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Factors influencing Car Shipping Quotes

One among the main parameters that helps you narrow down on your search for the perfect Auto Transport Company is the Car Shipping Quote. Always see to that you get at least three different quotes from each and every company while assessing the data and choosing a company for your auto relocation requirements. Understand that your car is highly valuable considering the amount you are bound to invest upon it and hence you cannot afford to take a risk by opting for amateur transport companies.

Car shipping quotes are classified into two types namely binding quotes and non binding quotes. Get at least 3 different kinds of each quote from the same company before choosing.

There are several parameters that influence overall quote value. However, though shipping quotes are designed based on distance and time, there are other factors as well that influences the total value of the car transport quote. These include

  • Guaranteed Date services
  • Flexible Date services
  • Door to Door services
  • Terminal to Terminal services
  • Cancellation Fees

Guaranteed Date services are costlier than the flexible date services. When you want your vehicle to be delivered on a particular date which is somewhat feasible considering the distance of the destination, you can opt for guaranteed date services. Every penny you invest upon this particular service is worth its while considering the fact that all of your relocation needs would be met apart from financial requirements.

Going for Flexible date services is a wise choice when you have financial issues and you don't mind being without your vehicle for certain number of days. Similarly door to door services are expensive when compared to terminal to terminal services. Besides, if you wish to postpone or alter the date of pickup or cancel the services, you'll have to pay some cancellation fees mandatorily. Most of the companies have a cancellation fee concept. However, to be on the safer side, it is advisable for you to call and inform the cancelation or delay immediately under dire strait circumstances.

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