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How to avoid scams and rip offs while choosing auto transport services?

As we lack the expertise as well as sufficient knowledge to handle relocation of our vehicle, we ought to be highly careful and wiser while choosing a professional shipping company for the necessity. You cannot afford to be casual and ignorant about it.You cannot tend to risk the safety parameters of your vehicle by opting for an amateur company. You have to be 100% sure and choose the right man for the right task with conviction. Unfortunately, ever since globalization, the competition in the markets between similar service providers has drastically increased and there are surplus amount of vehicle transport companies providing transportation service. Most of them try to lure you into their traps by offering services at cheaper prices than their competitors for business.

Hence, it has become highly mandatory for you to practice more caution while choosing amongst these companies for your car shipping requirements. Here are some tips and guidelines for you to avoid scams and rip offs while choosing car transport services.

  • Never choose a company that asks for wiring the services fees. Half the times, these companies promise you to provide efficient services, gets the money before hand and never turns up on the moving day. Reputable auto transport firms accepts payments via reliable methods such as PayPal, credit cards etc.
  • While choosing a company, always check its MC number. It is the Motor Carrier authority Number that ensures legal aspects and other licensing aspects. If a company has given vague details or hidden MC details, you can right away discard this company from your list of companies for your transport requirements.
  • Choose a company that is always reachable. They should have open communication channels for you to clarify queries, doubts and other negotiations. Reputable vehicle transport companies have dedicated 24×7 customer service systems including toll free numbers. Companies which don't have such features aren't professional only.
  • Make use of Google to thoroughly research on the background of the company. There are blogs and forums where ex-customers would have shared their reviews and opinions about a particular company's services. These details will give you a fair idea about its professionalism, trust and reliability factors. Phony sites will have fewer listings unless they are new to business.
  • When you contact a particular company ask for references for background check. Legitimate companies will give legitimate details along with references of customers, whom you can contact through any means to discuss about the company's services.

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