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  • Review Title :   great company to work for.
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It is a great company to work for. Yes it has its bad time just like any other company It is a family company and the owns is wonderful they have an open door policy... If you keep your foot on that pedal and that door closed you can make good money over here at Frye Miller but if you are the type of person that wants to stop at every truck stop and get you something to eat something to drink etc so you do not make no money over here that is any company but I love this company family oriented wonderful dispatchers wonderful people all together just to work for if you have any problems you go to them and they will try to work it out that is what I like and yes I have a pet and they let me bring my pet off which is a wonderful thing the shop is great and the other drivers that works here are great too so I am working for the best company that is out there and i am happy that I am working for a company that has standards that if it is bad outside I do not care how winds snow sleet ice they want to pull that truck over cuz they want you to be safe you are not a number you are a person and that is why I am over here.

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