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  • Review Title :   Didn't honor contract
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  • Origin :   Minnesota
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Review Description

Able Auto Transport Inc has the worst customer service, extremely rude dispatchers and the worst extremely rude manager. They were not able to provide me with a carrier for my 2 cars after more than 20 days and 2 increases to the original quote. They were contracted on 2.24.11, they were not able to provide me with a carrier in their promised 3 to 5 day window of time. After more than a week they sent a carrier that would not pick up the cars and wanted me to get a tow truck to get the car to them several blocks away from my house, after more than 20 days, finally on 3.14.11 i decided to cancel the service, not before I called them to make sure i would get a refund. Ii called and they promised a refund, within 3 to 5 business days, even faster because they messed up, but after more than 10 days of waiting and repeated emails and calls, I got to finally talk to the manager, he told me that they would not issue a refund because they had provided a carrier but i just didn't want to cooperate and did not want to negotiate another pick up and if they did they would not refund me any of the deposit even the quote and deposit for just one car is significantly lower. Overall they are not a transport company, they are brokers, and pretty bad ones, they just want your money and will not provide the service they are contracted for, plus they would not honor their word on a refund, the dispatchers are unable to resolve any issues and their manager is extremely rude. Please don't waste your money on Able Auto Transport, they won't deliver, they won't keep their refund promises and they will treat you bad.

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