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A Detailed Overview Of The Trucking Industry

History of trucking Industry:

Trucking industry is one among the thriving fields in pour world. It has revolutionized our world and made life much easier and comfortable by all means. It transports commercial as well as industrial goods with the help of CMV's (Commercial Motor Vehicles) which is often a truck for carrying cars and other kinds of vehicles around the globe. If you are a person who is interested to get in to this field, you don't have to think twice as there is no downfall to this industry. Surveys suggest that over 80% of the world population rely upon trucking industry for transporting commercial and consumer goods. On this note trucking industry have flourished a lot in the past couple of years. The trucking industry is also responsible in a way as over 10 million people of US citizens in US are employed in this line which creates more job opportunities and in turn brings good revenue for the various Government boards. The competition in our world at present is quite high as there are several companies out there providing similar services to the community. You'll have to stay on your heels and make optimal uses of the resources available to you, to provide efficient services, build your customer base and survive the heavy competition. At present, even as a small firm that provides limited amount of services, if you fall out of busy or your employees go in strike, it will create a huge setback in the economy of your country as many people rely on your services. Such is the weight-age of responsibility that rests on your shoulder when you come in to this industry.

The industry has been responsible in way for political and economic development, especially in the 20th century which has been substantiated with several surveys. The industry became more predominant during the World War I as military forces made usage of these heavy trucks for catering transportation needs. Upon its successful usage, people and government firms started to realize that trucking industry is a great business opportunity that guaranteed great returns and income. Ever since 1930's people started investing in the trucking industry and today you have a dynamic world where everything is driven by technology and life has become much more comfortable than before.

Challenges Involved in the Trucking Industry:

As a beginner, you need to understand the challenges you might be put through in this industry and be prepared at all times regarding how to solve them as well. Some of the challenges that might put you out of business are mentioned below:

  1. Fuel Costs:There is always a rise in fuel costs as most of the fuels we use today are non-renewable. It is a challenge faced by every owner to reduce consumption of fuel as much as possible so that they may save upon their fuel budgets every year.
  2. Economy:Without substantial market situation, no company could survive and this holds true for trucking industry as well. The rising fuel prices, demands and supply, deepening credit crisis of countries and other rising inflationary pressure takes a huge toll on country's economy. This is a pressing situation for the trucking industry.
  3. Driver Shortage/Retention:Without sufficient man power, it becomes a great burden for you as an owner of that company. You should find ways of retaining your employees.
  4. Government Regulations:No matter what you do in the name of business, every policy you undertake or introduce for your business development should fall in to the government regulations and policies.
  5. Environmental Issues:Pollution is a major issue and you are most likely to put through several legal affairs due to environmental pollution. Compliance costs will burden you and sometimes it might even exceed benefits or profits.
  6. Highway Congestion:If you cannot be punctual in your work, your efficiency and professionalism gets affected which leads to loss at your work. Highway congestion always plays a predominant obstruction role when it comes to delivering services in the most efficient manner.
  7. On board Truck technology:You'll have to see to that your company is properly equipped with all the tools and equipments of the latest standards and technologies to ensure efficient and highest quality of services.

Types of Transport Services provided by various Trucking Companies:

Essentially there are two kinds of services

1. Door to Door Car Transport

The first service implies that your property will be picked up at your door step from your home and delivered to your new destination's premises.

2. Terminal to Terminal Auto Shipping

The second service implies that your property will be transported from a designated drop off location to a designated pick up location of your choice.

Types of Auto Transport Companies out there: is the website that you have been seeking for all this while. It provides all the details you would ever need for choosing between various auto shipping companies.

  1. Lead aggregators tend to project a positive image of their business and get information from you. They sell this information to different brokers expecting sales call from them.
  2. Brokers are the middlemen of the industry. They facilitate smooth communication between carrier companies and consumers. They gather all the details about companies involved in the auto transport field and represent them to the common consumer. They don't ship your vehicle, but rather hire a good company for shipping your car and pay them upon delivery of services.
  3. Carriers are the backbone of every shipping company. They carry your cars from one specified location to another specified location. They provide wonderful services such as individual trailers, enclosed or open carriers, 3 car haulers, and large multi-level car carriers. They are not regulated by DOT or MC rules and they rely upon brokers and load boards for business.

Shipping Quotes:

Every Transport Company provides initial shipping quotes depending upon your requirements or requests for your decision making. These transport quotes are classified into binding quotes and non-binding quotes. Non-binding quotes are usually expensive than the former, as it is not inclusive of all charges and taxes. It just gives you an approximate value of how much the service might cost you. In the end, you'll find the total bill amount to be a little more than what was established in the non-binding quote.

Binding quote on the other hand gives you a complete picture. You don't have to pay anything extra out of your pockets apart from what this bill amount states. These details help you to plan your budget wisely and avail the right professional company for your auto shipping requirements. is a formidable website that is truly comprehensive and versatile. You can find all the details about several Auto transport companies along with contact details and quotes. All the companies are also designated a rank which is updated on a regular basis based on previous experience of the company and customer's reviews and opinions about that particular company. You can also view customer reviews about a particular company after they had availed the company's services in our website. We believe that these details would significantly influence your judgments and decisions. You are certainly bound to identify the right professional shipping company for your vehicle and plan your budget efficiently as well.