Destination :   Texas
  • Delivery :   Early
  • Honesty :   Excellent
  • Knowlegeable :   Excellent
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Excellent
  • Overall Customer Service :   Excellent

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When I call I didn't know anything about shipping my vehicle. They assisted me with the process and made it very simple. They told me what to expect and whom to contact if I had any problems. I also asked them to list their top 5 competitors and they did. That is the best part. They are most helpful and the easiest to contact when I had questions. They also contacted me to make sure the move/transportation went well. The Company was awesome and I will use them again

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