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Things You Are Supposed To Do And Not Do While Shipping Cars

Relocation is one among the most complicated tasks anyone could ever be put through. It implies a lot of overhead upon you, especially when you own a car. A special preference and attention needs to be given while relocating for cars. It is quite imperative that you opt for professional car transport companies and a suitable package of their services in order to ensure the safety of your car. Here are some Do's and Don'ts that you need to follow while shipping your car. Following them ensures safe transportation.


  • check all necessary items before indulging in car shipping
  • See to that you vehicle works properly before transporting your car. Make a thorough inspection prior to the shipping.
  • Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure prior to shipping. This ensures safe loading and unloading without causing any damage to the vehicle tires.
  • The law prohibits leaving items in a vehicle that needs to be transported.
  • Remove EZ pass device if in case you have installed it in the vehicle and disable the alarm system Do get signed documents upon receiving your car at your new locality for claiming insurance if in case your car gets damaged during transportation.


  • Don't keep any extra items in your car
  • Don't leave your fuel tank full before shipping.
  • Do not keep any extra items as it increases the load weight and you'll be charged extra.
  • Never forget to get the documents pertaining to the current state of your car before shipping it.
  • Don't accept delivery during night times and verify the condition of your car when you receive it.
  • Never keep important papers and documents in your car.
  • And don't keep flammable substances such as brakes liquid in your vehicle during transportation as leakage might cause severe damages.

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