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Know the important points before shipping your vehicle

Shipping your vehicle from one destination to another – be it within the country or outside the country – need not be a daunting task, if you follow a few simple guidelines. If you take care to know all the intricacies about vehicle shipping well in advance, it will save you a lot of time and needless hassles.

Some auto shipping companies may permit you to send 50lbs. of personal items to be kept in the trunk of your car. But please understand that the carrier insures the vehicle only, and you cannot complain if there is loss or damage to the personal items. It is advisable to remove racks, radios, CD players and cassette decks not built into the car, garage door operators and car phones before pick up.

It is mandated that every vehicle to be shipped must be insured apart from your own insurance coverage. You must verify the insurance coverage details in your auto shipping company’s shipping terms and the pickup bill of lading.

Many vehicle shipping companies will demand a deposit up front when you place your order. Make sure you are dealing with a reputed and reliable company. It is preferable to contact your local Better Business Bureau to verify the validity of a shipper's license

When a truck has been assigned for shipping your vehicle, you will be informed about the pickup. A bill of lading inspection report will be completed by the shipping company and a copy will be given to you.

Please ensure a complete inspection of your vehicle has been carried out. Do not sign off on the inspection until your vehicle is safely put on the carrier's trailer and you feel confident.

Upon reaching the destination, you will be contacted ahead of delivery and your vehicle will be inspected before being released. You will sign for receipt of the vehicle and pay the motor carrier the balance due. You must ensure before signing that your vehicle is not damaged during transit. Generally delivery will be made within the promised date unless road conditions, weather, or mechanical issues cause unavoidable delays.

It is suggested you commence the process of placing your shipping order at least one month in advance of the date you are expecting it to be delivered. This much time is generally needed to complete the entire procedure. Decide which type of shipping you prefer - open or covered trailers, terminal to terminal or door to door. You may also opt for a combination of the various choices available.

Thoroughly wash the vehicle before the pick up as it would help allows for a fair and quick inspection of the vehicle. Keep the fuel not above ¼ of tank capacity. All additional fixtures and fittings, excluding the car jack and spare tire, should be removed and the antenna lowered. Before preparing your car for shipping, make sure that your car has no leaks of any kind and also ensure the car’s battery is mounted securely in the bracket.

Shipping cars may be tiresome, but if entrusted to the right shipping company, it can be a fast, secure, and trouble-free process. It is therefore of paramount importance that you select qualified, properly licensed, and bonded auto shipping company with proven track record for reliable service.