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  • Review Title :   Unpacked and found all missing and more
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I used California Moving 10 years ago and the stole everything they could from me. Typewrite, 5" portable tv, leather coat, air conditioner, picture that lite up and a lot more over $50,000.00 worth of items. I got a quote for packing, boxes and move from Los Angeles to Memphis.I was ill and could not unpack at that time but recently just unpacked and found all missing and more. California wanted more money and I tood them I would tech DOT they did not want to deliver messed up wanted me to pay them 6000 more dollars but I got it delivered that may be an email I had a very serious back injury so I could not go and move anything when I moved from Memphis to where I am now I had to have my family come and pack it up and move it and none of the boxes have been opened when I finally got unpacked this year thats what I found out everything is missing even a floor stripper my Orick vacuum cleanerWould not recommend anyone to use these people and they did not only do it to me they did it to a lot of other people

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