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  • Review Title :   avoid at all cost
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I was going to apply for this company but I just read a review where the owner flat lied about companies making drivers wait if you refuse a load! Saying all companies do this! Fake News! Abilene and Knight has a LP program where they have plenty of freight so if you turned down loads they will get you moving ASAP with something else OR they have Driver Manager who are more personal with their drivers and ASK them where do they feel more comfortable to run so they do not even worry about turning down loads! Steer clear of companies like this who monopolies Thier LP drivers like they are company drivers!! No force dispatch is NO FORCE DISPATCH! if a driver does not want the load give it to someone who does want it and find what or where that driver wants to go so nothing gets declined! When are these companies gonna wake up!!!! When they industry fails as a whole I am ready maybe them they will start treating drivers right!

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